By Jason Lincoln Jeffers

The first element in the law of heart-based manifestation is complete
and total presence. In mind-based manifestation, which creates from the
ego, presence does not enter into the equation because the Now always
dissolves the ego, and therefore the ego will do everything it can to evade
it by projecting your mind into the future or past. Mind-based creative
goals can be achieved but always comes with a price. Enter the law of
attraction: like attracts like. Subsequently, the ego can only attract to itself
other like egos. I observe this all the time. For example, if your goal is to
create a business for yourself and you manifest it from the egoic mind,
you may find that your competitors in the marketplace will perceive you
as a threat to their very survival. Why? Because when you assert your
ego—especially in the business world—you will automatically offend
other egos. This results in “competition wars” where underhanded and
devious shenanigans, copyright infringements, libeling, slandering, and
defamation incessantly repeat from one competitor to another, resulting
in costly lawsuits, not to mention sleepless nights and tons of unnecessary,
energy-depleting stress, which, over time, leads to disease and premature
death. And all for what? Money? Status? The Next Human will
always put inner peace before the desire for wealth or achievement.

To get to pure presence and begin the process of heart-based manifestation,
you must learn to transcend your ego and it’s shadow, the pain-body. Until you do, you won’t be able to manifest a bean from the heart. You will only continue to create from the brain, and therefore the results will always bring you some form
of suffering along with whatever you’ve created.

Imaging or imagining an idea is the second part of the equation. But
this cannot be forced. It can only come spontaneously to you when you
are calm, passive, and not lost in the mind. This is where meditation is
key. Heart-based, creative ideas can only come to you when you are present
and still. When you are able to achieve this peaceful place of non thought,
your heart will allow a creative idea to be received. After all,
how can you be open to receiving subtle, creative messages from the universe
when your mind is in static mode? This is where you’ll not only
envision your idea, but also where your idea ferments. Everything that
has been created in this world of form began with a single idea, a creative
thought. So from a place of deep-seated presence, imagine what you
want, and in as much detail as you can. As the saying goes: “God is in the
details.” I recommend recording your creative thoughts in a journal with
specific details of whatever it is you wish to achieve, and then let it go.
Oprah wrote in her journal over twenty years ago that she would own a
television network someday. And now she does: it’s called OWN. But the
universe cannot deliver to you until you place your order, and in detail.

The third element in the equation for heart-based manifestation is
belief. You have to believe in your idea. Belief is the most powerful creative
tool you have. Without it, no amount of thinking or feeling would be
able to manifest as a single form of creation. When you fail to fully believe
in what you’re attempting to create, you fail to create. It’s that simple.
The law of heart-based manifestation does not work from positive
thoughts or imaging alone. It can’t. This is where faith, trust, and surrender
are released from the heart, the source of unconditional love. This is
exercising the true power of the heart. Without belief, nothing, no thing
can be manifested.

High-frequency, heart-based emotions such as enthusiasm, excitement,
and passion for your idea are the fourth aspect of the equation.
Imaging combined with passion becomes very powerful indeed. When
you are enthusiastic about your idea, the collective mirror will, in turn,
be just as enthusiastic. This is because whatever the reflective universe
presents to you is always a mirror of your inner emotional state. Positive
or negative, the choice is yours. If you’re tepid about your idea, then your
chances of seeing it to fruition are nil.

Focused action is the fifth part of the equation. A laser-like focus on
what you want is crucial for manifestation. Don’t allow other people or
situations to distract you, dissuade you, or weigh you down. Keep a narrow
eye on your goals and pour all your energy into whatever it is you are
doing in the present moment. It’s also important to remember that you
cannot manifest from reactive energy. If you try, you will fail. For example,
if you’re desperately trying to create a new business because your
current one is failing, or because you’re afraid of being fired by your current
employer, or because the bank has threatened to foreclose on your
home, then you’re only pushing back on the universe and saying no to
what already is. This is reaction, not action. Not only will you be attempting
to create out of desperation, you’ll be reacting out of fear, and fear
can only manifest another like reality of fear. However, when you stop,
collect yourself, become still for a while, and surrender to the universe,
you will find that the so-called problems you were having will dissolve,
allowing for your anxieties to subside. Then, when it comes to you spontaneously
and intuitively to take action and manifest a new business for
your Self, a whole new vibratory energy emerges. This is when the heart
syncs with the universe and you’ll be good to go.

