What does God feel or look like in your understanding?

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mothergoddessBefore I continue I would like to ask you to please use your name for what God is for you. I say Mother Father God myself, but Creator, Source, All That Is, Allah etc in accordance to your own belief shall be substituted accordingly as you read through the writing below.

One morning I sat down with pen and paper and wrote down the question of what God felt or looked like in my understanding. It was not an easy process for me as it turned out to be the most difficult thing. I realised I did truly not know myself. I had forgotten myself.

I knew God existed and believed so wholeheartedly, but this day turned out to be the biggest AHA-moment and catapult I needed to take me onto the next level and all by answering the question of What does God feel or look like in my understanding?

What I realised as the day progressed was that my views of Mother Father were based on others, what I had been told in school, by society, in newspapers, movies, churches, by psychics and so on. They were not mine or truly based on my own experiences. And it mirrored the image I had of myself.

I personally did not feel I knew who Mother Father was at this point in the day and I’d felt stagnated in my spiritual development for some time, not being able to move forward. So this day, I started creating and building my own relationship to the Creator of all. For I learned that if you do not know the source, how can you know thyself truly?

I have daily conversations with Mother Father. I talk about everyday things. What have been happening, what I am planning, my worries and my joys. And my Mother Father listen.

He answers and he gives, and through my deepening relationship and connection with Mother Father God I have lifted myself onto another level of being, of connecting stronger and clearer with my light guidance team and the angelic realm and so on. I feel clarity, am more courageous and truer to myself. I now know who I am. If asked today who Mother Father God is I speak from my own experiences and truth out of my own connection to All That Is, and ultimately with myself.

When I initiated a relationship with Mother Father I discovered myself anew, not the one other’s had told me about, but the one I again opened the door for.

So sit down, write your question and start building your own experience and connection to All That Is, the Creator of us all and feel yourself truly in Oneness.

We are waiting.

And so it is.

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