the beach at lastThe lower three chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus) are called the “feminine chakras” because of their receptive, magnetic energy.  These energy centers are fully integrated into our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical experience.  They govern sexuality, personal identity, balancing of masculine and feminine energies, security and stability (in finances, relationships, career), self-esteem, self-worth, and personal will. 

The benefits of recharging and rebalancing these chakras are essential tools for women of the New Age.  These are the first three rungs on the energetic ladder that lift us up to achieve loftier goals while giving us a stable base on which to stand.

Brief Overview of the Feminine Chakras:

Root Chakra (Muladhara):  At the base of the spine, Muladhara points downward toward the earth.  Muladhara grounds us into our physical bodies, connecting us to the Earth and to our earthly incarnation.  Balanced:  Feelings of prosperity and abundance, confidence, trust, ability to share and to receive gracefully.  You stand on your own two feet.  The root chakra governs the body’s relationship to solid matter and healthy elimination.  Unbalanced:  Low back, knee, hip, and foot pain.  Unsteadiness on your feet.  Excessive financial worry, insecurity, hoarding, compulsive shopping.  Irritable bowel syndrome.

Sacral Chakra (Svadhistana):  At the sacrum (between the hip bones), Svadhistana governs sexuality, sensuality and the ability to enjoy earthly pleasures, procreation, emotions, relationships, and all types of creativity.  Connected to the element of water, this chakra affects our ability to move fluidly through life and adapt to change.  The sacral chakra also embodies our feelings of deservedness and self-worth to achieve balance in the acts of giving and taking.  Balanced:  We have healthy physical and emotional relationships, balance giving and receiving, and have a strong sense of self-worth.  We can be fluid and flexible yet set personal boundaries.  We feel creative and imaginative, able to see things in new ways.  Unbalanced:  Reproductive, kidney, and bladder problems, low back pain, writer’s block, and lack of creativity.  Sexual dysfunction, fear of emotional or physical intimacy, and emotional extremes can result from injury to the sacral chakra. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura):  Seated at the solar plexus, Manipura is translated as city of shining jewels and dwelling place of jewels.  It is the treasure chest where our sense of self resides, the personalized identity.  This is our power center – personal power, willpower, and the power to command our circumstances.  Balanced:  We take time for personal reflection and self-nurture, and we feel worthy to follow our dreams.  All new beginnings are fueled by the self-confidence that resides here.  We feel good about ourselves and don’t “sell ourselves short.”  We choose situations and relationships where we feel honored and respected.  We recognize and celebrate our freedom to choose and set boundaries.  Unbalanced:  Feeling weak-willed, uncertain of personal power, afraid of self-expression, or unworthy of pursuing new possibilities.  We allow others to dominate and stifle us.  Being a follower and imitating others seems safer and easier than cultivating the self.  Health problems can arise in the stomach, gall bladder, liver, pancreas, and the upper gastrointestinal tract generally.


The struggles in the “feminine chakras” seem to correspond perfectly with the “feminine weight gain” so many of us wrestle with around the thighs, buttocks, hips, belly, and abdomen.  So many women in my workshops have recognized themselves in this picture.  Can you relate?

I gained 40 pounds over the course of two particularly trying years at a toxic corporate job.  I was stressed out and didn’t sleep well, so my body worked overtime to make the “stress hormone” cortisol which adds weight around the midsection.  I dosed up on comfort food when I felt particularly vulnerable, and I was too physically and emotionally drained after work to do more than think about exercise.  Sometimes, I was so tired, I went to bed at 6:00 p.m. and stayed there for 12 hours or more. 

I felt used up, burned out, and overweight.  As a metaphysician, I knew that every symptom or condition in the physical body starts in the energetic bodies and only filters down into physicality if it’s not corrected energetically.  So how was my physical body trying to correct what had started as a manifestation of energetic dis-ease?

 Well, why does a “stress hormone” foster weight gain around the middle of the body?  Quite simply, the physical body is building a shield for the power center of the solar plexus chakra because this area feels vulnerable energetically.  This is the same reason why we cross our arms in front of our bodies or even hug ourselves when we’re being yelled at. 

Continued feelings of threat and attack uproot us, cause insecurity and uncertainty, and damage our self-esteem.  When the targets are the lower three chakras, this is where we add a protective layering of fat.  Our calorie-laden comfort foods that soothe momentarily on the tongue contribute, along with cortisol and physical inertia, to put up a wall of fat.  And we can’t tear down that wall as long as it’s serving us in some way.

