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This is a list of the top 20 articles on Light Workers World. Many of them have gotten thousands of hits. Others are some of our favorite articles and videos, yet they somehow missed the spotlight. All of them are TOTALLY inspiring and empowering. Share and Enjoy!

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#20 Abundance is your Birthright, Claim it!

#19 Great Message and You will be Surprised at the Teacher

 #18 Dolphin Song: Angel of the Sea Project

#17 Forgiveness is a One-way Street

#16 Global Meditations to Energize and Accelerate Your Spiritual Path

#15 Jim Carrey and the Power of Intention

#14 Ascension: What is it and How do You Get There?

#13 What Are the Top Spiritual Movies?

#12 Seven Steps to Get What You Want

#11 How to Be Alone

#10 Ten Keys to Be Enlightened, Spontaneous, and Free-spirited

#9 In the Face of Adversity

#8 Calming Music for Meditation… Take a Deep Breath and De-Stress

#7 A Positive Message for Everyone (Pay it Forward!)

#6 Letting go of “Taking it Personally.”

#5 Money Magnet Initiation

#4 Energy Symptoms: Our Bodies Response to Vibrational Change

#3 Laughter Therapy

#2 Top Ten Law of Attraction Tips

#1 I Love You Video


Which article do you like best? What topics would you like to see more of on this website? More articles on spiritual growth?  More health articles? More meditation articles?  More??? All comments welcome! Please share in the comments section below.


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And finally, here are several “Top” or “Best of” articles to inspire you:


20 Best Ways to Relax Your Body and Mind
By Anna R.


If you follow these simple tips to relax your body and mind, you are on the best way to find relief from tension and anxiety, cope better with everyday problems, be emotionally stronger, and improve your concentration. You can become more positive, more tolerant and get more out of life. Generally the most effective way to overcome stress and anxiety is not so much to try to change the situations themselves, but simply to change the way you deal with them.
There are many ways to relax body and mind, ranging from the physical (massage, acupressure etc), to the emotional (influencing the subconscious) and spiritual (tapping into the universal life force and your inner spirit). In this article I will give you a few starters so you can instantly begin to relax. There is always more to learn!

1.    Improve your fitness – a fit body is much more able to cope with stress and there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from physical fitness and achievement. Start slow and don’t overdo it – but steadily build up your strength.

2.    Improve your eating habits – You are what you eat – try eating more vegetables and less fat and see how quickly your body will react and your ability to relax will improve.

3.    Improve your drinking habits – instead of coffee, have a glass of water or herbal tea. If you are feeling anxious, try to cut down on stimuli like caffeine or alcohol which will stress your body even more.
4.    Improve your posture: slumped shoulders and a dropped neck inhibit breathing properly. Straighten up and feel how good it feels to stand up to yourself.

5.    Get comfortable: To be able to calm and relax, remove your shoes, undo your tie or neck button, loosen your belt, unclasp your bra, slip into something comfortable. This is the prerequisite of any relaxing exercise.

6.    Fresh air: Open the windows and breathe in the fresh air.

7.    Slow down: Instead of talking and searching for company at any cost, take a couple of minutes outdoors to slow down. Nature has its own way of calming your mind.

law of attraction

8.    Silence: find a place in silence – treasure it, absorb it, immerse yourself in it, hang on to it as long as possible. Many relaxing exercises will start with a place of silence.

9.    Control Your Breathing: Straighten up and take a deep slow breath through your nose, deep into your tummy, do not let the chest rise, relax your shoulders – then release the breath slowly through your mouth.

10.    Muscle relaxation: Sitting or lying comfortably tense the muscles of one arm – hold it – then let them go limp and feel the difference. Savour the relaxed feeling. Do the same with the other arm and the legs one at a time

11.    Shoulders and neck: Slowly rotate one shoulder backwards and forwards, then up and down. Do the same with the other shoulder. Gently let your head fall down on your chest, then bring it up and backwards. After that, tilt your head on the left and right shoulder. Repeat this slowly.

12.    Jaw release: Open your mouth wide, then close. Repeat this a few times. Then put your fist under your chin, open your mouth and press the lower jaw against the fist. Hold this for a few seconds, then release.

13.    Hands: Clasp fingers tightly and press, then release. Become aware of how tension feels. Then nestle your left in your right hand, the thumbs gently touching each other. Remain like this and relax.

relaxing music

relaxing music

14.    Motivation: motivate yourself to continue on your path to calmness. Actively seek it; if you are certain that you can achieve it the positive energy will push you forward.

15.    Reject stress: Distinctly reorganize your priorities. Reject anything that will put pressure on you. Learn to say no and become more positive and energetic.

16.    Affirmation: This is a whole wide field of possibilities. Try to visualize a certain situation (you being able to cope with a stressful situation for example), then imprint this picture onto a stone or small object you can fit into your pocket. Then every time you touch it you will see this picture and affirm yourself that you can achieve it.

