The power of Angel Affirmations


angel affirmations

The difference between Angel affirmations and other positive affirmations, is that you affirm in the presence of an angel. In this case, we are connecting to the Archangels. The beauty is that you will strengthen your connection to the Angelic realm, work with the law of attraction AND measure the level of the truth in your statement in relation to the sacredness and authenticity of the Angelic energies. This gives you the opportunity to affirm your deepest wishes with the support of the unconditional love of the Archangels, and to feel how much truth there is in your statement.

Don’t try to convince yourself of that which you know is not true, but be honest and take action towards achieving your desired results. We cannot fool the law of attraction, which is why many people affirm and affirm for decades without a result. Please do not be discouraged. The key is to know that the words are not as important as how they are being expressed, energetically and emotionally. When you affirm with the Archangels, they hear your wish, your intention and your willingness to move towards your deepest wishes. And they will help you, so please be ready to receive their guidance. You are worth it.

It is ok to say ‘Archangel Raziel, I am truthful to my soul’ and realize that ‘Oh, I am not so truthful to my soul…’ The more you are open to grow, and the clearer your intention is to reach a certain “place” or “goal”, the more you open up to the help and the assistance of the Archangels. Listen in, and listen truthfully, to how the statements resonate within you. Archangel Raziel will help you to see if your habits and behaviors are hindering you to be, in this case, truthful to your soul. Archangel Raziel always, always comes from a place of love and will also help to you recognize the ways in which you are indeed truthful to your soul! Remember to give yourself credit for the amazing spiritual work you are doing. The Angelic realm is applauding you for your efforts.

Archangel Raziel loves to deliver messages through dreams, so it is helpful to keep a notebook and a pen on your bedside table. Angelic assistance comes in many forms… Trust your intuition, and remember to take time to sit in silence and to meditate, as the buzz of everyday life many times create distorting echoes in our minds, hearts and bodies.

How To Connect


angel affirmations


The more you are tuned in to your intuition / your higher self / your soul, the easier it is for you to connect to the Archangels. One way of knowing that you have connected is to feel that your vibration raises, you are elevated, it is like waking up a little bit, whilst being awake. Your vision might become clearer, you might feel that you are surrounded by loving peaceful supportive energies. But please remember that there are no right answers in the world of spirit. We are all unique and there is no right or wrong. A short article with some tips on how to connect to the Archangels can be found here.

There is no quick solution to establishing a strong connection to the Angelic realm. For most people the key is a regular and authentic spiritual practice – a sincere intention to evolve spiritually. We peel off, layer by layer… We embrace our light and our shadows. Angel affirmations can be a powerful tool in your spiritual practice, if you feel that it resonates with you. A higher resolution of the affirmations, a range of Angelic prayers and helpful articles can be found on Hope to see you there!

~ Elinrós


angel affirmations
angel affirmationsangel affirmations

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Article written by Elinrós Henriksdotter, founder of Magical Prayers. She is based in London and writes,
records and composes the prayers a bit here and there, depending on where she is in the world.
Elinrós is passionate about everything that elevates the spirit.

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angelic prayers


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