Let’s Drum Up a New World – 10 Billion Beats

By Carlisle Bergquist

Let's Drum Up A New World

Let's Drum Up A New World

In September 2009, about 200,000 people around the world joined in a global event called 10 Billion Beats. Using drumming to send a wave of positive intention around the globe, 10 Billion Beats is a simple idea to affect our collective consciousness in a positive way that we will repeat until 2013. The project doesn’t have a big budget campaign, media savvy, or corporate sponsorship. Participation is free. It started with one person then just three of us begin spreading the word. People started telling other people and the idea spread. As individuals band together we can help the world become a little brighter and change the habitual patterns of separation between others and ourselves, between our species and the planet that sustains us.

During the past months, we have seen calamitous earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. Now, seeing the Earth bleed before our eyes with only blind guesses about how to stop the hemorrhage is a stark reminder of the battle we humans have waged with nature. No words describe watching a catastrophe unfold 5000 feet beneath the sea. The growing anger and despair is palpable.

We have watched a seismic fissure widen between political parties here in the US. Globally, the polarities and intolerance between religious groups, races, and nations all seem to have increased. It is time to hasten our response, time to intervene as if the Light is depending on us.

There are signs and prophecies told by many peoples about this time. We can deny the problems, rationalize that someone else will fix them, or try to respond. Like me, you may sense a shift coming on this planet in your bones. There’s a lot of talk about it–2012, Earth Changes, Ascension, solar flares, Rapture, the return of Planet X. Whether any of these events leave us in a New Heaven, on a New Earth, or walking more miles in the same pair of shoes, we should be asking, “How can we create a better world beyond this ‘turning’?” More is asked of us than to fearfully wait for deliverance. Meaningful change is needed; we must start doing that for which we have been learning.

Change doesn’t come easy. “Easy” rarely brings transformation. If we want to make a difference, if we want to personally become different, we have to be stubborn about it until a new way of being becomes natural. Maybe it is ridiculous to think we can change the world but we know it is ridiculous not to try.

10 Billion Beats is not a political movement, a religious faction, an ecological organization, or even a peace group. It is a spiritual endeavor of doing what we know, learning all we can, and trusting that the rest will be provided. We are part of a living system, part of its problem and if we pay attention, part of the solution. 10 Billion Beats is founded on the belief that we–as co-creators–are constantly interacting with creation and must do so consciously with positive intent. It is the “golden rule” applied to “right” and “left,” family, friend, and enemy, Heaven and Earth, mountain, tree and microbe. Each met with the will to good whatever the circumstance. The drumbeat is our unifying call to coherence.

10 Billion Beats was an idea that rattled around in my head for several years–stuck like a “Post it” waiting for me to do something. I hope upon reading this that the idea will stick with you. 10 Billion Beats is a grassroots effort. The only way to create change is from the bottom up if you want it to be stable. Last year we were pleased to see how many blades of grass took root all across North, South and Central America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. We still have work to achieve the goal of every time zone.

You who read this are a special group. Some of you are searchers, some sages; each of you makes a difference. Finding ourselves now in what some call “the great turning” is unsettling. Old forms are fading away before our eyes and humanity is polarized. It forces us to choose whether we will identify with the unity of Spirit, or with the duality of Matter. We step either toward coherence with the Creator and all creation, or we cling to personal power and separation. This is not the first time we’ve noticed this choice. This is not the first time we’ve cared about it, nor is it even the first time we have sought unity and coherence. It is simply the time to try again. So here’s the idea in which I invite you to participate.

First, register to participate. Then, ask at least seven people to join you in the global intention event and ask them to ask at least seven more. If each person extends their invitation to this Seventh Power, the numbers will add up very quickly.
Here’s the magic if every 1 involves just 7 people

Number of People:  7 – 49 – 343 – 2401 – 16807 – 117649 – 823543

That kind of multiplication will work a miracle.

Our vision is that this will provide a means for people who are in proximity to one another to band together for the event, a place to make direct contact while thinking globally and acting locally.

A vision is only meaningful if it is given away. Thanks for letting me share mine with you.

10 Billion Beats is a Global Intention Event that will use drumming to send a wave of positive intention around the world. Starting in Central Kansas, it will follow the sunset around the globe through each time zone at 7:00 PM on Sept. 17th, 2010. (Sept. 18th as it crosses the dateline) This project is for everyone like me who is crazy enough to change the world and everyone else for whom they want to change it. The idea‚ although admittedly grandiose‚ is not a commercial event. Really, it‚ is a simple grassroots idea on a grand scale.

If this resonates with you, please visit http://www.10billionbeats.com/intro.html for more information and to get involved. Join in, and let’s drum up a better world!

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