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        The Ancient Science of Prophecy

                     & The Soul Records


Often psychics have since Ancient Times inspired and enthralled individuals with their abilities to foresee the future or peer into the past of previous past lives for insights. This article will help us to delve even deeper into the sea of self discovery. Psychics often attune like a radio into what is called the Akashic Records. These records of the past, present and future or past lives exist on what is called the Causal plane a level of heaven that follows directly after the astral plane. These heavens although they have regions that are profoundly beautiful they exist with in heavens of duality and a mixture of matter and spirit and are in essence not the heavens where we can find true spiritual freedom. For this reason the Akashic records give us a view of the physical and astral world and therefore may give us a more limited view point when compared with the Soul records.


What is called by ancient sages The VARDAN Vidya or Soul Records on the other hand come from an entirely different level of heaven in the brilliant white universe and sound filled universe of Self Realization called the Soul plane.


Upon viewing my own past lives I have learned that one of the essential gifts of being shown past lives is not to see who or what we were or how successful we were in past lives but rather to get a greater sense of why we even exist or who we truly are as Soul and why we reincarnate in the first place.




Here is an interesting Video on the subject-  I Remember My Past Life – How To End Reincarnation



This peering into the records revealed to me that I am  not the different personalities of past lives or titles I had like peasant, king, artist, sage, and so forth. It also was revealed that we are also not our physical bodies nor the astral body that many mistake for Soul. Our true essence is that we are a radiant particle of God destined to return to God as a conscious coworker in levels of heaven few have heard of.

The Soul records contain past lives from all levels of heavens.  The reason the sages called Spiritual Travelers rely on the Soul records instead of Akashic records is because they can get more complete information of how to free Soul from bondage to the lower worlds (lower heavens).  Because the Akashic records and psychic readings are located in the astral or causal plane in the lower worlds they are not a reliable source for attaining spiritual freedom.

Learning out of body Tuza (Soul) Travel to visit heaven and see past lives is different the astral projection because Soul is our true divine essence.

From my experience we can attempt to travel through the heavens alone or with books but very often this method will likely not get us very far because there are many traps and illusions in the lower heavens and as from my view point it is nearly impossible to reach the heavens of Self Realization and God Realization with out a Spiritual Traveler an expert in all levels of heaven.


Many rely on Spirit Guides, Celebrity Authors and Teachers who are loving however as my husband Allenji has said, “The Teacher can only take us to the level of heaven that he himself can visit or is centered in.” And very often the vast majority of Spirit Guides and Teachers bring us to the astral plane or when the even more advanced often the mental plane but these heavens don’t free Soul.


If people truly desired Self Realization and the ability to really see more about their past lives they would balk at just how many incarnations one can have.  I have come across time and again some individual who express that spirituality is an interesting side hobby and I have come across others who decide that spirituality is worth more to them then any riches on Earth or the magic tricks of the lower heavens. Their desire is so strong that they are willing to sacrifice their opinions and time to find something greater.  We are often taught in society to value material success and the things of impermanence rather then take control of the spiritual destiny of our Soul.


I have learned from viewing countless past lives that life after life I lost house, family, bodies, worldly success, property again and again but in the end what mattered most is the freedom of my Soul.  It shocks me to no end when an individual in a state of apathy comes to the Spiritual Traveler and with only the mildest of interest as though he were looking at postage stamps sees little value in his spiritual freedom while another comes to work with the VARDAN Master and in spite of months of sometimes challenges of even learning out of body travel with sometimes no or little results for months or a year will with determination push through and finally make incredible spiritual breakthrough through experiencing the Soul plane and Self Realization changing his life forever.


In this culture which can be one of instant gratification idolatry and materialism becomes all the rage. But eventually when we learn to view enough past lives we realize what truly matters most

It is in essence like saying what are we willing to give up for God.


By- Sra Heather Giamboi
President of VARDANKAR

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