We live in an age of radical change, chaos in fact, as our Mother Earth accelerates her frequencies towards a shift to a higher dimensional state, a new level of Being, assimilating the massive waves of cosmic energy that now bathe our planet. The collective consciousness of humanity is striving to balance the feminine and masculine, right and left, higher and lower – and it’s a pretty rocky road so far.

Right now, as you read this, there is a psychological and spiritual battle going on of epic proportions for our hearts and minds, and the two primary opposing ‘forces’ are mutually exclusive. Only one can ‘win’, despite the fact that only one of these philosophies is even fighting. Add to that the virtually limitless streams of information from the dominant paradigms that all vie for your attention and energy, and the global landscape is definitely getting dicey. In this wild milieu of informational and lifestyle choice saturation, the very foundations of all of our belief systems are being challenged, down to their very roots. As a result, we are being presented with choices every day of our lives – and, to quote one of my favorite rock bands, ‘if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice’.

Whether we like it or not, embrace it or not, we MUST make these decisions, these selections, of what we want our personal worlds to look like. Now. The first step, however, is to open up our minds to possibilities that we may never have had to consider before, possibilities of the most fundamental aspects of what we call ‘reality’ that may crash head-on with what we considered ‘set in stone’ or ‘unquestionable’ as the ‘way things are’ just a few short years ago. The path to higher consciousness is not always easy, but we are being pushed inexorably along this path that some call ‘ascension’ – and clearing out the dark veils draped over our highest inner truths is now essential if we are to successfully move forward.

I have an old friend in the States who read my article on crop circles a while ago.  His first reaction was, unfortunately, somewhat typical of mainstream North American middle-class attitudes.  As any person in this modern world can confirm for themselves (references were given in that article to do exactly that), crop circle formations have been with us for a very long time, and have recently taken on an amazing and inspiring complexity of form and potential meanings that literally boggles the mind.  However my friend, a highly intelligent, educated professional who has lived in other countries and travelled the world many times over, chose to respond to this phenomenon as follows:  ‘I just don’t believe these are real.’  THAT response, my fellow humans, was to me just barely north of certifiable insanity (Note:  He wasn’t talking about who possibly made them – which I could totally understand — but about their very existence).  He also told me that he believed that somebody just manufactured the photos in the article on Adobe Photoshop, and posted them on the internet for fun (he chose to completely neglect to address the many videos and documentaries and newspaper and magazine and webzine articles, etc., on the subject).

After I provided him with links to all the overwhelming proof of his gross misperceptions, he did finally admit that they apparently existed — but still cannot get himself to believe that the many hundreds of crop formations that have appeared throughout the world for several decades (or more) are anything more than some very extravagant, very advanced, very time- and cost- and labor-intensive practical joke.  The mere possibility of the existence of crop circles as a bona-fide scientifically inexplicable phenomena was (and is) so threatening to his perception of reality that initially he even refused to spend five or ten minutes to check out the sources I had provided.  I was dumbfounded.  Oh, and this guy considers himself an ‘open-minded’ person.  Wow.

crop circles and higher consciousness

Unfortunately, my old friend’s attitude towards crop circles – one he shares with tens of millions of other ‘mainstream’ North Americans (in general, apparently the most close-minded, narrowly focused population on this planet) – is pretty typical, and can be applied to most ‘bizarre’ phenomena that rarely, if ever, make it onto CNN or Fox News.  He suffers from the extreme pandemic that is generally known as DENIAL.  Denial is one of the most debilitating syndromes in the modern era.  It affects so many areas of our lives, and is so ubiquitous among people, that it can almost be considered the most prevalent mental handicap (to avoid labeling it a ‘sickness’ – we don’t need another one of those, do we?) impacting the human race.  It inhibits middle and working class people from revolting, or even voting, against an inhumane, broken socio-economic system; it hampers and suppresses reporters from questioning the true causes of explosions and buildings collapsing; it hinders investigators from making connections between the power/money elite, multinational corporations, and global financial scandals and nonsensical wars; and it stops most people from ever seriously considering the possibility that their deeply ingrained belief systems may be based on false assumptions, faulty science, and even outright lies.

Denial is a questionable psychological tool, that apparently only human beings possess, that has been part of our psychology for eons.  I came up with a pet theory regarding why this relatively neglected aspect of the human psyche has become so powerful, so influential in our daily lives.  It relates to our comfort zones.  Our precious comfort zones. . . . .  I have always been absolutely amazed at how far people will go to stay deeply tucked into their cz’s.

I heard years ago that, even when confronted with undeniable proof from several independent sources, most people (especially women, statistically speaking) will absolutely refuse to accept even the possibility that their partners are cheating on them sexually.  Another statistic is even more horrific, the one that confirms that most abused women, despite powerful statements by concerned professionals employed to help them, feel that they have ‘done something wrong’ in order to cause their male partner’s physical attacks on them.  These are both common examples of the connection between denial and comfort zones.

In a nutshell, if you can deny to yourself the existence of a fact or situation, or a link between two superficially disconnected facts or events, then you can remain safely in your cozy little comfort zone, where life is  . . . . well, not necessarily grand and joyful, but at least simple and manageable.  Most importantly, you will not be forced to completely reevaluate and (God forbid) change your deeply held beliefs and your perception of reality as you would like it to be.  In the above cited examples, these women, by denying that their husbands are cheating on them, or that their husbands are not nice people, are avoiding a very nasty confrontation – both internal and interpersonal.  How can they justify staying with the person they love if they acknowledge his cheating, and/or that he has an inherently violent personality?  Once they admit to those realities, any option they choose makes for a quick, startling boot OUT of their familiar comfort zone and into a distressful, trying, potentially devastating face-off with ‘reality’ – one in which they could lose everything they hold dear in their lives.  Therefore, they avoid that psychological shock no matter what it takes – even if it costs them their sanity, or in some cases their very lives.

