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Well we’ve got quite a week ahead and in fact things are going to be pretty happening cosmically speaking around here for some time.

“Liongate” Stargate: 7/26 through 8/12/13

So what exactly is a Stargate? It is a cosmic moment in which more celestial and spiritual energies are contacting the planet in a more continual stream than others. They are often accompanied by higher levels of Solar Flare & geo-magnetic activity than usual, but this is not always the case. The Akashic Wisdom Keepers have referred to Stargate periods as “Vibrational upgrades.”

In such periods, we can expect: greater spiritual visions, deeper meditation and lucid dreaming, heightened creativity, kundalini activation and energetic power surges. These periods can also increase shadow activity of resistance, ego “jockeying” and projection as well as these psychic energies are more easily accessed for release. It is a good practice to be consciously aware of one’s own “stuff” as much as possible and practice greater compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others; knowing that it truly is for our own healing and growth, even if we can’t see it in that particular moment. Please do keep in mind that in Stargate periods our own Spiritual Guidance teams and beings such as the Angelics and Ascended Masters are more easily accessed through our own heightened vibration and purified intention.

The Keepers on the “Lionsgate” Stargate: Dear ones, in this “Lionsgate” gateway, we see the light emerging as “light within light,” opening and expanding onto one another with great subtlety, yet also with tremendous power. There is a multidimensional aspect to these energies that will unfold in this type of healing capacity:

1) For those that are at a pivotal/crucial point in their own awareness and/or healing process, the Lionsgate energies may serve as a impetus for further transformation and healing.

2) For those who have been working their own path and process with commitment and focus, may see a new level of awareness, intuitive connection and also manifestation potential begin to emerge in greater clarity.

3) For those interested in holding space and light for the collective, anchoring light in this time period for the ONE will have a greater impact. For those who are inclined and able, holding loving, light space for even just 10 minutes a day will serve as a great blessing for all. You are dearly loved and appreciated. – The Keepers, 7.26.13

Grand Sextile or “Star of David” configuration: 7/29/13 (for US,) 7/30 for GMT and other global timezones 

Chart courtesy of Chiron Starr.

Chart courtesy of Chiron Starr.

As you can see in the beautiful chart posted here above, we have a rare and beautiful Grand Sextile or “Star of David” configuration happening on 7/29 for the US. The last time we experienced this configuration was in February of 1945 to signify the end of WWII. The Grand Sextile is considered one of the most positive and magical configurations that is possible. Though it will be with us for just a short while (less than 24 hours,) it is considered  highly significant, and filled with great potential.

The world is full of both ugliness and beauty, discord and harmony. Our “view” of it can be based on our karmic impressions and habits, but fortunately for us it can be changed through effort and conscious awareness. Sometimes it shifts completely and effortlessly through a small movement of mind that seems like it was no trouble at all. Both the Lionsgate and Grand Sextile configuration provide us with the opportunity to rise above the mundane and contact the realms of higher inspiration, awareness and beauty more easily.

Have a great week ahead friends. May we consciously utilize these blessings that are being given so generously for the benefit of all.

NOTE: The Moon aspects the first planet (Neptune) in the grand sextile at 6:45am PDT and aspects the last planet (Mars) at 7:09pm PDT on 7/29. This gives us approximately a 12 hour window of opportunity.


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