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Spiritual growth and the evolution of the soul in my view should be taught in all public and private schools.  We are essentially on this planet, the earth school to grow in spiritual awareness and learn lessons.  Unfortunately we spend a great deal of our lives learning a skill or preoccupation to obtain material wealth.  We are here to enjoy material comforts, enjoy nice food and material pleasures, but it is not the sole purpose we are here.  We are here to grow as a person and help others.  Balance is the key.

Some Schools are already Teaching Meditation for Kids.

Here is a video with one possible way to teach it:

In life we have the opportunity to serve ourselves and others.  In fact in many of the lives we live, we play many roles, some serving self and some serving others.  Through serving self, we learn self love and respect.  Through serving others we grow in spiritual wisdom and develop compassion.


meditation for kids

meditation for kids


I believe that as we continue to evolve on this planet, classes in spiritual growth will become part of the curriculum in primary and secondary schools.  We will learn about the nature of the soul, god or the creator and where we fit into the bigger picture.  Children will be taught what happens to a person when he or she transitions and that there is no such thing as death.  It is simply one chapter ending and another beginning.  We will also eventually learn about life on other planets and the galactic federation.

I feel that when this does eventually occur in schools, our evolution will speed up tremendously.  Children often have natural psychic abilities which should be nurtured from a young age and treated as a gift.  Often as a child gets older, their psychic and spiritual gifts begin to atrophy from lack of use.  These gifts can be reactivated as an adult, but imagine the potential if they were nurtured and supported from a young age.


Here is a Guided Meditation for Kids to explore:


If children were taught about the natural laws of the universe they would grow up to be more compassionate and responsible adults.  There would be no need for crime and jails.  Everyone would have a role to play in the society and his or her contributions would be honored and respected.  People’s egos would begin to soften and allow spirit to guide and direct them in life.  “Me” would eventually be replaced with “we”.  Life on earth will become a unified community with everyone supporting each other for the greater good.  This is my vision of the future, how long it may take is up to us.  We have a long way to go but we can all make a difference.

Brad Austen has been on a spiritual path since a young age.  He has studied and practised meditation, psychic development and mediumship for many years.  He is passionate about creating guided meditation CDs and writing articles on spiritual growth.  His articles are spirit-inspired and are educational, insightful and enlightening.(

If you enjoyed this article, check out this article in support of a UK organization teaching meditation in schools.


Here are two simple spiritual growth practices to explore with kids at home:

1. Try telepathic communication with a kid. Make it a game. Go for the feeling, not the thought. Have him or her choose an activity and then feel as if they are DOING that activity.  For example, if they pick bike riding, have them conjure the feeling of being on a bike.  Then you have to guess what the activity is.  Just be open.  If you don’t get it right, who cares?!  You might just be surprised though at what happens.

2. Teach kids dream recall and the art of inviting in or asking for a helpful dream.  Before they go to sleep, encourage them to make an intention to have a helpful dream or dream-time experience.


What are your thoughts on this topic?  Is there a way to teach spiritual growth in schools without “ruffling people’s feathers?”  Is there a way to Teach kids Law of Attraction? Perhaps there are simple, nondenominational and Universal ways to do it.  What do you suggest?  All comments welcome.

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