My fat served me by keeping me in my comfort zone.  Working at a job where I felt unappreciated and even demeaned shook my confidence in my own abilities.  Being “too fat” became a ready excuse for why I couldn’t actively hunt for a better job, start my own business, or go back to school.  I bought lovely outfits in a size 8, lying to myself that I’d lose 35 or 40 pounds and then mystically be able to accomplish my dreams.  But with no clothes that fit me, obviously, those dreams were on hold.

Through meditation practice, Reiki experiences, and my studies at the University of Metaphysical Sciences, I developed inner core strength – despite the flabby outer core!  I did things, and I did them scared.  No excuses.  I finally had the courage to finish my education, quit my debilitating job in corporate America, spread my fledgling wings, and take the tremendous leap of devoting my life to metaphysics full-time. 

I did everything I ever wanted to do, and I did it all with a lot of extra poundage.   I formed a corporation, recruited new clients, and marketed my business.  Reiki took me into deep work with both humans and animals, and it was making a difference in the world.  I taught classes, led group meditations, and published a book about spiritual healing for animals – and neither I nor anyone else cared about my dress size!

Once I realized that the weight no longer served me, no longer kept me deceptively “safe” and limited behind a wall of familiar evils, I was able to begin letting it go.  I was sleeping better, had the time and energy to exercise, and was able to commit to a healthy vegetarian diet.  The dream of being slimmer was no longer attached to sweaty-palmed forays into the realms of the unknown.  I’d already done all that!  I’d circumnavigated the financial and emotional globe to claim and recreate my life for myself.  At last, I was finally free to live it while looking and feeling the way I really wanted! 

Losing weight and regaining health has been a gradual process without stressing or rushing.  Learning to honor my biorhythms and my body is an ongoing journey.  Feeling happy with myself and my life – while still carrying the extra pounds – was my key to getting started.


 Talk to your body.  Ask why you’re holding excess weight in particular places and what it would mean for your life if you shed those pounds.  What are the fears that keep you stuck in your energetic and physical rut?    

  • “If I feel better about my appearance, I won’t have any more excuses to stay in my comfort zone.”  This can involve relationships, careers, geography, school, etc.  Oftentimes, the comfort zone only seems comfortable because our self-esteem is so low.  Being poorly treated or stifled becomes familiar, accepted, and part of our daily wallpaper.
  •  “I can’t start a relationship, go back to school, or change careers because I’m too big.”  This protects you from the risk of failure, but it guarantees 100% that you won’t realize your dreams.  If you don’t get a date, you can blame your weight and avoid working on your social skills, personality, and ability to harmonize with others.  Deciding you’re simply too fat to finish your degree or start a business ensures that you’ll live out your life as though all your fears of inadequacy were true.
  • “I overeat because it’s the only source of physical pleasure I have.”  Food can’t replace hugging, relaxing enough to appreciate the beauty of nature, or treating yourself to healing aromatherapy, Reiki, or massage.  Do you feel cut off from beauty and pleasure?  Do you really need an infusion of music, adventure, and art rather than food?
  • “I eat because I’m lonely.  And I’m lonely because I’m too big to find someone, please my current partner, or feel good about my body.”  You have to end the vicious cycle.  When you’re lonely, reach out to friends, sign up for a workshop, volunteer at an animal shelter, or do whatever feels right to be with people.  Stop projecting your insecurities onto your partner, assuming that he or she shares your negative judgment.  What if you could suspend that judgment, and just be with your partner as a pure expression of your Higher Self?  The truth is that you’re lovely, no matter what the fear-based ego says. 

When you start letting your true radiance shine through, by pulling the plug on your self-limiting habits, it’s amazing how the outer body will begin to match the inner body – sometimes in ways that are best appreciated by the people who love us.  When he was dying, my father’s hands were covered with bruises and IV tubes, but they were the most beautiful I’d ever seen because of the love they imparted.  The memory of the last time he smiled at me warms my being from the inside out. 

Don’t wait for a number on the scale or a magic waist size to create those kinds of memories.  Be that kind of memorable, loving person for someone now.  It  doesn’t matter what the scale says on any given day!  Recognize your beauty and ability to sow the seeds of joy in life, and watch your garden bloom!


Elizabeth S. Eiler, Ph.D. is the author of Other Nations: A Lightworker’s Case Book for Healing, Spiritually Empowering, and Communing with the Animal Kingdom about the spiritual richness of animals and their transformative healing journeys. See inside the book at Please visit Dr. Eiler’s website at to learn about her work as an Usui, Crystal, and Angelic Reiki Master Practitioner for people and animals.

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