What are the secrets of manifestation? It seems there is just one energy change after another this year and the current one is giving us the opportunity to examine what we want to let go of and to set new goals in our ways of thinking. What we think, we manifest, and this is true of both positive and negative outcomes.

spiritual onenessI channel from Spirit and occasionally I am pushed by them to write and put their thoughts into words they supply and this was one such occasion. When I switch my laptop on and type in a question I get answers. This was channelled a few weeks ago and, although the messages apply all the time, it seems the relevance of this message is particularly important now as we all try to manifest what we want for the future. The questionI typed is in red, the answers in blue.



I want you to write down this. Since the beginning of time there has been an unnerving presence in the minds of humans who believe they are at risk of fire and damnation at the very mention of the word “hell”. Let me assure you now that there is no such place in the physical sense, no fires, no damnation, no retribution for the deeds done in pure ignorance. Perhaps the greatest crime is ignorance itself. But even that does not carry the death penalty you seem to associate with it. If there was such a place it would be brimming with people who have all done wrong at some time in their lives.

It would seem that if a thought is put into your minds then it helps to have a physical image that you can cling on to in your hour of need and this image becomes the catalyst that ignite your fears into doing something that is not what you believe but helps to negate the fear. If there is such a place as hell then it exists only in the imagination. 

The mind is a powerful thing and it is capable of manifesting great images and physical creations just by the thought process alone. So, if there were to be a hell, then it would have been created by the thought patterns of a collected consensus. 

If hell exists then it exists in the mind of the creator and presents itself as guilt, mistrust, all the feelings connected with negativity. It is pergatory not to know what the truth is even when it stares you in the face. Not knowing is the evil that contains you in your shell afraid to venture out for fear of what you may find. Walk free from your shell and you will see and breathe new life emerge from what you were fearful of. Never let the fear of life stop you from living life. Once it has been lived you cannot go back and tell yourself that this time you will get it right because hindsight is a wonderful thing only when you have the benefit of it to change the future. In your cases the future will have a different meaning and you will not be able to use hindsight as it will not be useful in a different vibration.

Your time is now so live it now. It is no good saving your intentions for the future as the future may be completely different to what you thought it was going to be. Things change and you must change with it. If you do not change, your lives will be filled with regret and that, in itself , can be a description of hell, knowing what could have been but is now no longer possible.

I leave you with these thoughts and walk with you wherever you go.

The sun will rise on you all

God bless you all, you are all my children and I am you

Lord Creator

The message is fairly hard hitting but simple. What you devote your thoughts to will manifest. If your thoughts remain negative then you will manifest negative outcomes. Keep the thoughts positive and the outcome will be positive.

Let me add my own simple rules

If we can sparkle he may land tonight.
Set no limits to manifestation but keep it positive[email protected] / Foter / CC BY-NC


1/ Think positive thoughts

2/ Ignore negative thoughts

3/ Do not doubt the power of your thoughts

4/ Do not fear the power of your thoughts

5/ Remove all boundaries – if you keep your wishes within boundaries the outcome will only be as good as the boundaries will allow.

Put your mind to it, and to defy the old saying – Don’t be careful what you wish for just make sure it’s positive, the power is limitless!

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