Is there benefit in seeing the world through “rose-colored glasses?”

Recently, I have channeled and been guided to uncover healing information about pink in all its various shadings.  With greater use, this is a color that can bring healing to our everyday lives.  Working with shades of pink can encourage a restoration of playfulness to daily routines and provide emotional uplift.


Color Therapy Snapshot:  Our physical and subtle bodies are linked and interpenetrated by vibrational energy centers (the chakras).  Every cell and indeed every atom in our bodies has a vibrational rate and rhythm. (Some of our cells even contain liquid crystals).

Colors are light frequencies, as all colors are perceived when light is reflected.  The light frequencies seen as colors impact the vibrations of our bodies and can be used for healing.

Simple methods of color therapy include meditating upon a colored mandala, placing colored cards on the body (paint sample cards are a wonderful and free resource), placing a colored scarf over a vessel of water to charge it with energy, using colored crystals, eating certain colored foods, or wearing clothing of a desired color.  Color can also be channeled and directed by vibrational healers.


Pink-Violet:  This is a sensuous color, exemplified in sugilite and rare orchids.  Working with pink-violet enhances happiness, frivolity, and effervescent joy. There is the sense of one who, mature in years, is able to recollect the innocence of childhood and experience the wonder anew.  What a wonderful color for a play or craft room, reading nook, or garden.  It’s also a healthful color for perimenopausal and menopausal women.

FuchsiaNature gifts us with flowers such as fuchsia and frangipani (sometimes called plumeria).  Both are regarded as celestial flowers, fuchsia corresponding to the crown chakra and star-shaped frangipani hinting at magic and the future.

In the brilliant hue of pink tourmaline, we find a ray of hope that cuts like a laser through the leaden grey of figurative storm clouds.  Indeed, fuchsia is like a solar flare for the heart chakra, helping to relieve heavy feelings of despair or emotional exhaustion.  Ruby fuchsite contains this energy in the calming spiritual energies of the green fuchsite matrix and is a compassionate healing companion.

Riding a wave of brilliant pink light, Archangel Metatron penetrates deep into the emotional brain of the heart chakra, that sacred bridge between dense and light, physical and spiritual. Meditating on fuchsia brings a full, nourished feeling to the solar plexus, bolstering self-esteem.

Mulberry:  Mulberry lends earthy grounding to its emotional lift, a sense of passion with physical purpose and love of life.  This is a goddess color, representing the Sacred Feminine and the beauty of empowered womanhood.

Rose:  I have often experienced Archangel Jophiel enveloped in a clear rose-colored light.  Roses are also associated with Blessed Mother Mary.  There is a purity to this color which symbolizes the innocent joy at encountering beauty, maternal love, and the free expression of blossoming into our own unique creation.

Powder Pink:  Palest pink sends out a wave of feeling that is all about birth and rebirth.  This emotional awakening and beginning is stored in the first blush of a new dawn or the tender unfolding of early spring blooms that offer the barest rosy hue.  This is a color of femininity, youth, and innocence.  In crystals like rose quartz and pink calcite, the gentleness of pale pink is a reliable and tender healer for heartache, sadness, and emotional emptiness.

Pure Pink:  Bright pink indulges the human need for beauty, vivid washes of color that feed the spirit while delighting the eye – art for art’s sake.  Pure pink opens the door to childlike wonder and innocent appreciation of life, while bluer shades that range into purple evoke mystery, the search for hidden meanings, and the art of interpretation.Corundum-dtn14b

Cautions:  For people having mood swings, manic or uncontrollable bursts of energy, or obsession, pink can be overly energizing and heighten emotions even more.  In these cases, cooling green should be used to temper the warmth of pink.  Pink can also be used very effectively with white light.  If unsure which color to use, white is always beneficial.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Pay attention to your feelings about color.  We can learn intuitively what hues make us feel good, noticing what we sense in our bodies and see in our minds when we interact with them. We tend to be drawn towards colors whose properties we need.  Dislike for a color can also be important, sometimes signalling dysfunction in the chakra corresponding to that color.

Just as it’s important not to limit crystals to a single use, we shouldn’t set boundaries for colors.  We each experience colors somewhat differently, and colors can have strong memories attached to them that stir up particular feelings.  As you work with pink, be open to receiving and assimilating the vibration, creating your own personal meanings and messages.

Disclaimer:  Color healing is not a substitute for medical care but is a complementary modality. This article is not a “prescription” to treat ailments.  The author and publisher are not responsible for anyone’s decision to use color healing or for any outcomes.

Dr. Elizabeth EilerDr. Elizabeth Eiler is an Usui Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card Reader, published author, spiritual teacher, and metaphysical practitioner with Seven Stars Healing Arts. Visit her website: Seven Stars Healing Arts


coverHer latest book, Swift and Brave: Sacred Souls of Animals interweaves history and legend, science, metaphysics, animal communication, and channeling. This important book reveals the depth and missions of animals, how to live in right relationship with our planet and other creatures, and our sacred spiritual connections. View it here: Swift and Brave: Sacred Souls of Animals

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