Does ‘Let the Universe take care of you’ or ‘Let go and let God’ seem difficult to hear right now? Do you worry that surrendering your desires will cause them to never come to fruition? From your perspective, are you not doing enough to reach your goal if your body feels like relaxing? How do you truly surrender when letting go isn’t easy?

As dedicated light workers and family members, we spend our time constantly striving for the best. Especially when it comes to the things and people we are so dedicated to. We want what we know will give ourselves the best things and relationships that life can possibly give us. Just the thought of that motivates us to get right to it, this very minute. But after all the sowing is done, it’s time to let it grow!

El Reino de las Amapolas
Flowers don’t bloom overnight but it’s definitely worth the wait![email protected]®©ãǿ►ðȅtǭǹȁðǿr◄© / Nature Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

My lessons in manifesting first began with a tremendously wonderful family. My Father is an especially talented Executive Chef turned Coffee Shop owner. We’ve been raised on hard work for generations. My Grandfathers loved to think big and found ways to be extremely successful despite no formal education. The women in my family were witty, well aware of the miracles that prayer could bring and were the strength that all the males leaned on for support.

Like many of the stories that we read or hear about, I was raised to believe that putting in tons of effort and hard work alone allows us to get to the top. I am amazed by the things that hard work and ambition can bring as the members of my family have exemplified for me.

An aspect of manifestation that I had neglected to learn from these wise people was learning to let go. ‘Please, please, please….it needs to happen and it needs to be perfect’ I would plead.  For reasons both painful and personal, I had lost faith in the Universe. I feared that trusting it would lead to dangerous drawbacks in my well thought out plan. I ended up putting out different kinds of fearful or desperate energy continuously.

The emphasis on only hard work and often struggling to get to the top or achieve success is about as effective as ramming a door with your head to open it. It’s sometimes effective; it just really hurts your head. And what if the door happens to be made of steel? All it leads to then, is being exhausted.

It also pushes away everything and everyone you would love to manifest a healthy, wonderful connection with.

Surrendering is never giving up or being lazy.  Surrendering is when after putting all the passion and interest that you have in what you want (some may call it work or dedication), you relax and allow it to come to you with faith that either it will manifest or guidance will come through as to your next step in the right direction.

Receiving Guidance on the next step is extremely important even when our desires do manifest. Life is always in motion and Divine guidance always acts as a lighthouse throughout our journey.

As I started trying to apply it in my own life, I learned surrendering is not an easy thing to do. Especially when trying to stay in control. I was such a driven, Type A personality that it became difficult to undo my habit of trying to control my world completely. After all, what if the earth was really flat and the universe led me to fall off it?

The Earth seen from Apollo 17
If in case your Ego is like mine, the Earth is not flat and the Universe is very trustworthy.Harrison Schmitt / Water Photos / Public domain

A good indicator of refusal to surrender is feeling stuck or feeling like things aren’t going anywhere with both people and events. You might find that you feel less inclined to listen to advice and more inclined to focus the result that you really want to have.

We are in a period of time where vibrations are extremely high. Changes seem limitless and things seem to manifest at a much faster rate than before. In order to best handle these changes, it is necessary keep thoughts positive and change direction from struggling effort into effective effort.

Release your fears

“Well, you write down all your fears for 21 days…”

My dear friend and fellow Angel Therapy Practitioner, Annette Hafner was describing an assignment that the Angels helped her come up with to deal with fear. I understood that it was no coincidence that I was hearing about the assignment. It seemed harmless so I made up my mind to try writing down five of my fears a day in order to clear my system out a little.

I ended up writing out 40 in the first day. I chuckled as to how many things came up without me consciously realizing it. It gave me the tremendous ability to see my fears right in front of my face.

Try it out! Take out a post it note and see what you come up with. You’ll have released incredibly old energy in your system, thereby leaving you lots of place for good things to happen in your life.

You’re Moving Forward

“Spread Your Wings and Fly!….”

I flipped the Oracle card over and stared intently at the card. It told me to fly! I loved flying. I even enjoyed a thirty hour flight in coach because I was so close to the stars. I used to imagine that all the loved ones that had passed on were somehow closer to me while I was up in the sky. I daydreamed about flying with my own wings but I had constantly muttered that I felt trapped and extremely stuck.

Sure enough, the Universe had delivered on my thoughts daily.

