The winter solstice (December 21 in the Northern Hemisphere) is a powerful time energetically and spiritually. A time of rest and reflection. A time to cultivate inner change. If we weren’t so caught up in the materialism that Christmas has become, we would all sense the magic of this season. Miracles happen. Even the coldest hearts soften.

This year’s solstice coincides with a full moon. I don’t know a lot about astronomy, but I do know that the more spiritually awake you become the more significant the phases of the moon seem to be. There is a flow to all of this—monthly, daily. The full and new moon cycles each carry with them unexplainable energy that is sometimes extremely positive and other times more challenging (negative). If you are very in tune or sensitive to energies you may even notice that you have more clarity in the morning and more negativity in the evening. Listening to your body, by observing your moods and energy levels, might encourage you to go to bed early and rise when you feel rested—even if it’s 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning.

Last winter was a transformative time for me. I naturally would awaken at around 3:30 a.m. and begin my meditation practice. By candlelight I would practise yoga and sip superfruit green tea. And, later I would write in my notebook and watch the morning light gradually bring colour back to the objects in my living room. One morning when it was still dark, I opened the curtains to discover a beautiful fox prancing around in the moon-lit snow. Pure magic! Another time, the full moon woke me up in the night. It was shining through my window right into my eyes. “Wake up!” it seemed to call to me. And so I did.

A Time For Meditation

If you’ve considered beginning a meditation practice, now is the perfect time. Welcome the winter solstice by lighting some candles, burn some sweet grass and sage, and use the following poem to guide you into meditation. Namaste!

Be still little one
Winter solstice is near.
Enter your cave of gemstones
How they glitter in the firelight!
Curl up in your bed of furs—
like a little seed.
It’s cold outside
but the fire is so warm
Hear it crackle; see it dance.
You are safe and there is
magic in your every breath.
Amethyst and turquoise blue
Take these gems and place
them close to your heart.
You are prepared now
to meet the challenges of the season.
You are protected. You are loved.
The Goddess lives on in you
Surrender to this night.

© Copyright 2010 Holly Wilson

Holly Wilson is a freelance writer/editor and stay-at-home mom from Canada. You may read more of Holly’s writings on the blog Ecoerth, where she writes under the name grooovygirl. Holly has also recently published a children’s book on girl bullying on Feedbooks entitled Sarah Wondered. You may download this book for free.

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