We are living through a summer of pots boiling over.  It may feel as though personal and public spaces have become cauldrons of unrest.  In America, we witness this in overheated political rhetoric, violence on our streets, and turmoil in public institutions from local police departments to the Supreme Court.

This season of flaming pots may seem like a summer of fear – but only when we accept just the darkest and densest parts of the situation.   It’s not a call to arms, but a call to hearts.  When we unite our intuitive and cosmic vision with the emotional wisdom of the heart chakra, we find that we already have the answers.

On a personal level, some of my clients are confronting deep issues of shame and guilt, sexual repression, addictions that have reached critical mass, childhood rage, parental issues, fear of loneliness, and unresolved grief – to name but a few. I am being called to exercise radical forgiveness where no apology will ever come, revisiting old trauma at higher levels and trying to neutralize my anger at its reappearance.

It’s easy to get frustrated and forget how much progress was made.

All of this has been part and parcel of the ascension experience.  We become healthier and spiritually stronger, and part of the growth process is confrontation with challenges and obstacles to be processed.  When we raise our vibrations, growing in wisdom and compassion, we sometimes face the same problems again, to be remediated at higher levels than before.  It’s been likened to peeling away the layers of an onion – but it’s easy to get frustrated and forget how much progress was made.

The Aquarian Age is a time of global refinement when humanity as a whole is being asked to assimilate energetic and physical upgrades.  It’s intended as a time of greater unity and wholeness – but not everyone is ready to rise.  It is natural that those who have benefited from fear and division will make a powerful last stand.   It’s up to those who seek the Light to ensure that it is it, truly, a last stand.

We need to ask for final and complete processing of issues which define our times.

Some issues facing our human family need to be finally resolved:  Bigotry, violence, fear-based ideologies, discrimination in all forms, the demonizing of human sexuality, destructive labeling, unrealistic ideals of physical perfection.  Working layer by layer is no longer good enough, the deeper layers becoming fuel for darkness and stumbling blocks of separation.

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We need to ask for final and complete processing of issues which define our times.  The powerful Angelic beings watching over the Earth urge us to enlist their help towards this goal.  Archangel Ariel in particular has declared her alliance with all who are working to purge hate- or ignorance-based negativity from the planet.

We must hold a vision of our personal and collective shadows being pierced with Angelic light, completely vaporized.  See the paper-thin outer layers curling and blackening while the dense inner core is imploded in a solar-flare of golden fire.

Message from Archangel Ariel:  “There is a fire that purifies without destroying.  This is the light of higher understanding which all humans possess.  It is darkened by indoctrination into fear of one another and of your own human nature.  Fear is another word for domination.

“Natural forces may be seen as a panacea for many artificially created ills, and they are metaphors for right action.  Communing with the naked earth – places of grass and water, trees and wind – brings humans down to Earth.  It is a source of refreshment for body and soul, a returning to basics, a place to hear Divine voices directly without the intercession of manmade institutions or preprogrammed language and behavior.

“Sitting on a vast shore, primeval sands roughening your skin and the calls of unknown birds in your ears, you are reminded that you are a citizen of your planet, one among many with whom you have most things in common.  Caring for your one bodily home through environmental respect is unifying. 

“You are all together here on this world for reasons of vast significance.  It is a shared journey.  You are not isolated and alone in your body, family, neighborhood, or social class.  Humans are together, on one planet at one time, and the world’s problems are your collective problems.  The sun rises and sets on all parts of the globe.

“There is worth and wisdom in the hearts of creatures, human and non-human.  A dog can carry out a personal mission of sending more love into the world.  A human must do no less.  See the value of what has been made to live.  No one was created in vain.”


We share more than we remember – even the very air we breathe.

Everyone who is walking a spiritual path today is experiencing periods of overwhelming emotion, painful empathy with suffering, the reopening of old wounds, and in-your-face exposure to unpleasant things we’d carefully avoided.  We can do something about it – the microcosmic and macrocosmic anxiety, frustration, and sadness.

Spend time reconnecting to and caring for the Earth, simultaneously grounding and transmuting our density while drawing in the nourishment we need.  Archangel Ariel spreads the nature kingdom before us as an invitation to a global banquet table.  We are reminded that we share more than we remember – even the very air we breathe.

So as we seek to work peace, solve problems, exercise compassion, listen more and communicate better, we are not alone.  Join your light with that of millions of others.  Send love into the waters of seas, lakes, and rivers that eventually touch every spot on Earth.

Ask for Angelic help in creating lasting solutions to the greatest threats to harmony and abundant life.  Every great work of these days will be a work of togetherness – holistically within the individual and whole-istically between life forms on Earth.

Dr. Elizabeth EilerDr. Elizabeth Eiler is an Usui Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card Reader, published author, spiritual teacher, and metaphysical practitioner with Seven Stars Healing Arts, LLC. She is an Ordained Minister of Wisdom of the Heart Church. Visit her website: Seven Stars Healing Arts


coverHer latest book, Swift and Brave: Sacred Souls of Animals reveals the depth and missions of animals, how to live in right relationship with our planet and other creatures, and our sacred spiritual connections. This important book interweaves history and legend, science, metaphysics, animal communication, and channeling. (Amazon incorrectly lists “out of stock,” but publisher supplies books in 1-3 days when you order). View it here: Swift and Brave: Sacred Souls of Animals

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