The Hero Speaks

The Hero In You

The voice of your heart is the voice of the hero within you.
The hero who never submits and can never be beaten
And in your wildest dreams are you not the hero
The conqueror of evil and a defender of love
Always live up to your finest ideal of yourself.
Fight always for the survival of the love in your heart
And you will become the hero you know you are.
Today and tomorrow are ruptured dreams
Hanging from a cliff by a fingernail, the only way
To change your fate is to be the hero you know you are.
I am the hero. I will save the world
You can trust me. I speak honestly. I speak from my heart.
Listen to your heart; it’s your invisible government
It’s the government you can’t control; it’s the voice of the people.
It speaks the truth to everyone, from the baby to the criminal.
Welcome your invisible government; it’s the only one that’s real.
Welcome your invisible government, it believes in what you feel.
No one denies the need for change, outrage or revolution?
You know truth but your own; you are the one and only solution
I know that you are no one’s fool because everyone is a genius.
Don’t smile sweetly and play their games.
To betray yourself is serious; don’t do it.
Speak from your heart. Keep your integrity
Speak from your heart, to hell with conformity.
Authority is the enemy self-government is the rule.
The hero is the system. Follow the system.
There is the hero in your heart,
Your genius, your champion, your mentor
This is the voice you hear in your heart
The face you see in the mirror.
I am time and space removed, hidden in your perception
I am the one who invented God, your immaculate connection.
Let there be darkness. I have no fear.
I am the light burning bright and clear.
I’ve got the answers to put you right.
Cleanse your soul and restore your sight.
I am Alpha, Omega too; I am the hero in the heart of you.
Listen to the heart of you. Listen to your heart.
The hero is The Great Spirit
The continuous unified field of consciousness
That creates every thing and is everything eternally.
It is all things of matter synthesizing with all things of Idea
Because it is all and everything, It participates with no other thing
And therefore can do no wrong
Thus it may be called almighty and all good and named God.
Body has two elements called mass and energy
And it’s spontaneous inside-out equivalent called mind
Has two elements called conscious and unconscious
These four elements perfectly expressed in a human being
Is the hero who speaks through the voice of your own heart
Listen to the heart of you. Listen to your heart
I am the hero and so are you.
The voice in your heart speaks the truth.

The Hero In You ©
A Philosophical Machine
Registered W G A # 12946032009
All Copyrights © Christopher Judges
[email protected]
Published Los Angeles – 2009

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