Are you an empath looking for everyday tools?

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imageAs an empath feeling foreign energies all around you every day can be exhausting if you do not know how to shield and protect yourself from them. I sometimes did not leave my flat for days. Travelling into town to meet friends or family, going shopping at the shopping centre or buying groceries at the local store was like wading through mud laden with tones of weight. Sitting next to someone on the bus or standing close within the confinement of peak hour traffic transportation was like standing in a tumble drier where the detergent was a mix of anger, frustration, irritation, sadness etc and none was mine.

Learning to cooperate with yourself and your light guidance team and fellow friends of the Light can and will greatly assist you. Creating a lasting connection with your light guidance team of helpers and guardian angel is the key to your spiritual development together with a connection with your Higher Self.

Before you do any spiritual work please ask your light guidance team to surround you with their energies and protect you.

To know your Higher Self better ask for it to flow its energy through you while you are resting/meditating. As you get more used to the connection start building a relationship by asking questions. If you are a writer or would like to work undisturbed by unwelcome influences ask your Higher Self to fill and surround you with its energies and shield you.

To deal with foreign energies, i.e. energies not yours, ask your light guidance team to please pull/take away all foreign energies from you fields, hidden and open, and bodies, hidden and open, on all planes, through all times, in all dimensions, from all sides, and through all generations.

Arch angel Michael is good for shielding and protection. Ask him to embrace you with his wings and shield and protect you with his blue energy. It is lovely to sleep in his energy.

If you feel the world is too much ask your Guardian angel to comfort and to surround you with their energy for you have been with your Guardian angel a long time and it is for me the fastest and quickest way to relaxation and comfort when tears are abound.

Always show how grateful you are for their time and assistance and say thank you or any other words of gratefulness you feel is appropriate for you. It strengthens the connection.

When asking for assistance believe and have faith in every word spoken, feel what you are asking for. It is through having faith in what you are asking and from those you ask it from that you will receive the utmost strength of assistance and energy.

Life is full of teachings and experiences in your way and if you are meant to experience something you will do so. Trust and have faith in your light guidance team for they know you better then you know yourself incarnated. They know your divine plan and love you unconditionally. They at all times have your highest good at heart.

Good luck out there!

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