positive attitudeIf you grew up in a typical home, it is almost certain your parents or siblings behaved and spoke in such a way as to instill some limiting beliefs in you. Maybe they were excellent parents with great intentions, but they probably still had unresolved fears or doubts that they inadvertently passed on to you.  Limiting family mottos get stuck in our minds and impact us, sometimes for years to come.  Here are some common examples and some examples from my own life: “Money does not grow on trees.”  “No rest for the wicked” “Relationships are about power struggles,” “Work sucks.”

These thoughts are like weeds that drain us emotionally.  Or sometimes they motivate us, but there is a high price to pay.  For example, a friend of mine says she has felt anxious and driven her entire life to succeed because her family motto was “Keep your nose to the grindstone.”

What negative family mottos floated around in your home?

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Paolinetti

It’s time to go beyond them.  It’s time to take control.  The energy for transformation is available now. The way to become free is not in the past, but rather in the breakdown of “who’s in charge.” You have to realize FULLY, in the depths of your heart, that your parents are not in charge anymore.

The way to realize this is by having a new experience. Let’s spark one now with the following exercise.

Breakthrough Exercise: Moving Beyond Old Family Mottos

Purpose of practice: To learn to ‘get some space’ from doubts and questions.
Expected results: Increased acceptance of mind chatter, deeper trust, experiential clarity.

Step one: Pick one outdated family motto to step out of.  Just pick one clear statement.
Step two:  Take a deep breath.  Ask yourself: Am I willing to go beyond this limiting idea?

You have to be honest with yourself!  Is your answer Yes, No, or somewhere in-between?  You are going to need a pretty strong Yes to go beyond it.  You need a deep “inner Yes” that comes from your heart.

If you are still at the ‘Maybe’ stage, I suggest taking a walk and just feeling that feeling.  Feel what it feels like to MAYBE be willing to go beyond this old stuck energy.

When you’re ready, when you have a true Yes, move on to step three.
Step three:  Visualize yourself in a setting related to your parents.  Perhaps it is your old home where you lived while growing up, or some other setting from a childhood memory.  Instead of “being your old self” in the visualization, the goal is to be totally in your Power NOW.  Be your full Adult self.

Step Four: Just breathe…  Let this be a meditation.  Feel your sense of Self.  Deepen into your power.  Let your heart expand BEYOND the old limiting motto.  Let the old thought form pass through you.  Build a powerful energy field.

It is as simple as that, if you stay with it. Stay with the practice until you feel your power and surrender the old idea. (Suggested time: 15 minutes)

Your parents are not in charge of you.


Suggested Intention/affirmation “I am free from my parent’s way of life. I am free now and forever more.”


“To notice the difference between what you FEEL and who you ARE is to begin to set yourself free from limiting self-definitions. We are not our feelings; we are the aware spaciousness through which feelings pass. We are not our thoughts; we are the aware spaciousness in which thoughts rise and fall.”  ♥~ Eileen Workman

When you feel stuck in life, MOVE your body. This will help.

When you feel overwhelmed in life, STILL your body. This will help.

You are free.

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