Very simply, it is the Largest Drum Circle Ever in the World. It is the drum circle that will change history and you can be part of it.

What is the Drum Circle for Global Unity?

What is the Drum Circle for Global Unity?

On September 18, 2010 at exactly 2:00 pm Canadian Eastern Daylight Time we will be holding a drum circle in Oshweken Ontario Canada. We will be drumming the heartbeat on our drums. Please join us from whatever part of the world you live in. Create your own circle even if it is a circle of one. Got a drum? That’s fabulous! No drum? That’s ok too. We’ll show you what to do. This drum circle is for all humans not only those who own a drum.

This website was created to show you how to participate in the largest drum circle in the world, The Drum Circle for Global Unity. Let’s change the world together. We want there to be peace on this earth. How about you? If the answer is yes then let your drum speak along with ours.

We have a vision of unity for the planet earth. We see people working in harmony together and creating a world that is beautiful. We see hungry people being fed instead of being left to die. We see children playing with toys instead of holding weapons. We see smiles on our faces instead of tears. We feel happiness instead of heartbreak and love instead of hatred or fear. We feel connected to each other and know that we are one.

Please join us in creating this vision of a new earth by drumming in The World’s Largest Drum Circle on September 18, 2010. Let’s drum a beat so loud the entire world will hear it. Let’s drum for change. Let’s drum to help each other. Let’s drum to show our world leaders that we want things to be different. Let’s drum for love!

Join the Drum Circle for Global Unity.  Create Your Own Circle!

If you can’t drum with us in Oshweken, Ontario Canada you can hold your own drum circle where you live. Contact your friends, family, neighbours and co workers and see if they will drum with you on September 18, 2010.

Drum the heartbeat for 8 minutes in your circle while our circle does the same. We must all be drumming at the same time for this to work. When it’s 2:00 pm in Canada it may be very early or very late in your part of the world. Do the best you can do to make this happen. Maybe you will have to drum very quietly. That’s ok. Just drum and come together with others who want the world to be a better place for us all to live.

Some of you will be able to create very large circles that are worthy of media attention. Some of you will be able to stream video of your circle onto the internet. Some of you will simply drum knowing that we have posted your circle on this website. Your participation has been recorded and the beat of your drum will join all others as we change history together.

An easy way to organize your own circle is to create your own website. The Oshweken circle is posted on a meetup site:

Here’s the link:

Please realize that this drum circle is for all humans, not only those who own a drum. If you don’t have a drum you can make your own by finding an empty container and a stick. You can use your body as a drum by slapping your hand on your thigh. You can clap your hands to the heartbeat rhythm too. Use whatever you have. Your willingness to drum with us is the important thing, not the drum itself.

For more information on being a part of this transformational event or for more info on creating a drum circle for your area, see the website:

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