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One of the foundations of most heath care systems is diagnosis. In the BodyTalk system we DO NOT diagnose because we comprehend past personal opinion and scientifically based, that the body does heal itself.

What is diagnosis? One way of describing it is putting a list together of symptoms. These symptoms are empirically based, meaning they are only the explanation of what is in our observable reality. Keep in mind that our human sight can only see about five percent of visible light (for now). With that being said, that is one hindrance to the traditional medical model’s approach of diagnosing: a limited perception.

The traditional model does tests like M.R.I.’s and blood tests, etc. When the list of those results are formed, the list is then ‘matched’ to a NAME, and that NAME is something that is learned according to the Cartesian tradition.

One can comprehend that the secret to traditional medicine in the western consciousness is to make sure the name of the symptom is LATIN, because people are impressed by that; hepatitis, gastritis, etc. These are NOT diagnosis. Labels are just words that are paying lip service to an empirical observation of the humans limited senses (again, in the context of seeing visually). Labels, are therefore abstract, because people are so individual, the symptoms NEVER match perfectly. These labels may give you a name, but it DOES NOT convey WHY the bodies natural healing abilities have been comprehended and WHAT the conglomeration of internal and external factors are at play; not only for the individual aspects, but the collective ones as well.

If a doctor is TELLING YOU (because that is what they do, most have an already expectational agenda that is deterministic and limited in perception) that you have stomach ulcers, that is not doing anything but telling you that you have stomach ulcers.

The traditional approach offers a few options: one is to put a band aid over the ‘check engine’ light (pharmaceuticals), and the other is to remove that part from the body (surgery). It’s interesting to note, that even when cancer patients have an organ removed that the cancer still exists. This is because the whole being of the individual has not been acknowledged along with the body’s amazing capacity to heal itself.

The traditional approach is to FIX it; “we’ll try this drug and if it works great, if not, we’ll try another.” Or, “we’ll try this herb or this homeopathic configuration or this acupuncture formula, and if it doesn’t work we’ll try another one.” The TRUTH IS the traditional Cartesian approach just TEMPORALLY SOOTHES SUPERFICIAL FACTORS. For LASTING results, in the case with stomach ulcers for example, if one is to go with the Cartesian model, you my get rid of it for a bit, but ultimately it comes back. In most cases people with stomach ulcers who get ‘treated’ by the western model, are TOLD (out of fear might I add) to stay on medication for the rest of their lives because that’s the ways it’s always been. Until now.

Within the BodyTalk model, we maintain an integrity and fully comprehend beyond personal opinions, that diagnosis is a incomplete approach that is AGENDA based, in that, it DIRECTLY COMPROMISES THE BODYMIND COMPLEX’S NATURAL HEALING SEQUENCE. If one is to truly implement fundamental changes that are beneficial, one must ASK WHY?

For example, why are those stomach ulcers there in the first place? What is their BACKGROUND OR ORIENTATION? What is their etiology( the study of causation, or origination)? With a stomach ulcer, for example, is that there are MANY FACTORS AND ASPECTS WITH IT. Stomach ulcers can be the result of poor diet, it may occur from the excess acid from excess hyperactivity from the vagus nerve which is directly interrelated to the e-motion (or energy movement) of worry; worrying about finances, your child, your work, etc.

THE REALITY IS ONE WILL NEVER HAVE ONE ISOLATED FACTOR BY ITSELF ALONE. In a holographic, synchronistic reality where everything is connected, this IS IMPOSSIBLE. These manifestations of something that forms into something observable to the eyes is a COMBINATION; part is worry, part is posture and the spine, part is environmental factors. It is not a BodyTalk practitioner’s priority to say what it is, because the body provides and has always provided the information, and sequence in to what requires to be addressed. How does one comprehend this? All one has to do is realize that the body is ALWAYS in ALL WAYS experiencing sensations and stimuli that the conscious mind may filter and not share with our first person awareness (the waking state of consciousness).

Until one comprehends that there are a multitude of interrelated interplays constantly fluctuating with and through, not only or physical bodies, as well as our mental, e-motional, spiritual, subtle, causal, environmental, cultural, social, etc. one is NOT truly addressing what those interrelationships are conveying. Until one addresses all those factors, one will NOT receive lasting or permanent results.

A complete traditional diagnosis is impossible by any person, it doesn’t matter how much you have studied or how long, or what school you went to. This is because the Bodymind comprehends a vaster spectrum than our waking minds do. If we really require ourselves to comprehend what is going on, we will communicate with the Bodymind’s wisdom and ASK IT RATHER THAN TELLING IT.

A Concept of Diagnosis by Nathan Navarrete

A Concept of Diagnosis by Nathan Navarrete

BodyTalk and Integral Health Care

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