owlfaceHow many things in your life are you not considering doing because you think that it would be too hard? Are you holding onto some habits that you don’t like? Or are you not starting new things because you feel it would be too hard to get into the habit of doing them. Well, what if change was easy? In this article, I’ll show you how to make massive changes in 3 easy steps.

In my life I have put off doing new fitness routines because I felt it would be too hard to integrate into my life. I have put off wearing nicer clothes even though I have them because I felt they wouldn’t be as comfortable and wouldn’t be able to get used to them. And there are tons more things that I’ve done in my past that I didn’t like that I’ve put off stopping because I felt it would’ve been too hard to release.

In the past, I’ve drank alcohol. I’ve smoked cigarettes. I’ve done lots of things that have not been beneficial to me that I refrained from quitting. I’ll stop tomorrow, I’ll stop next week…sound familiar? So how do you get around that huge mental block that tells us“change is hard.”

Our whole life is made up these little decisions of whether or not to do certain things, and if we’re not doing them because we feel it’s going to be hard, we’re stopping ourselves from moving toward the life that we really desire and are meant to live.

Think about that life for a second. If you could be the best version of yourself what would that would look? Who would that person be? Would you wear the same clothes? Would you be healthier? What would your diet be? What would your day be?

The answers to those questions are who you would become by releasing what is not you and adding the things that are you. This can bring up a mix of emotions.

I just answered all of those questions on my white board and some of it seems a little bit lofty. How am I going to do all that? How am I going to make space for all of that stuff? It can seem overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. Luckily, I have a process for change that makes it easy and I’m going to share that would you now.

Step 1- Get the Details

What you want to do is align with the version of you that you want to be. Get into a quiet state and close your eyes, put on some nice soft music, and ask yourself these questions: In my ideal, happiest state, who am I, and what do I have in my life? Get those images flowing.

Here are more questions: What does your day feel like? What emotions are you feeling on a daily basis? Ask yourself, what am I doing each day? What are my habits? What does my diet look? What does my fitness look? What are my habits? What’s my routine? What am I wearing? What does my hair look? What kind of products do I use?

You want a snapshot of that person’s day, what that person looks like, who that person is, and what they feel like. I want you to write all of that down.

Step 2 – Make Your Chart

You now have a strong connection with that version of you and what that person feels on a daily basis. Now I want you to get a big piece of poster board, and in the top left corner I want you to write those emotion words. What is that person feeling? Are they peaceful? Are they confident? Are they outgoing? You write those feeling words in the top left.

Along the side you’re going to write the habits down. If that person juices every day, you’re going to write “juices.” And if that person takes a walk every day, you’re going to write “take a walk,” and if they smile a lot, you’re going to write “smile a lot.” You want to make this list really comprehensive because you want to become this person, and this is the easy way to do it.makechart2

Along the top, you’re going to write the dates of one month or two months, so 30 days or 60 days. On the side where you have the habits,you are going to underline each habit, and you’re going to make a space for each date. This will form a grid. See the picture for an example.

Step 3 – Align and Act

Every single day I want you to look at this sheet. I want you hang it up in a spot where you can see. Your closet, bathroom, in your office, etc. I want you to check off how many of these things you do, and do as many of those action steps as you can each day.

Every single morning align with the feeling words. You want to get the feeling of the words in the upper left of your chart inside your body. Don’t start your day until you do that. It will lessen your resistance to these new tasks greatly.


And guess what? There is no guilt here if you don’t do your tasks for the day. That just doesn’t work for long lasting change. It may work in the short term, but does it feel good? No, it doesn’t feel good. Your change should feel good. It should feel wonderful.

So what if change was easy, what would you be doing? Let your imagination soar.

Here’s the video version:


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