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The ‘Angel of the Sea’ Project


Singer songwriter CC aka Carol Cox has begun a movement that is about to change the world of our dolphins; And hence our own. Passion and devotion weave like distinctive threads through the musical tapestry that is her song ‘Angel of the Sea’ ;Producing a thought provoking image of the cetaceans’ plight and a call to loving action on our parts. She is wielding her Lightworker needle of truth and enlightenment with the intention of piercing society’s fabric and binding it together in harmony. For it is through unity, that it will be revealed that we are essentially all cut from the same cloth.. No matter what species we are.

angel of the sea

Born in Dubai, CC’s quest for illumination dawned in a city diverse in every way imaginable. From the moment she was born, song was infused in her blood and essence; As was the feeling that she was incarnated in this realm for a greater purpose. A destiny that included being of service to her Earthling brothers and sisters through music and the prosperity that flowed from it. She has called Vancouver home for more than a decade now and it was here that Universe synchronistically revealed her path involving the dolphins. CC happened upon the award winning film “The Cove”, shot and directed by Louis Psihoyous, last year in 2011. For all those who have never seen it, it is a brave, heartbreaking docu-style film that brings attention to the mass capture and slaughter of the dolphins in Taiji, Japan.

It touched an integral chord in her and she was forever changed in those moments. Immediately after, Spirit flowed through the melodies, lyrics and the message that it was part of her Lightworker mission to begin a new wave; One that would unite global community and put pressure on the International Whaling Commission(IWC) to make it illegal to hunt/harm any cetacean species. But that is not all, also to create further awareness and put an end to the commercial trade of dolphins and whales for entertainment purposes. Next, CC got in touch with her musical partner Graham Gomez, and together they co-created the musical composition and arrangement for what was to become form.. And ‘Angel of the Sea’ was born.

the cove movie angels of the sea

the cove movie angels of the sea




Dolphins and other cetaceans are highly evolved universal beings of light. Mythical lore in various parts of the world speak of them being connected with higher forms of consciousness and spirituality. It’s also been proven that they have intelligence equal to that of humans, if not more. There are innumerable accounts of people coming away transformed after dolphin interactions, experiencing prescient dreams, heightened intuition and discernment as well as miraculous healing of body, mind and spirit. Many believe they are linked to a greater cosmic plan and came here from a different dimension. Whatever each of us believes, there are undeniable truths when it comes to this beautiful and mysterious creation of Universe; Through the ages till now, dolphins and whales have been symbols and totems of harmony, healing, joy, sensuality, community and zen. Their playfulness and gentleness are powerful reminders to value the gifts and magic of each moment, to live in the present. Their grace and kindness transcend all logic and put us back in touch with our intuition and the world of spirit. Their purity of heart spurs us on as a race to aspire to unconditional love of one another. Dolphins are also representative of duality being both fish and mammal, breather of air yet living in water. They exist in two worlds at one time and truly convey to us the concepts of yin and yang, masculine and feminine, logic and intuition; In other words, the synthesis of balance.


Listen to Carol Cox Music Samples:

Free (mastered)

You – Live Acoustic Mix


dolphin Photo copyright Tolomea on Flickr

It is time for us to band together and unite, creating a world of peace where these messengers of  higher consciousness are protected. We must transcend our fear and resonate with the divine spark of pure love which is within each one of us, as they do. CC is putting out a call to all Lightworkers to watch and share the above YouTube video of ‘Angel of the Sea’; Hence joining the quest to shift the current paradigm for our cetacean brothers and sisters. 100 % of the single sales when released will be donated to the Oceanic Preservation Society(OPS), timelessly. Let us come together as a community regardless of age, gender and race. Let us mend our relationship with these beings, ourselves, Gaia and Universe. Let us achieve nirvana, heaven on earth, it is time..


For updates and further information on how you can be of service to the Cause, please visit and contact us at Carol Cox Music on Facebook( or CC_Goddess on Twitter. Namaste!


Light Workers World met up for a heart to heart with artist CC aka Carol Cox to discuss a very heartwarming and humanitarian project that she has begun for the dolphins. CC is a brilliant new singer who just released a song called ‘Angel of the Sea’, that’s sweeping the world by storm via social media. Here’s what we learned about her incredible Journey thus far:


LWW: So why don’t we begin CC with you telling us a little bit about yourself as an artist and what your message is?


CC: Sure Lightworkers! In a nutshell, I’m a singer songwriter who is here to help my brothers and sisters worldwide through music and the prosperity that comes from it. Universe flows the messages through me, I’m just the vessel *smiles* Can’t take all the credit! Musically, I’m inspired by and borrow many elements from different genres ranging from Celtic Folk to Pop to Rock to Native Indian sounds even! My main, or should I say OUR main, message is one of love and light to all..


Dolphins Photo Copyright by JD Ebberly on flickr

LWW: What do you hope people will receive from ‘Angel of the Sea’? What experiences and changes do you intend for people to have while they are listening to song and watching this video?


CC: What I hope people will receive from ‘Angel of the Sea’ is the heart centered, passionate and purposeful energy that we created it with.. Along with it’s message of awareness of the suffering our dolphins and whales are undergoing at our own hands but also, one of hope, courage and faith! We have the power to shift this situation and create a better world where these amazing beings are cherished and protected. When I created this song under Universal guidance, I wanted everyone who heard it to realize that change begins within; And their intention alone to bring peace and harmony in our oceans is a strong force that will set into motion cataclysmic miracles for our cetacean siblings.



