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The Geometric Masters

The geometric masters have always considered themselves lucky,
I mean why wouldnt they.
The arching patterns of light
flowing freely out of the conduits of the body.
The deep hued rays of fibanacci sequenced light
sent through the heart like a wine soaked arrow,
coded with information about the archangels
and how many rainbows are needed
inside the body
before those magestic white wings unfold
to carry you up towards the light.

Peter Aaron Rogen









Would it be but for this strange hour
A quiet place
An unlikely flower
Blooming where none should not
Growth occurs between the rocks
And should all miracles hold our vision true
That love be found surrounding you

~Sarah Elizabeth Shebanek




We are ascending As One … Together

No separation
No division

Lightworkers here to Wake Up …

Beings of the Light, Love, Sky, Sun, Moon … Angels in our Dreams …

Beings of the Earth Love Land Sea Men … Humans in Reality …

Come Together …
Human Angels

Form new …
We Create.
Re Create.

All Together creating New

Wake up sleepy head …

Enlighten Embrace ENLIVEN

Love your Creation
Love is Creation
Come together in Love creating New

NEW Life
New Form

Transform what is…
…and What could BE

Remember …

I remember

Yes. I remember that too ..

Re Member

Piece it Together
Peace IS within you

Shake hands with your neighbor …
We are All One.

Ascending Together … United as One

Christ Consciousness
the Head of A s c e n s i o n

~By Megan Talbot



A Poem About the Easy Nature of Infinity

The holy ratios and numbers have no power
they are simply a reminder
of where we came from
which is infinity of course.

It’s all so easy sometimes.
Others it is very hard.
A matress is good soft.
A wall is better hard.
We must realize that both are good
and give it not a moment more thought
before we go skipping off
into the sunlight.

Peter Aaron Rogen


~Time is of the Essence~

Walking a fine line between discoveries…and recoveries,
flying gently free….unlimited healing spiritually.
keeping steady balances….life’s mysteries, determining my chances.
insightful visions enlightening me….unexpectedly,
preparing has been challenging, educating me elegantly.
greater than one’s hopeful desires….
a peaceful wish amongst all is their grandest admires.
withen the brightest most shining light….
sharing and caring is loves purest delight.
to fear one’s own natural bliss…gives your purposeful meaning,
an awakening that you should not miss.
miracles happen above and beyond…but it is our own belief system,
of strong faith that keeps us moving on.
life~everlasting she (Mother Earth) expresses a quickening….
her (Mother Earth) great shift of transition… will manifest each soul a reckoning.
thee essense of spirit being….you will rebirth through each night,
meditation of prayers encourages us to fight.
the end of a new beginning (The New Earth)….makes time co~exist….
they’ve been waiting (Angels of Light) to help you master….your life’s greatest gift.



The Lotus Flower Up Close

Avoid being affected by the weather.
Day in and day out just shine.

To find enlightenment is similar to
the enchanting paradox
that the lotus flower grows in muddy waters
emerging from them unaffected
as if by a beauty botanists cannot explain
but the awake can purely see
as they breathe deep into themselves
the smell of all the open lotus flowers.

We know why we are here.
The lotus flowers know why we are here.


Peter Aaron Rogen




Thanks to ALL the readers and wayshowers out there!!  A Big Giant thank you to the contributing poets, the Michaels, and Lightworkers World!!!!  We are all blessed to be sharing this together.


Shared with Deep Love,

Peter Aaron Rogen and Lightworkers World


I leave you with a song off of Paul Simon’s new album (he is an awake lightworker at this point! His new album “So Beautiful or So What” is pure bliss)  I also leave you with a link that might lead you to a better connection with YOUR ANGELS.


Wonderful Guided Meditation to attune to Guides and Angels…access them!!

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