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At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, which is absolutely individual and unique, and yet which connects us to everything else.
~  George Leonard

 There are different kinds of energy:

Where the Light Comes From by Leslie Nipps

Where the Light Comes From by Leslie Nipps

  • Energy that comes in the form of electro-magnetism: natural light and heat.
  • Energy that comes from chemical reactions, like those deep in our cells.
  • Energy that comes from living beings and systems.
  • Energy that comes from the earth.
  • Energy that comes from heaven.
  • Energy that comes from our higher selves.
  • Energy that comes from other dimensions and transcendent realities.

And one more: The energy that comes from our ancestors.

You might need a specialized energy healer to discern which energies you have and which you lack, but I’d like to make a bold claim:

Most of us are profoundly lacking in the energy we need from our ancestors.


  • Patterns of immigration and our mobile society disconnect us from our lands and lineages.
  • World wide colonialism destroys peoples’ connections with their ancestors.
  • Ethnic traumas break our connections with the past, filled with pain.
  • Personal traumas compel us to turn away from our families of origin, to find peace from some other source.
  • We are abandoned by our families, unable to connect with anything that might be strengthening to us.

I am like most middle class Americans, deeply implicated in our national history of colonialism, and with alienated parents profoundly detached from sustaining roots and family traditions. Indeed, “family” seemed like more of a toxic notion than a life-sustaining, energy-giving one.

Energy from the Heart by Leslie Nipps

Energy from the Heart by Leslie Nipps

But that energy is there, in our ancestral fields. Indeed, it is already sustaining us and giving us life. Without the genetic, biological contribution of each member of our families—parents, grandparents, great-grand parents, etc.—we would not be here. We have the gift of life from them, even if that gift was apparently given accidentally or even reluctantly. It was, somehow, given. And we are glad. We are glad you are here.

What difference does this end up making?

I had a client who was unable to have a child, because, we found out, she wanted to protect any new life from the violent history she had in her lineage. When she was able to honor and include all of her ancestors (and by this, I don’t mean approve—she didn’t approve of the past, she simply consented to these people being her ancestors), she could accept the life that flowed through them into her, and into any possible children. After that, she quickly became pregnant, and mother and daughter are thriving.

Another client was unable to find satisfying relationships. We discovered that her family had a history of violent, dangerous relationships, a history she did not want to inherit, but which she was inheriting, by unconsciously avoiding any possible repeat of it. I helped her to see the dignity of everyone who made the unfortunate choice they made in their relationships, and then asked for their blessing as she chose a different path. Quickly, her blocks to loving relationship cleared, and she was in a good, trusting relationship within months.

We need this energy. We cannot thrive without it. It is this ancestral energy flowing through us that gives us basic strength to reach for Life, and be fully alive.

Try this exercise:

Start out by thinking about a problem you have in your life, something that feels stuck, and maybe just a little as if it doesn’t fully belong to you. Then, notice its vibration. Bookmark that, and put it aside for the moment. Close your eyes, and imagine in front of you a big set of bleachers. Your parents are standing on the first level of the bleachers. Behind them are their parents on the next level. And behind them their parents, and on and on. Now, with curiosity, notice if any of those very many out there have the same vibration of the problem that you do. Notice your connection. Perhaps smile at them, and bow a bit with respect. You can say “I see you. I bow to the dignity of your fate. It is not mine. Please bless me as I choose another way.”

Then, notice some of the ancestors even further back, before the vibration of this problem entered the field of your ancestors. These ancestors do not have the problem; they know fully, and gratefully, what life is like without it. Connect with that one or those ones. And invite one of them to separate from the group for a moment, and come around behind you, to give you their support and strength. Enjoy this, accept this, and ask for their blessing of life.

Having done that, take a few breaths, feel your whole body, allow the image of your ancestors to disperse, and come back to here and now.

That is a simple way to get in touch with how we are entangled with some ancestors, and how we can receive strength from them. This energy is every bit as critical to us as the other kinds in the list at the beginning of this article.

It is, perhaps, the energy your life has been missing.


The Rev. Leslie Nipps is a Masters Family Constellations Practitioner who lives in Oakland, CA, and works with clients around the world. She offers free How to Connect with Your Ancestors phone consultations; if you feel like some aspect of your life is stuck, and you could use the flow of your ancestral strength, contact her at

Walking with Life by Leslie Nipps

Walking with Life by Leslie Nipps

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