LWW: How did you come to create ‘Angel of the Sea’? Was there a defining moment that prompted you to sit down and start writing this profound song or were you motivated by a series of events? Outer events? Inner shifts?


CC: ‘Angel of the Sea’ was inspired by and written directly after watching Louie Psihoyous’ award winning film called “The Cove”. One evening in May of 2011, exactly a year ago, I was flicking through the channels on tv when I saw that it was playing. I had heard that it was simply about dolphins. Nothing prepared me for those next few hours; They were redefining and life changing for myself as an artist and a soul. I’d always loved dolphins and whales, they’re totems for musicians, intuitives and healers usually. And moreso, I’d always felt a deep connection with them for they truly resonate in unconditional love and light. Being made aware that they were being cruelly and viciously slaughtered and captured in Taiji, Japan was too much to bear. I cried for hours after but then, Universe flowed through ‘Angel of the Sea’. I was forever shifted and knew then that it was part of my mission to begin a movement that would put a stop to this travesty. The dolphins and their cry for help became a part of me and I have carried it ever since.

LWW: What challenges and/or breakthroughs have you had on the journey so far?


CC: Nobody ever said that the road would be easy and like with anything, there will always be challenges and obstacles. The question that you have to ask yourself is what am I doing this for? Is my purpose and my quest worth it.. And only if what you’re enquiring about, truly moves you and evokes an emotional response of undeniable love and passion, you will scale the highest mountain and cross the deepest ocean to succeed. My team and myself have experienced minor obstacles but honestly, Universe has aligned and continues to align people and situations perfectly. Breakthroughs have been magical on the journey! Already, ‘Angel of the Sea’ being out a couple weeks, has gotten thousands of views on YouTube. We receive daily comments and messages from Lightworkers and people everywhere truly resonating and being touched by the song. We’re in the midst of discussing a proposal with the Oceanic Preservation Society(OPS) which was co-founded by Louie Psihoyous himself, to ally on this project. Spirit continues to support us and show us miraculous signs of progress and movement on this ongoing Journey, blessed be!


LWW: What books/authors/songwriters have inspired you?


CC: I am very inspired by legendary songwriter Bryan Adams. He’s such a wonderful, genuine, philanthropic soul who uses his musical gifts to create change, a better world. That’s why we are all here, to use our gifts to help and love one another, there is nothing else. When it comes to authors, I resonate greatly with spiritual leaders/mentors like Deepak Chopra. He has a very clear and unique way of delivering spiritual wisdom and truths. The ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ is one of my favourite books, I garnered great inspiration from that one, still do. Also, ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Ruiz Miguel, that one was a shifter alright for me. I also enjoy Louise Hays and feel very rejuvenated and inspired to create after reading a book of hers!


LWW: What would you say to people who have struggled with following a musical, spiritual or philanthropic dream and have now come across ‘Angel of the Sea’? What advice do you have for them?


CC: My advice would be.. To follow your heart and your intuition, at all times. They know best! Point your compass true North and listen to your inner guidance. You feel the way you do for a reason. Each one of you has a purpose and a destiny so do not be swayed by outer circumstances or people or situations. Be pure intentioned, be courageous and take that leap of faith! Universe will catch you, always does and always will *laughs*. And that’s speaking from my humble experience..

LWW: Are you collaborating with any organization or groups of people on the ‘Angel of the Sea’ project?


CC: Yes indeed! Like I mentioned earlier, we’re in the midst of talks with the Oceanic Preservation Society(OPS) and they are many more people and opportunities coming out of the ocean of possibilities, Namaste Universe! Our social media and PR team are just about to launch a worldwide Twitter campaign and reach out to philanthropic celebrities, well known personalities, spiritual leaders and mentors, empowered women and talk show hosts, animal rights activists etc. Hence allying with resonating energy and taking ‘Angel of the Sea’ to it’s destiny; Which is to reach the ears and hearts of our brothers and sisters all over the world!



LWW: Where do you intend to go from here? What is your highest vision as a Lightworker? The one you have had in your heart since you were a kid?


CC: I intend to go.. Well, anywhere and everywhere that Universe takes me *laughs*! I’m the messenger and have dedicated my life to being of service to Gaia and all her children. My highest vision as a Lightworker is to do my part in the Shift we’re going through, and help raise people’s vibrations through music and simply being love. The vision I’ve had in my heart as a kid.. I only ever loved two things when I was little: Animals and music! And now my life path involves both, I’m living my dream and inexpressibly grateful for the opportunity.


LWW: Where can people go for updates and get involved with the ‘Angel of the Sea’ movement? How can they connect with and reach you?


CC: People can ‘Like’ the Carol Cox Music Page on Facebook and follow CC_Goddess on Twitter to keep updated with ‘Angel of the Sea’ and how they can help further. They can get involved primarily by sharing the video far and wide for when we release the single, 100 % of it’s sales is being donated to the Oceanic Preservation Society aka OPS timelessly. Oh and then buy the single of course *laughs*! We would love to hear from everyone and hold connecting with each soul in high regard. If you ‘Like’ the page, tweet at us, message or comment, we pledge to read each and every single one and respond. For it is our combined intention and heart centred energy that will take ‘Angel of the Sea’ to where it needs to be. Thank you so much Lightworker’s World for giving me the opportunity to sit down with you and talk about this Cause that is so close to my heart. The Dolphins and I send you and every Lightworker reading this, many blessings. Namaste!


Connect with Carol Cox (CC) on Facebook:


Wasted by Carol Cox:

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