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Listening to the Beatitude of My Cosmic Consciousness

By Heidi Mason


Photo by Satya Mason

Blossoming with Gaia

Listening to the Beatitude of My Cosmic Consciousness, YOU Illuminate My Being from the Unfathomable Depths of My Spirit Body Existence within this Divine Instrument of My Expression.  I have the Organic urge to relieve this thirst and longing to have You permanently residing in My True HEART.  So insatiable is this longing, like no other that which I have experienced before.  This LOVE I once upon a time, found cracking open the deepest chambers of My HEART, sometimes seems to dissipate into the “I don’t Know” otherly Realms of the multitudes of Existence I am faced with in this daily Life which I embody HERE in 3D.

Yet when I dive back inward so deeply, I find that this LOVE is not a far away discovery.  IT has actually never left the Graceful Realms of what lies right before My very Eyes.  It is within these Sweet Eyes of Grace that Divinity SEES the way right back into my very own HEART.  The shackles are broken and there is nothing left to undo for release of this Great Love and My Realization of the LIGHT Being of Who I AM……

Truth reveals that there actually are no shackles…… no lock and no key…….  The only thing left to contrive is the removal of the veils which may apparently hinder the Evolutionary process of Awakening; and it is a simple fact that it is only these veils actually hindering the experience of the True HEARTS’ Wisdom.

Upon the removal of the veils, which previously seemed to be as natural as My body Itself;  I See, Feel, and KNOW You, not only to be a part of My Being, but AS an actuality of My Being, as My Being……

As I  combine the attributes of Ecstasy and Comfort together coagulating within my Core, I then fall prey to the KNOWING and Absolute TRUST, that it is from HERE that my Life in this dimension is where I actually Live My Dynamism…….  Without this never-ending KNOWING, I would not BE Truthfully functioning in this 3D Dream Reality…….

Yes…… within this Dream lies the REALITY of My own Existence.   The Mind sees it and fantasizes it to be Real and if Real to the mind, then that is therefore TRUE as an aspect of this Reality.  The Emotions may come in as well…… many times seemingly uninvited…… creating all kinds of fancy schemes to pull myself into another aspect of this Dream Reality.  I say seemingly “uninvited” as I experience Emotion as a guest that the mind has created to invoke yet another aspect of Consciousness as a vehicle into the Otherly Realms of Divinity…… Once those aspects are Invoked, Seen and Allowed the Freedom which lies within the acceptance of what they are,  it is then that Divinity shows HerSELF so Brightly as the LIGHT of MySELF.

As the veils shift softly in the Breeze surrounding MySELF, I experience the Vivid Aliveness of YOU Living in Me AS Me.  The Colored LIGHT Radiates from every Object and Being put forth Me as I see beyond what I SEE…… I witness the Energetic Wisdom that circulates in every Dream that which Mind and Emotion has Created.  As I step forward into this movement of Consciousness within, My experience of the “without,” first subtly metamorphoses and then, sometimes radically metamorphoses into the Awakened Dream which is the NEW REALITY. 

I See You and there is only ONENESS……


About the Author:

Heidi Mason

Heidi Mason

Through the Divine Evolutionary process of Self-Exploration and Awareness, Heidi Mason has been gifted with the Divine words of Grace as well as a Great Passion to share the word with all of Sweet Mother Gaia’s inhabitants….. Source Speaks through her as the unfolding of the Ascension process blossoms and grows into Beautiful Petals of Light & Life…. then penetrating and rooting into Gaia’s rich soil.  As she Unifies the Wisdom of the Comic with the Bountifulness of Gaia, the foundation is laid to bring the Energetic forces of Light into the practical Life HERE in 3D.

Operating from an expanded HEART, with most current writings beginning as “letters to God(dess),” which unfold into letters to SELF as this Profound Ecstatic LOVE is Realized through Her Source of Existence.

In deep Gratitude for the receptivity of ALL fellow Lightworkers, Wayshowers and the Multitude of Inhabitants of this Planet and Beyond…… Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…..

Heidi is also available in Private Session for Reflection Processes, Self-Awareness Integration, Emotional Transformation and Intention Focused Transitions.  This work is done via Skype, Telephone, as well as in Person.  Please make contact through [email protected] with any inquiries. Thank You.






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