17.    Autogenic Training: This as well is a big field and is a good method for emergency stress response. Lie down and think of your arms. Feel them getting heavy. Think: “My arm is getting heavy”, again and again. Do the same with the other arm and each leg. You can also think: “My arm is getting warm” and repeat that. Feel it getting warm.

18.    Influence your subconscious: To reinforce messages to your subconscious, like “I am calm and can cope with this situation”, there is no way like this: repeat, repeat, repeat.
19.    Visualization: Go to sleep with a picture in your mind how you would like to be. Do this again and again, every night. Try to wake up with this picture in your mind.

20.    Concentrate on the task at hand: If you immerse yourself totally in a task, so that you achieve the very best result you are capable of (this can be anything at all, for example washing the dishes, ironing, driving a car or mowing the lawn), you will find that task becomes like a meditation in itself. Time flies, you derive satisfaction from your efforts and you spend at least this time completely in the here and now, not worrying about past or future.
Anna R. is author of the website




The Top 3 Tips in Using the Law of Attraction
By Nancy Stremmel

There is so much written about the Law of Attraction, and most of it is correct information, but to master it all would be like memorizing The World Book encyclopedia. To help out a bit, we have looked at what works, what works some of the time, and what works once in a while. We have distilled for you, the key elements in using the Law of Attraction.
Tip 1: Attend and Energize What You Want, Rather than What You Don’t Want
The first thing to do when seeking to use the Law of Attraction, is to be cognizant of your desires and goals. When you seek what makes you happy, you automatically energize your goals. Do what makes you happy every day. When engaged in this pursuit, you will have goals and dreams that will keep you on the path of your soul’s desire. This is tremendously energizing.


What if you have been doing what others told you to do for so long that you don’t know where your passion is? Make each tiny daily decision an opportunity to learn who you are. You have 70 billion cells and each one of them has an antenna to your self. When making any decision, simply stop and listen. Take a poll. If you go in this direction, how does that feel? If you go instead in this other direction, how does that feel? Remember, you can’t consciously use the Law of Attraction if you aren’t conscious of your soul’s desire and goals.
Attend and listen. Follow your feeling/insight or listen to your body. Go in that direction. Do not at this point, Google for an answer or ask your friends. It is important to develop a relationship with your self so that you can more easily/quickly follow its lead in the future.
You will begin to get a sense of your soul’s desire. Once you are clear, your life will accelerate beyond your previous beliefs.


Tip 2: Believing That the Universe Has Your Best Interests in Mind is the Belief that you Need to Use the Law of Attraction


This was so important that Jesus said it in many ways. “Believe as little children…”, “seek and you shall find…”, “When you have the faith of a mustard seed…” and “Do this as I do this…”. So, whether you believe as little children believe, or as a seed believes, or as a man believes, you will achieve what you desire and intend. This is true.
Most of us have trouble with believing that we can double our income in a day, or a month, yet many have done it when using the Law of Attraction. Business coaches will tell their students to set out on a more believable path, and expect a 10% or even a 20% increase. This is the slow but sure path. We recommend another way.
Start with your day to day decisions and challenges. You will soon see that these smallest fences and crossroads allow you to move forward without a glitch as long as you trust that this day will be a great one.
Begin every day with that absolute trust that all will go well, and it will. This is consciously using the Law of Attraction.


Tip 3: Follow Your Intuitive Nudges when Using the Law of Attraction


Do what you love, and your intuitive nudges will move you forward toward your soul’s desire. This might seem magical or too simple if you have been educated as a lawyer or an engineer. You will feel more comfortable developing a logical plan, based on time and space, but intuition was the route for most inventions and discoveries, not logical plans.
If you have enough courage to follow your intuition, you will be able to bypass the slow and logical route. Simply remember that you have always been unique, and capable and then follow your intuition.
These three steps will prepare you for the 2012 transition.


Nancy J. Stremmel is the co-owner and developer of: the compendium of information on the Law of Attraction. She is a writer, licensed Social Worker, educator, artist and therapist. She believes that everyone can make the Law of Attraction work for them.



Regardless of your path, belief or previous challenges, there are ways to uplift the quality of your life, inside and out.  We hope you have found these “Best Of” lists helpful.  The top 20 articles and videos listed at the top of this post are especially helpful.  Scroll back up and see which ones call to you.

Or…….  if you have already read those articles.  We suggest you Search Our Site.  Go to the search field near the top on the right.  Try this:  Think of a question that has been on your mind and in your heart.  Know that the answer will come.  Search for the topic and trust that the results will either HAVE the answer, or they will plant a seed, or they will point you on a path of opportunity to access the answer. 

Ultimately the answers you seek are inside you.  However, you can use the rich array of resources on Light Workers World to put you in a state of “answer openness.”  This means if you are open to receive and you are following your intuition, you WILL receive the answers you need. 

You will KNOW the answers.  They will appear and they will be available inside you as well.

Bookmark our website. Come back often!   This website is updated frequently with empowering new material.  Use it, act on it, integrate it into your world, and watch your life thrive!

Blessings and Love,

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