By Laura Mayer

“I came into this lifetime wanting truth even if it killed me and it almost did.”

Trust is about living in your truth and is the key to personal transformation and wellness.  Someone once said to me, “There is no love without trust.”  He was right. Trust is a primal emotion depended on two things; how others relate to you and how you relate to yourself.

We learn what trust is through the process of bonding with our mother, and secondly, our father. This primary bonding is the precursor for all trust to follow throughout our lifetime. When there is a disruption or lack of bonding we develop abandonment and trust issues. This has been documented and highly recognized in the field of psychiatry and psychology. World-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Otto Kernberg addresses this in his work on Objects Relations Theory. Trust and bonding is critical to our welfare and psychological development.

First we learn to trust ‘other’ and then we learn to trust our self.  When we feel abandoned or ‘unloved’ in the first three years of life we struggle to develop this primary trust and it rears its ugly head in our relationships throughout our life.

In order to trust another, you must trust yourself. Trust is a belief system, which comes from honoring your core presence. When you can stand in that place you will be guided to others who resonate with you.

On a personal note, I had very little trust in my environment and myself for most of my life. I recognized as an adult that most of the people I associated with, my nuclear family included, where untrustworthy because they lived in fear of the truth.

To make matters more complicated, as a fourteen year old I was diagnosed with a progressive degenerative disease that would run havoc in my body, disempowering me as I witnesses the lose of muscle strength in my arms at the rate of one millimeter a month, leaving me crippled and disabled. I had no control over what was happening in my body and as my physical self became more paralyzed, I felt equally paralyzed in fear and worry.  I had no trust in anything.

tree of light
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After living in this place for forty years and after exhausting the medical field (post-eighteen surgeries) I decided to take life into my own hands by stepping out of the medical box and into the world of metaphysical and alternative healing and completely transcended my dis-ease which. What I realized through this process of healing was the origin of the dis-ease was not physical but from a very old heart wounding.

As I gradually learned to trust myself and who I was, I learned to trust others and found like-minded people who lived in their authenticity. I witnessed myself transforming as I began to trust my inner wisdom and guidance.

We learn to discern who is trustworthy and who isn’t as we become more in touch with our own authentic self and relinquish childhood traumas and dramas holding us in abeyance.

Transformation happens when we begin to open to a Universal consciousness. I knew I was being guided to a healthier life, a more enlivened existence. Because of this, I opened myself up to all possibilities and began to own the truth that I did deserved a life filled with joy and grace.

I completely trusted that would happen and it did.

When we are willing to live in a state of inner truth we open our self to the opportunity of seeing through clearer eyes.

Through eyes that see what is and not what has to be or should be.

When we hold the knowing that we are the truth, we begin to love ourselves and show up in grace and wisdom. The struggles drop to the way side because we have taken our power back.

Do you see through eyes of truth, honor and integrity?

Do you completely trust you have a right to a joyful existence?

Do you trust who YOU are completely?

“It is in the becoming whole within yourself that you may offer your greatest gifts to others.”—Gregg Braden



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