How To Become A Beacon Of Consciousness?

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As a flower opens up, it expands into incredible beauty and spreads that beauty within the world, until it returns back to the earth as a seed to be reborn again.
Aster d'automne...!!!
Our lives work in much the same way. We are born; we grow, expand and learn until one day our physical bodies cease to exist and eventually dissolve into the evolutionary earth.

We have many moments within our lifetime to expand and blossom. These are the moments to cherish, enjoy, embrace and realize that new periods of expansion will always come around again, like the changes in our seasons.

Look at your life and where you are right now. If you feel things are not going so well, remember that this time will pass and the opportunity to move beyond this low point and into a new uplifting moment will soon arrive.

These low moments are gifts to increase our growth and expansion, to allow the seed of transformation within us to germinate. A time when we must be extra gentle and nurturing with ourselves, to avoid our body from developing an ailment, as a direct signal for us to rest and re-evaluate.

During this recovery assess any negative thought patterns and challenge them with a new positive mindset. Look at life from a new perspective and cherish the moments you have right now. Living in this very moment, utilizing all your senses fully in a synergistic way that allows you to fully connect with life and become present to the now.

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”  Lao Tzu

Usually when we are in a low vibrational mood, we tend to stay busy and try to disconnect from the negative feelings these moods often bring. Instead of avoiding these unwanted emotions see them as opportunities to become fully present, to reconnect to your divinity and expand your consciousness.

consciousnessEvery moment is precious whether we perceive them to be good or bad, they are all experiences of life. It is our judgments on each experience that negates our ability to see past the feeling and into the light of consciousness.  For example, if you decide to label a person as ‘wrong’ you are immediately placing a limitation on the individual.  Therefore you are less likely to notice any positive action, when your immediate attention is directed to the negative.  Hence the growth and learning from this social interaction is most likely to remain halted, until you open up your awareness to the present moment and allow for the possibility of change.  Once you let go of  judgements, you become fully present and aware of each moment and what this situation might be trying to teach you.   You can then release any disabling thought patterns or pain and move into a new state of mind and freedom.

“Only when your consciousness is totally focused on the moment you are in can you receive whatever gift, lesson, or delight that moment has to offer.” Barbara de Angelis

Life is a beautiful gift, when you begin to work with the natural laws of the universe, instead of against them. Remember, a flower expands, blossoms and then returns to the earth to seed again. Your life will also expand, blossom and return to the earth for another generation to explore. So create your best life, by dreaming big, living big and becoming a bright authentic beacon of light for the whole world to absorb.

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