Thursday: Day of Jupiter

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Thursday November 28, 2013

Nine (9) is the number of the “Hermit” or the “Crone.”
It is a vibration of reflection, wisdom and transitions.
This is a day to assert your independence, be innovative, original, authentic, inventive, ambitious, decisive, and seek new beginnings.

Consider avoiding: arrogance, dominance of others, self-centered thinking, greed, and conflicts.

Staying with the days of the week theme, today is Thor’s day.
Many people are familiar with Thor due to the popularity of the Marvel Comics character in pop culture. But of course, the archetype mythology of Thor is much richer and more diverse than many may consider.

Thor is associated with all sky gods: Jupiter (Jove or Zeus), Xango, Viracocha, Ra-Herakty (Horus), Hepit (also known as Bellona), Iris, Uranus (Caelus), Hunab Ku, Kukulcan, Nut, Hathor and countless others. All sky gods have their own distinct origin, but if you look at many of them long enough, you will find some notable similarities.

Now we call the fifth day of the week Thursday, but if you look at the words Jueves, Jovedi, jeudi among the Latin based “Romance” languages, you can easily see the association to the Roman name for Jupiter, Jove.

In the philosophy of Astrology, Jupiter was classically associated with both the zodiac signs of Pisces and Sagittarius. So if you are a Pisces or a Sagittarius in Tropical Astrology, then Thursday is usually a feel good day.

The energy associated with this day is connected to the “pleasure-seeker” Jupiter. Always looking seeking truth through experience or expanding his horizons. But many people know that this lead to a countless amount of affairs that hint at the prudence that mankind must learn in order to stay balanced with its animal nature. Thursday is also considered a highly spiritual day that can inspire us to share the philosophy that we have learned through our experience. This is the transition from static knowledge into a perspective of limitless wisdom. Just be careful not to be dogmatic towards others. Consider being mindful of the varying levels of consciousness/awareness and try to support developing cultural literacy among the less aware without the politics of shaming.

This is considered a day of expansion of spirituality and consciousness that goes beyond the boundaries of what we are normally familiar with.

Presence yourself in compassion, generosity, inspiration, sensitivity, spiritual and intellectual objectivity.

Happy day of sovereignty.
Please consider taking a moment out of your day to consider the various cultural groups around the world that have been colonized. Instead of focusing on any shame, guilt or disgust, consider how to shift yourself towards a mindfulness that values diversity. Perhaps with this in mind we can focus more on the bridges that connect us to common ground, instead of the chasms that separate us.

One heart, one, love and one giant step towards unity consciousness.


The Myth of Ganymede and Jupiter:

What do you suppose you can learn from this myth?

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