Play of Life

 By Rainbow Walker, Channeled by Matthew Douglas

We ever want to expand out to you today the beauty and utter peace of walking in life through the sight of love and looking at life with love. Looking at those around you, those who play roles in your life, in your journey out of love. They come into your life and go out of your life. They may bring frustration, laughter, happiness, and pain, etc. All of these emotions that flutter around and to what point? They play their role to the best of their ability and looking at the life that you are going through out of love, or better enable you to see the different roles or take a step back and get that loving perspective as it ushers you from one step to the next step on your journey. This is never about that moment of sadness. It is never about that moment of frustration. It is about the role that this plays in your life and how that role encourages a choice to move forward and evolve or stay where you are. This is ever so the loving message to aid you in your mission in this world. The vision of love, which you wish to expand in this world, starts with the vision of yourself.

Finding the love within, allowing you to expand that vision outward into the world through the sight of love, though it may at times only go so far, you want it to go further. Look further inside yourself to see further out into this world. By understanding that roles are to be played in this life, it allows you to look at them in a new perspective, to gain appreciation and be grateful that they are happening, that they happened, or that they have yet to happen. Be grateful for the lessons in life that allow you to take this wisdom as you move forward on your path. You can look out into this world and see the hatred, you can see the negativity, or you can see the love.

This is a personal choice, as it is a personal journey. The journey starts within to then go outward. You can’t make it very far in this world if you don’t make it very far within. People lovingly sometimes choose to journey outward without journeying inward. This causes confusion and being lost is only but for a short time, if you choose to change. We never judge you on your journey. We never judge you for the roads that you take. We encourage you to look with the sight of love. Take this vision and expand it outward into your life to reach the lives of others to change the perspective of the roles they play in your life and to change the perspective of the role you play in the lives of others. Affect this world with change by seeing it differently, seeing the love in this world is to expand the love in this world. Seeing the love within is the only way to bring it outward, into this world. You can never lose that love because it is never lost. It is only the finding it again, the realizing that it is there that is the lesson, that is the test, not even the test, but the journey.

Many journey outward into this world to find the happiness and understanding. They may find the victims, negativity, and the pain of what others inflict on them. But, there is also love out there to be found. There is the understanding of looking with love, to be gained. Looking back in your life and seeing the positive can also show you the meaning of why you experienced it.

Take the certain roles that introduce themselves into your life at this moment and look back on the roles that have been played in the past. Do not repeat the negativity, process to release the emotions, and see the love of what it has taught you as you move forward on your path. See the outcome in the future, from the love that is happening now through the perceived actions of others. Embrace the learning and knowledge gained by everyone that goes through it. The situations that you go through, not run from, but go through in your life will gain you the knowledge on how to move forward and how it got you there. So take peace in knowing that even though there is suffering in the world, a lot of the suffering begins with you.

Take peace in knowing that you can eradicate the suffering by opening up to the vision of love. Open your eyes outward by first opening your eyes inward. You cannot see the love in the world unless you first find the love within yourself. The illusion of love is looking externally for it when it is to be found within. As you play your role in your life and in the lives of others, know that you can be the best of yourself and you can play your role to the best of your ability because you are doing so out of love. The affect that you have on others’ lives and in your own is to be grateful for, because without you, they can’t play their role to the best of their ability. It is the play of life, the movie of your soul, playing out into this world from the projector of the source from which you came and to which you return.

Transition your roles in the moment, but do not judge yourself for changing them because you must go with how you feel. Play in the moment. Transition from this role, to that role, to this role, to that role, but always playing your role to the best of your ability with what you know. No judgment, no regret, only learning and seeing with love.


You are love, you are light, you are the power beyond and it is found within.

We Are Rainbow Walker.  Thank you.


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