FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)


1. What is a Lightworker?

We have a broad definition here…  A Lightworker is someone who knows there is much more going on in everything than meets the eye.  There are spiritual signals, Universal energies, and aspects of ourselves not from this world.  A Light Worker comes to know these aspects of their self and knows we are here to embrace the chaos, assist others near and far, silently and aloud.  A Light Worker is committed to positive change inside and out.


2. How can spiritual teachings help me let go of negative feelings?

Good spiritual teachings don’t mask feelings or gloss over challenges.  Instead, they connect you with a power in your Heart that enables you to take responsibility for what you can change and then let go of what no longer works.  In fact, letting go of all that no longer serves you is a key to transformation.  Here is a quote that sums it up well:

“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts.” ~Marianne Williamson


3. How can I find my purpose and make a difference in the World?

Realize you are important and you have a powerful spiritual gift to share with the world. This website is here to help you uncover your gifts, share them and shine brighter. The section of our site with channeled messages and psychic guidance is a great place to start.  The articles there help you access your inner power and passion.


4. What can I do to empower those around me and what if my family does not understand my spiritual path?

When you bring a sense of non-judgmental encouragement to others, this supports them energetically to make positive changes.  But keep in mind all change starts from within. Ultimately, we all teach by example.  The section of our site on relationships is a good resource of inspiration material.  You might also start with this article:  What is Spiritual Love?


5. How do I get the emotional and spiritual support I need?

It’s simple:  You ask for help, inside and out. Also, be willing to “give away” what you most want to receive.  This sounds strange at first…. but let us explain:

“Consider this:  There is an inexhaustible supply of support and healing light in the Universe that naturally flows and renews itself just by giving some away. If you send out healing energy, or simply appreciate and feel gratitude for others, you will receive more of the same. Giving creates a space for receiving. The key to this principle is to give for the joy of giving. That is what opens you to receiving. Give without attachment to outcome.  Keep the energy (chi) circulating and watch how this expands the benefits for you.” ~Michael Alperstein


Michael Alperstein is available for spiritual counseling sessions. Visit www.LuminousLiving.com to book a session.


6. How will spiritual teachings help me handle negative people?

As you gain a sense of true power and knowing of yourself as Spirit, other people’s opinions and negativity are seen more clearly as false. You become transparent to them. This article by Alexander Del Sol on How to Stop Being in Denial is particularly helpful for getting to the place where no one can disturb you.


SAQ (Questions you should be asking)

1. What positive changes have already taken place in my life?

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Here is a powerful practice to explore when you wake up in the morning. Hold this intention in your heart:

(( ~ May today be a day to recognize positive changes I have made. ~ ))

Then take a moment to look back and say: “I’m no longer scared of such and such… I am not afraid to express my ideas on the web, put my foot in my mouth, share my art, set boundaries at home, speak my peace, be myself…”

Certainly many old patterns have ALREADY left you. Your Highest spiritual path is ON TRACK and ON TIME. Take a moment to breathe and acknowledge the flow of change. Feel it. It is also a good idea to start a gratitude journal. At night, right down five things you feel gratitude for. Doing so sets a tone for more positive change.


2. How do I heighten my awareness of peace and spirituality in daily living?

The best answer we have to this question is in the free gift we offer when you sign up for our newsletter.  Sign up at the top right of this page.  The book you receive is called Mastery Where You Are:  How to Stop Stress in Its Tracks While You Keep Walking – by Michael Alperstein.

“I am happy to tell you your book has brought a positive outlook in my life. Thank you for being a torch bearer to us seeking to find a sustaining Spirituality in daily life.  You have touched hearts.” ~ Blake Carter


3. What can I learn from nature, children and animals?

Returning to the magic and simplicity that children, nature and animals enjoy is key to your spiritual fulfillment. This article on the oil spill from a while back is place to start:  Gulf Coast Oil Spill – Sioux Prayer Request   Also, here is a great video from an old soul:  A Young Girl with a Great Message about Meditation


4. Does being a LightWorker mean we should accept everything exactly as it is, or can we still make changes?

It’s a false idea that we must passively accept things as they are if we cease to judge things.  Acceptance actually empowers us to change.  It gives us strength and the pull towards positive circumstances.  Acceptance shifts us from focusing on what we don’t want to appreciating and moving toward what we do want.

“Hatred of war will not bring peace.  Only love of peace will bring about those conditions.” ~Seth/JaneRoberts


5. What would love do here?

In any given situation that at first challenges you, ask yourself:  What would love do here?  Just ask and be still.  The answer is available in your Heart.


6.  “I like this website.  How can I help?”

The best thing you can do is to share this website around.  Put the link to our site on any blog or website possible, share articles on facebook, and participate and make comments under our articles.

Any link will work, but here is the best “technical way” to share:  <strong><a href=”http://www.lightworkersworld.com/”>Visit LightWorkers World Magazine: Resources to Create Positive Change and Self-empowerment</a></strong>

As you peruse our site, share your questions as well as your success stories and inspiring stories.  It helps us to know you have been helped!

You can also help by Making a Donation.  This is a lot of work and a labor of love to run this website!   Every bit helps us keep it going.


Want more inspiration to change your life?  Watch some of our favorite videos of people who completely changed their lives:

Here is a powerful short film about spiritual awakening and the changes people are experiencing:


And finally, a song by Tracy Chapman to fuel the spirit of change in our hearts:

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