11:11 Into the Flames (The Twin Flame Journey)

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twin flameSigns and synchronicities, both silent and profound
Wait to be noticed, shift you to higher ground


11:11 beckons, each time you turn around,
The path to Oneness, Higher Realms – by few it is found


Guidance whispers, in the puzzle pieces of life’s mystery
Sacred Geometry, or life force of the Fibonacci 
Answers are plenty for those with minds open, eyes to see


A journey to the depths of Self and Creation’s sacred goal, 
Bringing you face to face, with your Beloved Twin Soul


Alpha and Omega, Yin and Yang
Embodiment of Source, an Eternal love song they sang


Equal, opposite energies, two vibrational mates
Uniting in frequency, beyond Heaven’s Gates


yin yang

Finding each other, over strange circumstance
Unaware of meaning, but never by chance
Soul’s sense of it all, comes at first glance


In ignorance Twin Flames hide, when struck by magical force 
But, a sacred path illuminates, created by Source


Spiritually merged, holding a forgotten mission that stands tall
The greatest task of Times – unconditional love of Self – for One, for All


Moving through separation, a call to collapse Duality
To bring forth love, the one true Reality


The gift of Divine Love, might seem a tall tale
In abundance it waits, beyond Ego’s Veil


purpleheartLiving from the heart, the rise of Humanity they assist 
Sharing light and truth, when they surrender and cease resist


Engulfing the Spirit, in Divine True Love’s reign,
Life once lived, never to be the same


In the perfect mirror of self – all truth is seen
So surfaces fear, karma – of a thousand lifetimes been


Connection, separation, individual growth 
Only time can tell, when Awake are both


No turning back, and so the dance of souls begin
Running, chasing, loving through all – it’s the journey to Within


As the Journey unfolds, emotional triggers arise 
Building of walls, when intensity multiplies


They are guided still, through time and space 
On the wings of Angels, and their spiritual embrace


Synchronistic meetings bring bliss, chaos and harsh words spoken 
Necessary to learn, to grow, spiritual ties never broken


cosmicloversWords are no more, or so it often seems
Until the moon rises, drifting to dreams


A challenge so great, turn around you might try
But the Universe will remind you, when you feel your soul cry


So throw your soul into the fire
Killing the ego, revealing Spirit’s true desire


Diving into Self and depths of disparity
When confusion crumbles, comes the great clarity


Let the pain wash away, as the moon guides the tides 
Healing through feeling, beyond tears, is where treasure resides


twin flame loveSoul knows truth, despite subconscious on flames
Merely burning through fear and its powerful games


Awakening begins, as everything you knew stands on trial, 
Resurfacing emotion, remembrance, insurmountable denial


Equal and opposite, energies of tension
Balancing the whole, on the path to Ascension
The love ever expanding, across every dimension


Past lifetimes, here and now, insecurities brew
Calling all to let go, stepping into the brand new
The truth of truths, stands before you


Tainted by lessons, laced with young lust 
A false love that erodes, into life’s dust


But the love of twin souls – Divine and whole 
Waits silently to be remembered, what was created in the Cosmos


Divine soul mates

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