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How do we define “abundance?”  Do we have abundance when we have enough?  Have more than enough?  Are wealthy? 

Is it when we feel content?  When we’re satisfied?  When we’re happy?  When we feel appreciated?  Do we differentiate between types of abundance:  Spiritual, monetary, friendships?  Are we specific in naming the abundance we want:  Money, children, love, talent?

Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude:

  • Physical reality is a reflection machine.  What you send out energetically is what returns to you. 
  • Continual worry about money creates more circumstances to worry about. 
  • Feeling grateful for what we have already received magnetizes us to receive even more.
  • The emotional energy of gratitude is essential for manifesting abundance in our lives.  Focus on what you already have and learn to desire and appreciate what is currently in your life.
  • Do not energize fears of scarcity by concentrating on them, imagining worst-case scenarios, and fueling negativity with anxiety and worry.  Shift the focus to even one thing you are grateful for – a friend, spouse, talent, health – and concentrate on that instead.


  • Do you create energetic road blocks that prevent abundance from coming into your life?  All of the following can create such barriers:
    • Feeling undeserving of happiness or unworthy to receive from others.
    • Being afraid of realizing our dreams for fear we “can’t handle success.”
    • Growing up in a belief system that money is scarce and it will always be hard to makes ends meet.
    • Seeing yourself as a perpetual victim, always lacking or on the losing end, beaten to the finish line by someone else, blaming others for your dissatisfaction.  Chakra note:  positive archetype of the root chakra is the nurturing mother; the negative archetype is the victim.  (Waters, 2010)

Manifesting Skills:

Our culture teaches that women are the givers of life, the nurturers, the ones who take care of everyone else, i.e. “God couldn’t be everywhere, so He invented mothers.”  We’re taught endlessly the virtues of giving – giving to charity, church, our families, friends in need, etc.  We have to re-learn how to receive.

  • We ask for abundance but have forgotten how to accept it – or even recognize it – when it arrives. 
    • When a friend offers to pay for lunch, do you insist on paying for it yourself?  “Thanks anyway, but you really don’t need to do that.” 
    • When someone pays you a compliment on your appearance, do you thank that person or turn the compliment aside and say something derogatory about yourself?  “I’ve worn this sweater a thousand times.”  “I’m the fattest I’ve ever been.”  “Oh thanks – but I know I don’t look very good.”
  •  Do you play the martyr, never asking or allowing others to help you with errands, housework, job tasks, instead enjoying how overworked and exhausted you are as if it was a virtue?  Chakra note:  Positive archetype of the sacral chakra is the empress/queen of the situation; the negative archetype is the martyr.  (Waters, 2010)

Make a concerted effort to notice what is being offered to you.  Practice receiving a compliment by saying, “Thank you” instead of insulting yourself.  If someone at work offers to help with a project, accept the offer graciously instead of struggling on your own.

We have to create new energetic pathways along which abundance flows into our lives.  We do this by consciously allowing ourselves to receive.  Once this flow is established and these pathways are created, more abundance can come to us.

Rewrite your etheric records.  Don’t be stuck in the pattern that was laid down in other lifetimes, childhood difficulties, or past associations.  Ask Archangel Michael to remove the records engraved with the old laws of your life and carry them away for transmutation.  Visualize new records descending into your field, beautiful slices of polished crystal or hand-painted parchments.  You can decide, right now, new tenets and patterns to live by where merit is rewarded and the Universe is plentiful.

Reject struggle and embrace joy.  Reject the idea that growth and learning can only come through struggle, deprivation, or great trials.  Be done with the struggling and turmoil that have shaped your personal life and our world to this point.  Adopt the concept that ascension, success, and development of all kinds can be accomplished with ease, grace, and an enjoyment of life.

We live in an abundant Universe. 

Always be open to receive and embrace

your share of the treasure.


Wauters, Ambika (2010).  The Complete Guide to Chakras.  Quarto Publishing, London, UK.


Elizabeth Eiler is an Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Ordained Minister of Wisdom of the Heart Church serving clients worldwide.  Her practice of Reiki weaves together Crystal and Angelic Reiki, the Akashic Records, sound healing, animal communication, and channeling Angels and Guides.  She founded the AbundantHealing TM method of expanded Reiki. Visit http://www.sevenstarshealing.com to learn about scheduling an appointment.  She is also the author of the book Other Nations:  A Lightworker’s Case Book for Healing, Spiritually Empowering, and Communing with the Animal Kingdom available at https://www.amazon.com/author/elizabetheiler.

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