Now, since most current humans are completely unaware of the law
of attraction, they are manifesting their own reality with a mixed bag of
positive and negative emotions combined with frequent mind changes,
temper flare-ups, anxiety attacks, chats about their weekly dramas with
everyone they know—thus empowering them and making them
stronger—or, because they keep creating their own problems out of challenges,
they simply throw their arms up in the air and give up completely
on whatever it is they want to manifest. Once you decide on what you
want, don’t stop creating it just because you don’t see it manifest overnight
or within the timeframe that you’ve anticipated. This is another
reason why the current human so frequently fails to reach his goals. He
presumes that manifestation must occur according to his schedule. It’s as
if the ego says, “The universe must bring me what I want, how I want it,
and when I want it.” And so, because the universe takes its time—mostly
so it can make your dreams as solid as possible—the current human
runs out of patience, and consequently fails to reach his goals. He fails
because he stops being present, and starts buying into the illusion of failure.
Remember the age-old saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”
Next Humans have iron wills. They keep going, and are willing to do
whatever it takes to manifest their creative ideas into reality.

Remember, you only fail when you quit. As long as you keep getting up, in spite of
apparent “setbacks,” you’ll find that those setbacks were, in fact, necessary
for you. Therefore persistence is the sixth part of the equation and is
critical for you to see your manifestation through all the way to its intended
destination. If you give up on your heartfelt dreams, you may as
well give up on life itself.

The seventh and final part of the equation for heart-based manifestation
is gratitude. Being grateful for even the smallest things takes your
consciousness away from your mind and straight into your heart. It is the
creative Self ’s way of saying yes to what is. If you’re not grateful for everything
you have, no matter how inconsequential it may seem to you,
you will never manifest anything long lasting. If you do manage to manifest
something, it will most certainly be short-lived. Know that the universe
takes away from those who are ungrateful and gives to those who
are grateful. This is simply the law. When you learn to observe the law,
you’ll find that you’ll end up with more abundance than you ever
dreamed of. The reason for this is simple. The evolving universe is designed
by the Source to grow in accordance with selflessness from the
heart, not selfishness from the mind. In other words, it can only grow
from love. And so when you are grateful for everything you have—even if
you’re living in a shack and riding a bicycle to work—the universe can
only keep rewarding your heart’s desires. On the other hand, if you
become greedy, selfish, or ungrateful for what you have, the reflective
universe is going to mirror those feelings and take away what you have.

And if you start playing the victim by complaining about it or becoming
bitter or angry, then it will take away even more from you. And to the
unbiased universe, it won’t matter how important you think you are. It
doesn’t mind. It’s just doing its job. So, you know, be grateful.

Okay, so here’s the equation:

Presence + Imaging + Belief + Passion + Focus + Persistence + Gratitude
= Heart-Based Manifestation

Note again that when you’re able to begin the manifestation process
from a place of pure presence, you’ll find that your heart will open up
and become a portal to the divine Source. This instantly puts the universe
and all its angels on your side. But to get to presence, you have to
let go of your ego and its shadow. Living in the Now is critical for heart-based
manifestation. This is the ultimate surrender to the will of the living
universe and trusting in it to manifest your dreams for you. When
you learn to trust in your heart and connect it with the Source, you will
inevitably reach a higher state of consciousness where serendipity and
miracles come into your life, in a big way. Then, what you used to perceive
as “miraculous” becomes an everyday occurrence.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a spiritual teacher, life and wellness coach, author, mystical expressionist fine artist, evolutionary astrologer, philosopher, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and self-taught authority on metaphysics, transpersonal psychology, and alternative medicine.His mission is to help humanity awaken to its divinity, access its untouched free will and evolve into the Next Human.

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