Your Health is in YOUR Hands

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Over the years, I have seen every kind of -ologist you can imagine. They all gave me a dis-ease according to their specialty. It was said I had everything from fibromyalgia to endometriosis. IBS, herniated disks and bone spurs, just to name a few. At the time, I had great health coverage, so you can imagine how many “tests” and “procedures” took place. I was given pills from A-Z. All to no avail. I picked up a nasty addiction to the pain meds, which alone could have killed me,  and went through years of this hell.

The western world of “medicine” is all about dis-ease. They tell me because my father has heart disease,  my mother had a brain hemmorhage, and two grandparents had cancer, I am more likely to have a heart attack, stroke, or cancer. Let’s look at this… If I believe this, I am setting myself up for 2 out of three of these to occur.

Based on what I’ve been told I have and what I’m likely to have, I should already be dead by now, or at least bed ridden. Today, I take no pills, see no doctors, and have no health coverage. I don’t own it! If I walk around saying I have… then guess what? I DO! Not me. I feel great! Perspective, diet, and lifestyle is the cure-all.

Medical docs have gone through the western world corporate education system, so most of them have no idea about herbal medicine. But they can tell you what kind of pills you need. Diseases don’t kill people, the drugs that are prescribed do, either from the side effects or an overdose. Cancer doesn’t kill people, chemotherapy does.


When we wake up to these facts, and begin to look at nature and herbs, we can totally prevent even a doctor visit. Our Creator gave us a cure for ALL, only to be found in nature. Pharmaceutical companies don’t make cures, they make MONEY! And people DIE.  For me, I’ll trust the resources Creator has given us and stick to natural, herbal remedies and cures. They are out there. You just have to research it. Do your homework.

Me personally, I take reishi daily. I drink coffee and tea infused with ganoderma. I also take the supplements. The properties of this “miracle herb” are healing to mind, body, and spirit. I haven’t  had a cold all winter. (see link below to order) I eat organically grown foods. We have a great organic section in our local market. I stay away from meat, especially pork and red. Exercise is great (although I’ll admit, I can be slack in that department.) Meditation works wonders for overall well-being. Spirit is a key component to over-all well being.


It’s really a balance between mind, body, and spirit. When you work at it holistically, you can achieve balance. You can feel great, look great, and radiate! I feel better than I have in years! And it’s all NATURAL!!


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Mitzi JordanLightWorkers World Author Mitzi Jordan (8 Posts)

I have come to know myself as peaceful, positive,and happy. It is my purpose to share this joy with others along their paths. I have had 3d "jobs". These only hindered my spirit, for I am a free one. After letting go of the fear I thought I had, I gave up the "paying job". Now I am free to express my creativity through writing and crocheting. It is a gift to be able to be of service to others. I am filled with gratitude for this amazing journey called "life". I LOVE you ALL dearly. Let your LIGHT shine!! ~<3~

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