lightworkers unite!

By Nadine Dassier

Yesterday, I worked with a beautiful lightworker in an impromptu healing session. No sooner than I approached him, it was clear that our focus for the day would be heart healing. This came as a surprise to him, because he and I had been working together for quite some time and he had made amazing progress healing  from a brutal divorce. He was now focused on building his career, and moving into his life’s mission. Yet, it was abundantly clear that heart healing was the key to his success. We underwent what you might call soul retrieval, bringing the pieces of his heart back into his energy field that had vacated due to various traumas.

Up until this point, he had been very open to making connections in the spirit realm with angels, masters and other light beings, yet he was quite closed down when it came to human connections. He particularly struggled with male relationships stemming from an unloving father and self absorbed brother. I was given an image of an elderly man that would mentor him and provide him with many resources . Spirit made it clear that it was now time for him to open himself to experiencing the divine through humans.  It is through these human connections that he would gain the tools that he needs to move into his life’s purpose. If he was willing to open his heart with the focus and intention of connecting to the light in others through the light within himself, (I call this the namaste connection), he would receive unimaginable blessings of abundance. Spirit speaks to us, and gives to us through others. This is how we become earth angels and/or encounter them. Through expansive heart centers.

To illustrate this fact, I had given him some examples, of unimaginable kindness. I know a healer who was gifted a mansion in Nevada so that he could focus on his work rather than his mortgage. I also recalled a woman with cancer who had all of her medicals bills paid by a neighbor she had befriended.  Unimaginable acts of kindness and generosity happen every day. As we open ourselves to others, we open the door to tremendous generosity. Through our open hearts, we not only invite these earth angels, but we become them.

This should be simple right? Yet, as spirit came through for this beautiful soul, I realized how much this message resonated with me. You see, I am an Aquarius. And while I can be very social at times (my husband says I have never met a stranger), I can also be somewhat of a recluse. While I have made great strides in the last several years, I know that I must continue to open myself to others on an even greater level. There are two underlying causes for my partial isolation. One, is that I am a poster child for the wildly unique, and somewhat eccentric Aquarians.  Growing up, I discovered my thoughts were a little too ‘out there’ for many people, and I grew tired of explaining myself. So, instead, I stuck with a tight knit group of outcasts, which seemed to suit me well at the time. The other reason, I know many of you will identify with. I am a sensitive, an empath,  and I got into the habit  of going within to avoid feeling other people’s pain and anxiety at a very young age. A shaman once told me,  ‘You need to open yourself more. When you are out and about you basically have tunnel vision. It’s as if you don’t even see others.’ It was clear at that point that I had built a great wall around me. And it needed to come down if I was going to participate in this world the way I felt  I was meant to.

As I opened myself to others, I received countless  blessings, and I even bestowed some onto others. These connections made my life richer and more meaningful than ever before.

If opening yourself to others seems a bit too risky, know that you are the creator of your reality. You are in charge, and if your attention, intention, and awareness is focused on making  ‘namaste’, or soul connections, this is what you will receive. Work with Archangel Michael and the Celtic goddess Bridget to keep you safe and protected as you open yourself to greater love and more profound connections.

As we open ourselves to others, we not only create a pathway for abundance, but  our psychic senses become stronger and our lives become more meaningful. Human connections fuel the soul.

Human connection is also the key to our collective evolution. We will change our world through these profound soul connections. It is with our open hearts that we will create a more humane and more loving society.

Happy New Year Everyone! Collectively, may we open our hearts and unleash the power of pure love upon our planet!

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