“It’s not your circumstances that matter, it’s your state of being that matters.” – Bashar

Look on anyone’s vision board and you’ll probably find several people smiling. They may be on an exotic beach, jumping out of an airplane or simply tending a luscious, organic garden. The maker of this vision board carefully cut out these images in the hopes that identifying and aligning with these desires would bring these images to life. In the end, this person and most people who make vision boards, just want more happiness.

The key thing to ask as you realize that you want more happiness is, “what is stopping me from having it right now?”

Instead of asking that question most of us project our increases in happiness into the future. We can imagine scenarios that would seem to make it inevitable – hence the beach, garden and airplane jumping pictures. We think that being in certain situations will give us what we seek.

Unfortunately it doesn’t really work that way. Have you ever had a vacation where you weren’t happy all the time? I bet you have. Have you ever had high expectations of an event, person, or thing that didn’t pan out? Of course. Why then do we still think that happiness will come to us in the future and because of something outside of us?bigstock-beautiful-woman-sitting-on-a-p-47465599

What keeps us from feeling happy is that we think things should be different.

If you want more happiness in your life, it will require you to sacrifice your judgments of the present moment. When we want a bigger paycheck, less debt, more help around the house, a smaller commute, better friends, or anything different than it is right now, we’re giving power away and not really taking responsibility for our creations.

We’re telling the divine delivery people that they screwed up! We’re not graciously accepting their gifts, when chances are, they are delivering exactly what we wanted…just not in the package we were expecting.

We are creating our own unhappiness every time we judge something as bad or less than.

It sounds like a “duh” thing, but think back to that botched vacation. How differently would things have gone if you rolled with what came up and chose to see the opportunities that presented themselves when things started going wrong.

Here’s an example: You’re at a water park and it starts to rain. Your first thought is, “Oh No! This is terrible, I can’t believe I wasted all this money to travel to a warmer climate and now we can’t even enjoy it.” This is a very understandable thing, but there is opportunity here to see what could be even better than a water park.

You decide not to judge the situation and head to the hotel to ask the concierge what you can do in the rain. It turns out there is a stellar aquarium with amazing tropical fish and an interactive show where you can play with and touch some very cool marine life. You go there and you and the kids love it way more than the water park. If it hadn’t rained, you never would have gotten that experience.

If you’re still not seeing how magical this change in perspective is, or you don’t want to give up on your vision board dreams of tropical beaches – that’s ok! I’m not suggesting that you need to stop daydreaming and wishing for new experiences. I’m really just saying that if you can’t find happiness in your present life, you won’t find happiness in the future. Your happiness is created by you and nothing outside of you really has the power to change that unless you allow it to.

Allowing your present circumstances to be what they are without judgment also allows the space needed for things to change. You lock into place the things you don’t want by judging them. By being more fluid and open to what you have created, the things that are less than preferable can actually dissolve.

Loosen your grip on what is good and bad, and what you see will become much more pleasing to you.

So the next time you sit down to create a vision board, doodle in your journal or daydream of future happy times, ask yourself how you can increase your happiness now. You’ll magically transform your current situation into an easier and happier existence without the wait, and you will be letting those future circumstances come to you much sooner.

If you want to see this in action, watch this mini-movie called Delivery Impossible: A Tale of a Girl & Her Vision Board.

It’s pretty silly but visually explains the principles in this article. Enjoy!

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