I recently read a fantastic article that dealt with this subject called The Illusion of Living Within Your Comfort Zone (Deborah Bier, PhD, 2010).  Her words may express more clearly to you what I am trying to convey:  Many of us live in the illusion that comfort is the ultimate, and it must never be left except kicking and screaming… and then only at the point of a loaded gun. . . .  “Oh, I couldn’t talk about how much it means to me… speaking up is just not in my comfort zone.”  “Go after that big life change? Not yet — not until it’s in my comfort zone.”  “I’m not comfortable with what you want from me, so I’m going to say ‘no’.”  Who said we were supposed to be so comfortable all the time?

In the American culture I’ve been in my entire life, we seem to be stuck in the idea that living “comfortably” or “within one’s comfort zone” is some kind of right we have been granted by the Divine.  And to be pushed out of — or, heaven forbid, decide on our own to leave — our cozy sense of comfort, is some kind of horrendous personal assault.  I also encourage you to take to heart her vivid imagery, and deeply felt personal experience and conclusions:  Unless you are already living in a perpetual state of bliss, living within your comfort zone is to live in hell. Not a screaming in terror, boil in vats of lava kind of hell, but a numbing, dull, lifeless, pabulum kind where all the walls are painted off-white and everywhere is piped-in muzak. . . .  There’s no growth, no life-affirmation, no soul, no evolution — and every change is the enemy.  A devotion to being comfortable is life-sucking at its most persistent.

Living in denial, and refusing adamantly to leave their cushy little comfort zones, has seemed to become de rigeur for most Westerners these days, and has now become the primary cause of global pollution and destruction.  Maybe you can see how fundamentally damaging it is – fatal even at this juncture in our history — for us as a species to continue to live with this mind-set controlling our global consumerist culture.  Let me explain.

If you can continue to deny (refuse to ‘believe’) that our climate is changing in an alarming way – regardless of the root cause or causes – then you can continue to drive your fossil fuel-guzzling SUV, support oil and gas drilling in national parks, vote for the decimation of natural forests for the sake of the ‘survival of the lumber industry’, and support your local industrial and nuclear power plants — all with complete freedom from guilt.  It’s just soooooo much easier that way, isn’t it?!  If you can also deny that the millions of metric tons of unrecyclable trash spewed by human beings into previously pristine environments every single day is having a seriously destructive effect on life on this planet, especially our dying oceans; and that the Controllers of this world are pulling out the stops to maintain their vise-grip on our minds and souls; and that having the latest iPhone and biggest house and newest car are all that matters in life; etc., etc. – then you may soon go bonkers in your attempt to maintain your illusions.  The veil is being slowly but surely pulled off the face of Reality these days, and it’s going to take more and more serious effort to sustain the mirage of ‘business as usual’ for those among us who cherish the ‘ignorance is bliss’ approach to life.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsh.  We can no longer afford the luxury of living in denial, nor of fighting tooth and nail to maintain sheltered lives in our debilitating comfort zones.  If we are to save this planet – much less pass it down to our children and grandchildren in anything even remotely resembling a better state than we ourselves inherited it in – than we as a species must stop our crazed zombie march towards the cliff of annihilation, open up our minds to the disturbing, even alarming circumstances we find ourselves in — both physically and culturally — and force ourselves, both individually and collectively – to make the very UNcomfortable, possibly UNpleasant, and distinctly UNavoidable choices that will lead us all, and our descendants, to a much more sane, balanced, healthy, sustainable, and heart-centered lifestyle.

I urge you to remember the old saying we all learned as kids: ‘The mind is like a parachute – it doesn’t work unless it’s open!’ Please think deeply about this, and stop rejecting out of hand any facts or evidence that you come across that forces a conclusion that may not be ‘comfortable’ for you and your ‘take’ on reality. Take true comfort in this extremely encouraging fact: You are not alone! Once you make your decision to help humanity accept the current unpalatable situation, and then decide to do what you can to help create a better reality, you will find that there is LOTS of assistance and support out there. So throw off your self-imposed shackles and take the plunge – and discover once again how exciting and meaningful life can be!

Alexander Del Sol grew up in the state of California in the USA, near the bustling and dynamic Pacific Coast.  After high school he went on to earn a science degree at the University of California.  Before he even graduated from university, he became involved in the business world, and ended up working as a ‘suit and tie man’, primarily in sales and marketing, for several companies.  However, after leaving that unfulfilling lifestyle behind many years ago, he manifested a radically different situation for himself and his family, living comfortably in the tropics near pristine sandy beaches, and surrounded by abundant landscapes full of organic gardens, clean sparkling waterfalls and vibrant wildlife. While on this epic journey, he has tasted some of the highest highs and lowest lows the life has to offer, living in more diverse and extreme circumstances in the last 20 years than most people could ever fathom.  As an author and free-lance writer, he has enjoyed the opportunity to share some of his adventures with others. To further that end of sharing, and to assist others on similar ‘unconventional’ life paths that are currently going through parallel challenges in this rapidly changing world, he has recently co-founded a new on-line community forum with the primary theme of personal evolution in relation to the current Earth changes. For those interested in exploring these themes further, or just enjoying a little moral support in these chaotic times, Alexander encourages you to find and converse with him and many others of like mind at www.AscendingCommunity.com.



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