Co-Creating with the Christ Consciousness in Your Daily Life

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These days have been filled with much transformative energy.  In the span of any seemingly normal day, the energy that is available to us, from the highest levels, can seem like a quiet drip or a fire hose!  The energy that is the Christ Consciousness is that which we are all striving for.

As our Highest Self consciously evolves, we are Co-Creating the Christ-like energy for the planet.  We are the divine link to the Christ Consciousness that is evolving the Earth.  As Above, So Below.

How wondrous and amazing this is and sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around the concept.  The actions you take, words you use and thoughts you think are all part of not only your conscious evolution but that of the planet and that of the universe.  That slow pinging of energy you feel daily, that’s your Highest Self  knocking on the door of your mind.  It’s the new and consistent vibration that is the REAL you.

Chakratopia Healing Arts

The you that you had been living through up until December 21, 2012 is gone.  The you that was driven by emotion and energetic connections to anything but the present moment is now transforming into the divine you that is able to exist at a higher vibration.  That vibration allows for us to assist in transforming the Earth and the Universe.

We are alive now to be conduits for change at the Source level.

This message is from Archangel Uriel, the Archangel that assists us in our shift of consciousness.   It seems as though I am receiving information in divine right timing at intervals so that each part builds on the last.

The first part of the message had to do with accepting yourself as a seeker of change, the second part was  lifting the anchors to activate our ascension.  And now, that process is happening at a swift rate and the next level to this message has been delivered to me .

Here is the message for today:

‘Only speak about yourself.  This is the key.  Always ask, “How can I be of service to this moment?”  When you start to speak of another person, situation or event, you give your 3 Dimensional self the power to filter what is not yours.  All that is yours is the moment you are in.  Your 3 Dimensional self is necessary to bring the Christ Consciousness to Earth and it should be used as a portal for love and light, not a portal for emotional reactivity.  

In moving towards love and light, we should not use our energies to drive thought and emotions towards the change of others but to look within,  to allow Spirit to work through us.  We are co-creating the bodies we possess as multidimensional beings capable of living in the infinite world.  This is new and unfamiliar to any humans and the transformation from emotional energies to Christ-like energy is within our reach on a day to day level.  Focusing on self transformation and release of all that is connected to anything other than the moment is key.’

Say this Affirmation to set your intention towards the highest vibration daily:  

 “In this moment, which is all I have and all that I need, I am a clear and perfect channel  for love and light.  Every other moment brought me to this one and for that I am full of Gratitude.   I am the Violet flame, one with Source.  All that I desire is of the highest order and my wish for the Highest Good for all is set in motion.  As I will it, so it is.”

Om Shanti,


Chakratopia Healing Arts


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