Beloved Souls, We come in direct relation to your calling as the energies around you intensify and your bodies, minds, spirits and emotions continue to acclimate to the the ever-changing movement of these energies around and within you. We hear your cries for instant change; for dissolving of the old structures that no longer serve you, and we hear your longing for gentler, more harmonious ways.


Day by day you become more and more aware of all that has weighed you down, and a purging of monumental level is taking place within you…within all living things. Mother Earth is purging and clearing; you are doing the same. There has been a magnificent upsurge in the desire for clearing things from your living space, from your psyches, from your hearts…all that no longer resonates with the higher vibrational self. Debris from the past surfaces and for a moment you begin to respond to it in your old ways….and suddenly your spirit, and your soul, your heart reminds you that you have new ways to deal with things…new tools…new paradigms for truth.

With determination, you revisit the past, only to make peace with it and let it go in the present! What precious gifts lie within that peace. You are being asked to change on levels never asked before, and yet in direct relation to your desire to live more and more in the Light. As you shed the old….old habits, old behaviors, old possessions, jobs, and people in your life who are not in synchronization with your vibration, a channel opens; a vacuum is created, and the new has room to flow to you.

The channel is only blocked by your fear – the collective fear, and by a lack of faith in the process now happening universally. Beloved Ones, holiday time is a powerful time for making choices. It is a time to explore what would be the most precious gift you could give, and what would be the most precious gift you could receive. Deep within your spirits you know that LOVE is the answer. With love, giving becomes spontaneous and the open heart, the guide. When you are feeling lonely, give to another! When you are cut off from your feelings, anxious, fear-filled, place your hands on your heart and high hearts, and imagine the billows of rose pink and emerald green light filling you, lifting you, healing you. Feel the Light created within your heart centers and then expand it out into the room…into the community…into the world…the Universe…and feel your beautiful Light help create Light for others. Hold your hands there on your heart centers, dissolving all barriers between yourself and the rest of the Universe. Imagine hearts through the Universe doing the same, and feel your glow intensify.

Do this often and in a state of gratitude, and know that your intentional healing will begin to make changes within you on a cellular level. Remember to look for the beauty around you…connect to nature by standing under the stars, or in the glorious rays of the sun, and feel yourself a part of the universal family. See the way the sun sparkles through the sudden snow squall, creating diamond-like sparkles within your heart and spirit, or listen to the groaning of the ice on the frozen pond as the water shifts beneath it. Hear the music of the ice, the wind, the birds and the trees as they too react to the shift of the ages. Hear the music within your heart, and sing it loud and clear as you reclaim your power, through LOVE. In your willingness to make the changes…the shifts…to keeping the channel to your love open, you bring yourself back to balance. The power is in the choice. Honor the needs of your bodies, minds, spirits and emotions….rest when called to do so, for the changes happening deep within you…within all…are powerful and restoration is vital. Know that you are honored in the Heavens and by all life merely for the fact that you chose to be here to assist in and experience the monumental changes going on, sometimes beyond what the eyes can see.


We walk with you, always, as the life that we once knew becomes the life that we’ve long desired for all living things. Plant your roots deeply into Mother Earth; stand tall and feel your connection to the Heavens, and drawn healing Grace from these. You are not alone, beloved ones. You are never alone. Together, we will create the world of PEACE, LOVE AND GRACE that we’ve come here to create. We are One Voice~One Heart  In love, gratitude and service, I wish each of you a joyful and peaceful holiday and New Year. Lynne

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