Living luminescent light

Spirit family

We are all on a journey together, walking side by side, sometimes hand in hand.

We support and guide each other, sometimes not in the best way needed, but in the only way  we see.
We meet people and walk with them for a while, weaving in and out of each other’s lives.


Sometimes we come upon friends who we wish to spend more time with because they illuminate our path.
Other times we find ourselves entangled with loved ones we can’t seem to understand or communicate with.
We fight and we get upset and we wish to part ways, yet that seems impossible.
 We are here, we are part of each other’s life, yet we can’t seem to be heard.
We become stuck in the situation and angry at it as well.
What to do when when we feel misunderstood?
Listen! And listen carefully.
 All souls come into each othspiritual onenesser’s life for a reason. To bring a message, to support, to show the way when we are lost. And the ones we most resist are the ones who come to show us the things we desperately fight to avoid.
Those are the souls in our journey that we need to cherish the most. For they have  taken  the greatest burden upon themselves to be here with us, knowing we will fight them.  
Notice the resistance we have towards certain people and what they have to say. Most often they are the ones closest to us- a  mother, a father, a sibling, a spouse. A connection that can’t be severed lightly. Because it is one of the important lessons we have come to learn. And the contract we have made with another soul will not be voided until we learn….. In this lifetime or another… It is up to us! 
When we notice resistance to someone in our life, look inside. The only person we are truly resisting is ourself.  The greater the resistance, the more we are avoiding to see.
Look deep and examine, listen hard and let it penetrate. What is it that we are failing to understand?
Maybe once we hear what we have been deaf for and see what we have made ourselves blind to we will be ready to part ways with the other soul. Or may be we will no longer wish to do so…
Until then, surrender all resistance, let the mind be quiet, so we  can hear; so we can learn, so we can find our way home.

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