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As a living example of a Type A personality on a spiritual path, I feel compelled to achieve, be productive, and reach the pinnacle of whatever peak I’ve chosen to scale.  I’m always more prone to work than to relax.  My husband has a running joke about how I “read” a book, bringing it downstairs with me in the morning, and then never opening it as I move it from room to room, finding one chore after another to complete instead.

After quitting my day job in corporate America, I expanded my Reiki and animal communication practice, began teaching a series of workshops, and published a book about my experiences with animal spirituality and healing.  I loved finding creative solutions for clients, meeting with readers, and developing classes and healing events.  However, the stress of business promotion and the world of book marketing was threatening to replace the toxic corporate stress of my former job.  

I have a deep love of Source, a talented team of Angelic helpers, and a wise and powerful Spirit Guide at my side.  I have a wonderful husband and three loving dogs.  I receive Reiki, massage, and Reflexology.  I meditate, channel, and work on the energetic planes to process experiences and manifest the life that I want.  But I still hadn’t learned the “secret” to real inner peace.

Then one morning, while getting ready for a Reiki and crystal healing client, I checked Facebook and saw an innocuous post on a friend’s timeline.  It was a message I’d heard many times and glossed over – but at that moment it was suddenly illuminated:     


“What if you let go of every bit of control and every urge that you have, right down to the most infinitesimal urge to control anything, anywhere, including anything that may be happening with you at this moment?

“Imagine that you were able to completely and absolutely give up control on every level.

“If you were able to give up control absolutely, totally, and completely, then you would be a spiritually free being.”

 — Adyashanti {Emptiness Dancing}

Meeting with my client, I remembered the words during the session.  I felt encouraged to totally release to Source the treatment, the client, my channeling, and myself.  As the Reiki energy continued to flow, I had a vision of being more than connected to Source – I was truly One with Source.  A brilliant pillar of Light streamed down through my chakras and I felt fastened with a golden pin to all the realms of Spirit and Matter, Heaven and Earth.  The flood of peace was tremendous, both through me and into my client on the table beneath my hands.

Surrendering all to Source, I was in the Light, and I was the Light.  I saw other travelers in this glorious beam:  Energy forms of Light Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters, and even me and all the incarnate souls on Earth.  This Light is our home.  The homecoming of surrender, releasing control to the Source of all Love and Brilliance, is our natural and intended state as spiritual beings.

Surrender also provides the peace and freedom to listen – really listen with deep awareness.  This is different than merely hearing while the chattering mind constructs the next retort, forms judgments, or just tunes out.  This releasing in order to communicate from the depth of the heart is the lynchpin of telepathy, channeling, and even hearing answers to prayer.

Working with animals in my Reiki practice, I’ve learned that releasing control and surrendering the flow to the animal is the only way to connect with their thoughts and appreciate their feelings.  To be open to receive – whether it be Reiki energy from Source, or the frightened question from an animal – requires a state of peace, a place of higher consciousness where we know we are safe, capable, connected, and filled with love for ourselves and others.

Such surrender to the Divine in the Universe and within Self is an act of walking on a higher ground.  It’s a dance with the world where there is no choreography and all is spontaneous.  Our Angels, Guides, and Power Animals can assist us in reaching this joyous state of receptivity and fluid motion.  Crystals such as celestite, angelite, and selenite help us connect with higher wisdom and hear the messages of our spiritual and Angelic helpers.  Being well-grounded is also important, giving us a solid launch pad from which to make our spiritual flights.

Releasing control of the mundane opens our conduit to celestial knowledge and wholeness.  As Divine creatures, we are always co-creating our experiences.  Creating from stress and anxiety over the need to control what is outside ourselves causes us to manifest the very things we do not want.  Creating from freedom, peace, and the quiet confidence that we are part of God’s great unfolding brings us realization of bliss.

So be free, a child of God in your own domain.  Surrender to the Light and embrace the Light that is within you.  Experience spiritual emancipation.

☼          ☼          ☼          ☼          ☼

548001_496140183729920_56627136_nElizabeth S. Eiler, Ph.D., Reiki III is the author of Other Nations:  A Lightworker’s Case Book for Healing, Spiritually Empowering, and Communing with the Animal Kingdom, a book sharing  joy and sorrow, healing and transformation, and the rich spiritual lives of animals through their amazing true stories.  See inside the book, read reviews, watch video, and order your copy of Other Nations at

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