Lens of SpiritPositive affirmations don’t work.  There I said it.   I’ve been wanting to say it for awhile now.   Actually scream from it from the top of my lungs every time I see another positive affirmation posted all over social media.

Don’t get me wrong.  They sound great and they look even better as most of them come wrapped up in a pretty package with a background picture of an amazing landscape vista or some really cute animals.  I’ve even been so moved by them that I have posted some of them myself.

With great intention it seems everyone has advice for what we should think and how we should feel.  It’s easy we’re told. Just think positive! The glass is half full. Be joyful! Be in love with your life. Release the anger.  And so on and so on.

We read them.  They sound good.  We may even read them a second time.  Some of them we will repeat over and over as affirmations.  If we are worried, or upset, or stuck in an emotional mess we will pull them out of our virtual toolbox and repeat them to ourselves.

“The glass is half full.  Be joyful!  Release the anger…”  we will remind ourselves.

But it doesn’t work.  It may help us to feel better for a short period of time and then we lapse back into our old behaviors and thought patterns.

Why don’t they work?  It’s simple.  We don’t believe them.  We don’t believe them because we are listening with our egoic mind, our human mind that knows and reminds us of all of our fears and all of our doubts.  We are looking from the part of ourselves that sees only our physical presence including our shortcomings and our faults.

We are not looking through the lens of our Spirit and seeing our true Selves.  Our true selves are magnificent!   Our truth is we are powerful spiritual beings.  Our Spirits are perfect.  Our Spirits are whole.  There is no lack.   There is no doubt.  There are no shortcomings.

We need to shift our perception of ourselves from the perspective of our human egoic mind to the perspective of our Divine selves.   Once we turn our attention inward we can see our magnificence, our truth.  Our world and the way we show up in it can then begin to change. 1392775_520691161353906_878815361_n

Positive affirmations can now work because we are not trying to convince ourselves of something we don’t believe, but are only reminding ourselves of what we already know.

Look through the lens of your Spirit and you will stand in your truth.  Honor your power and your magnificence.   You will see a different world!


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