Manifestation sounds simple, right? Think good thoughts and good things happen… Even though this is a main component of attracting your dreams – the truth is there is more involved to manifest your desired reality in a potent way. Manifestation is intrinsically linked to your emotions. It is the same as making a wish.

But here is the key: Your positive thought (aka wish), can be seen as the intelligence that places your order to The Universe. But the emotion you feel while making this wish is the vehicle that drives your order into existence. If you make the wish out of desperation or fear and thinking of what you don’t want then your manifestation vehicle will be wonky and will probably never get to the destination.

Really pay attention to how you are feeling and what words you are saying. Manifestation is a conscious act you perform. So let’s practice how to powerfully manifest your reality. Although you do not necessarily need to write it down, the written word is very powerful. So please grab a pen and paper as opposed to typing.

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You Are Infinite Potential!

What do you wish to manifest?

First be very clear on what you want even down to the details. Does it have a specific color, smell or feel? A certain characteristic you can describe in detail? Leave nothing out – write as much as you can think of and make sure it is all powerful positive wording of what you DO want.

Once you have done this, imagine it fully and really sit with it. It is a good idea to re-write it again in present tense as though you are already living it. Once you have your present tense creation, condense it into a few sentences.  Choose a few words to sum up what you have written and create a descriptive paragraph. Write your power paragraph with lots of details that describe your manifestation in the present tense. Now you have the reality you are choosing to make real.

Look at the page and notice how you feel about it. What emotions come up? Any ‘negative’ emotions? If so, send them love and send them away. Imagine what it feels like to already be living your wish – how amazing is life right now!? Stir up powerful emotions until you have very real feelings of joy, satisfaction and gratitude. Now sprinkle in a bit of surprise and wonder that not only did it happen but that it worked out even better than you ever expected! This is your vehicle of emotion that will drive your wish into existence.

Always with the breath. All magic, all healing and all life starts and ends with the breath and the intention. As you drop into your center, feel love and joy. Feel the excitement of your future. As you think about your creation, allow the words from your lips (or in your head) to illicit passionate happy feelings from within your being.

Use your intention to send your energy into The Cosmos

Use your intention to send your energy into The Cosmos

Feel your heart expand. With every breath you drop deeper into your spell, with every word you become more passionate about the idea, more excited and whole. You deepen into yourself so much you feel this omnipresent state of calm. Give yourself time to bask in this feeling and get ready to send it out. Take another breath and on the exhale push your wish out into the world with a powerful burst of satisfied Love and Gratitude.

For me, I feel an invisible energy stream, which feels significant in my manifestation. So you can imagine this too if you like. As I begin to send the wish out, a pulsation of energy expands in my heart. I move it in a curving motion up my body. The intensity increases as it moves up exits out through my third eye, and the energy turns neatly back around in a full circle and re-enters my heart. In a smooth motion I add extra passionate juju to this energy stream and send it back up and out again into the universe, leaving me behind. I let it go.

Importantly, send it off with love. Let it go and don’t think about it for the rest of the day. There is no need to add to it because you gave it your all and it has already been sent. Just trust and know that the frequency of your wish has been heard. This way the powers that be can receive your order. I wish you so much love on your journey and leave you with a little reminder about the power of words…

When speaking of your manifestation to others remember we never ‘try’ and manifest. We either do or we don’t. Just because you haven’t seen it come back to you yet doesn’t mean it isn’t working. So when speaking of your wishes, instead of saying ‘I am trying to manifest…’ be clear and let the universe know that you mean it… Always proclaim “I AM manifesting…” With this manifestation recipe you now have what you truly need, to make good luck.

With Love and Light


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