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 ”Nobody can save you but yourself and you’re worth saving.” – Charles Bukowski

When encountering life’s challenges it is often easy to fall into the victim stage of “why is this always happening to me?!”, “why are they doing this to me?!” and all the other why’s and negative words we may shower ourselves with rather then stand in our own strength and inner power and look at the situation to see what learning experiences are playing out in front of us.

I fell head first with a bang into the victim stage for years and I know how difficult it is to leave it, especially when they do not seem to give you a break and/or friends are missing to provide you support and love. Going through challenges on your own provides an even deeper learning curve for you have to then learn to connect stronger within but also learn that we are never alone for your highest guidance team are at your side all the time! But you need to ask, such is the human free will.

You need to want to save yourself and change. You need to love yourself enough to stand up and say “I am worth the Highest Good! I am loved and I deserve to be loved!”

If any excuses come up as you read that sentence then you need to ask yourself if you really want to save and/or change yourself or stay in the victim stage soaking up negativity like cotton?

At times it is easier not to fight, but stay covered under the burden. Then ask yourself, what are you worth? How do you value yourself? Do you love yourself enough to realise that you are worth the highest good?

How did I change pattern?

Hard work and bruises, but it is worth it! When I wanted to forever be buried under the weights I realised I actually truly love myself and life. I realised that what was around me were illusions and projections, that I was not weak or undeserving, but a strong, experienced soul with wisdom to walk through life loved and happy whatever my journey and with an abundance of assistance around me, if I loved myself enough to ask. I found the door to my inner core, my truth and heart and I work daily on discovering more of who I am.

Rather then giving into life’s challenges I challenge myself into doing things I used to be afraid of.

And it is worth it!

Ask Gabriel to dissolve your illusions and projections and assist you in seeing and feeling with clarity. Ask Michael to surround you with his cloak to shield and protect you.

Love yourself enough to change onto your true ways.

You are worth it!

And so it is.




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We all have a purpose and this is my road to journey. If what I communicate can assist you in finding your own way and what your truth is then I have succeeded in my mission. My passion is for all to find and become the truth within themselves. I have chosen a road of not so much marketing rather you will find your way to me, if it is meant to be. I spend much time working with the earth, elements, heaven and any other place needing transformation into the light. I use shamanic tools as much as magic and channeling. Most importantly, I truly love what I do. It is an honour.

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