When you watch a great film, magical worlds become available to you. Your view of the world can change, helping you access a more enlightened experience of life. But how come some spiritual films, despite having great messages, don’t change our lives, while others go to the core and uplift our lives forever?

At Light Workers World, we believe part of the answer is that the real power is not outside in the films, but in us and in our willingness to take the teachings deeper. Our path accelerates when we integrate spiritual messages found in films into daily living.

Let’s explore some ways to do this and look at films that serve this purpose.

Down below, we have compiled a list of some of our most-loved films and inspirational spiritual movies. Most of these we have seen personally, others are movie recommendations from our online community.

What films would YOU add to our list? Please share in the comments at the bottom of this page!

Perhaps the most important point in watching a spiritual film is HOW we watch. Next time you watch a film (or even a preview for that matter!) you are encouraged to watch with heart and depth.  This creates an opportunity to heal your emotions and empower your self during the film.

Here is a great article to help us do this by our friend Bree Brown.

Watching Movies with Conscious Awareness – by Bree Brown

In preparation for each viewing session, sit comfortably. Let your attention move effortlessly, without strain, first to your body then to your breath. Simply inhale and exhale naturally. Follow your breath in this innocent, watchful way for a while. Notice any spots where there’s tension or holding. As you grow aware of them, let your breath travel into these spots. To release tension you may experiment with “breathing into” any part of your body that feels strained. Never force your breath.

spiritual cinema and uplifting films

spiritual cinema and uplifting films

Your gentle attention is sufficient to help you become more present and balanced, as it spontaneously deepens and corrects your breathing if it is constricted. Experience your condition without inner criticizing or comment. If you notice yourself judging or narrating, simply listen to the tone of your inner dialog as you come back to your breath. Lay judgments and worries consciously aside.
As soon as you are calm and centered, start watching the movie. Most deeper insights arrive when you pay attention to the story and to yourself. While viewing, bring your inner attention to a holistic bodily awareness (felt sense). This means you are aware of “all of you” — head, heart, belly, etc. Once in a while you might notice your breathing from an inner vantage point — from your subtle, always-present intuitive core. Observe how the movie images, ideas, conversations and characters affect your breath. Don’t analyze anything while you are watching. Be fully present with your experience.

Afterward, reflect on the following:

Do you remember whether your breathing changed throughout the movie? Could this be an indication that something threw you off balance? In all likelihood, what affects you in the film is similar to whatever unbalances you in your daily life.

Ask yourself: If a part of the film that moved you (positively or negatively) had been one of your dreams, how would you have understood the symbolism in it?

Notice what you liked and what you didn’t like or even hated about the movie. Which characters or actions seemed especially attractive or unattractive to you? Did you identify with one or several characters?

Were there one or several characters in the movie that modeled behavior that you would like to emulate? Did they develop certain strengths or other capacities that you would like to develop as well?

Notice whether any aspect of the film was especially hard to watch. Could this be related to something that you might have repressed (“shadow”)? Uncovering repressed aspects of our psyche can free up positive qualities and uncover our more whole and authentic self.

Did you experience something that connected you to your inner wisdom or higher self as you watched the film?

It helps to write down your answers.

If some of the mentioned guidelines turn out to be useful, you might consider using them not only in “reel life” but also adapt them to “real life” because they are intended to make you become a better observer.

Editor’s note: Portions of the above are based on Sinetar, Marsha (1993) Reel Power & Spiritual Growth Through Film. Ligouri, MO: Triumph Books.

Our List of the Best Spiritual Movies:



The Kid (Disney’s): A great film about the magic of parallel universes and how many options always exist, especially when we focus on what is truly important.

Sliding Doors: Another fantastic film about parallel lives and how one small change can create huge changes in our lives.

Powder: A movie about an extraordinarily psychic young man who touches people’s lives and yet struggles with being isolated.  Here is a great scene from it:

Heaven and Earth: This is a film about Karma, change, rebirth, and reincarnation.

Hilary and Jackie: Lots of positive intentions and positive reminders here. This film is magical, reminding us this moment is eternal. Be the dance and the music. Everything is going to be alright.

Hero: Genuine love gives unconditionally and without attachment to outcome.

Hearts in Atlantis: Great spiritual teachers are mystical and change our lives without words. Reminder from the film: There are no accidents. Your life is on Purpose.

Kate and Leopold: A fun and wonderful film. Good reminders about the fourth dimension, and how there is no such thing as time. All you need is love and the courage to go where you belong.


Peaceful Warrior: A superb film that shows we each have the power to turn challenges into gifts.

The Mystic Masseur: A good film about knowing your place in life and the power of staying true to it .

What the Bleep do we know? – Love or Hate the film, it was one of the first of its kind in a new genre.

Waking Life – Lots of deep discussions on Life, meditation, lucid dreams and more… Highly recommended.


Other Magical and Inspirational Films:

The Last Mimzy


Zeitgest Addendum
The Venus Project Documentary
Whale Rider
Never Been Done (Documentary)
No Impact Man (Documentary)

Maxed Out (Documentary)
This Emotional Life (Docu-series)

Tuning In the Movie  (Watch the full film on Light Workers World)

Which Inspiring movies make you feel like a kid again?

Here are our top picks:

Finding NeverLand


Patch Adams

Contact – A great film with Jodie Foster. Reminds to trust in our heart that there is more to this Universe than what we see, and to trust this sense even when those around us express negativity or doubt.

The Secret Garden

Field of Dreams

Big Fish

Off the Map

The Possibilities in Life are Endless

The Blind Side

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Singing in the Rain

Magic Mountain

The Yah Yah Sisterhood

Into the West

What films would YOU add to this list? Please share them in the comments!

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