I thought about it. Hmm, had I been saying that I felt trapped too much? I started to affirm that I was moving forward while praising the little things that I had grown in. I asked to receive prayers and light from close friends. This way I would give myself practice receiving. Within a day, wonderful things had manifested.

Milky Way / Via Láctea
Spread your wings and fly! Who wouldn’t want a close up view of that?Chaval Brasil / / CC BY-NC-ND

Deep breaths and grounding

I think I need more Cola…”

It was amazing how much cola I needed to get through the day. I started with the ample supply in the Dining Hall of my college dorm. By the time I was working, I needed 6 cans to get through the day. It created an endless cycle of anxiety and dependency. My skin had turned grey and my body was bloated, exhausted and yet, still restless.

Anxiety, nervousness or restlessness tend to show up when you find it hard to surrender. In many cases, it feels easier to dull or numb these feelings through heavier food and drinks. Unfortunately, it often turns into an endless dependency. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Spend a little time during the day imagining soft, cool Earth under your feet while allowing ten deep breaths. Try to picture roots growing out of your body going straight into the ground and anchoring you to the earth’s core. It makes a big difference in lowering the level of your anxiety.

If you are able to manage ten deep breaths, you are able to do plenty more. You can even picture your fears morphing into Kermit the Frog and have it wave goodbye to you. You will feel a lot lighter if you allow yourself to!


Kermit de Frog
Hi Fear! Not so scary anymore, are you? Extra Medium / / CC BY-NC-ND

What Do You Really Want (Essence)?

“Do I want a house or do I really want security?…”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in. I had been reading the book ‘Creating Money’ by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. In this book, it was mentioned that things manifest faster when you get to the root of why you want something and start to allow yourself to feel that essence. While I loved the thought of helping others with my talents, I realized that I also enjoyed the feeling of independence and self confidence that it gave me.

What is the true essence of what you want? Start to find it in your daily life. For example if you have tried to manifest a house, surrender by seeing what the essence of that manifestation will bring to you at the present moment. If perhaps, it happens to be security, think of all the times that you have felt secure in your present day routine so as to attract a house faster to you.

You Can Let Source/God/Universe Know!

“Dearest Spirit,

Why on earth am I stuck? I am so mad at you….”

While I truly comprehend the importance of sending out positive thoughts, we all have times when we feel frustrated and it’s okay. Spirit won’t be mad at you if you’re mad at him/her. It helps you release all that you’ve been holding in. Cry, shake your fist but don’t allow yourself to stay in the emotions. Let them release through you and then move on to the things that make you smile, even if it’s an old comedy.

outgoing Mar 11 08
Spirit, if you happen to get a lot of snail mail, I don’t mind emailing you….donovanbeeson / / CC BY-NC-SA

You Deserve It

“But will I get the job?”

My biggest concern out of college was to secure a job immediately. I wanted to prove that I was able to be independent without having to depend upon my Father. Unfortunately, I was met with prayers and statements that ended in “This or what is for your highest good.”

I feared those words. As I mentioned earlier, I had a set plan and my highest good was not about to get in the way.  My inability to surrender landed me options that kept me in the same desperate energy that I had put out to get it.

When surrendering, remember to allow yourself to deserve. Picture what you want easily washing up to shore so that you don’t need to keep swimming out in High Tide to get it. Allowing yourself to surrender not only brings you what you want (if it’s good for you) but also brings it through with ease. It creates better energy around the things or people that you have attracted and your interaction with them.

But My Desires Have Logical Reasons


You do realize I’d like to be happy, right?”

We all have our reasons as to why things may be extremely hard to surrender. It’s often the perfect person, the perfect job or the perfect place. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t desire it. However, our ego tells us that we may not receive what we desire or anything better. Sometimes, we couldn’t ever fathom the possibility of anything better than what we want.

Trust that you will be taken care of. Ask for proof where you find it safe to relieve control. Ask for proof that Spirit will get you to work on time. Ask for little surprises along the way, to build your faith.

Exercise..How Does That Help?

‘Hopefully they spot me only when I’m out of earshot so that I can giggle while I’m running…’

I stared in awe at the land before me. It had been five years since I last saw the ancestral property over in Velim, Goa. It had a field filled with Cashew, Banana, Mango, Coconut and Chickoo Trees. I looked out at all the land before me. I heard birds calling out to one another and watched butterflies flitting about. I had the urge to run the entire property just for fun. I looked over my shoulder and while everyone else had entered the house, happily ran around the property with the wind in my hair.

Your body knows to surrender much better than you think it does. It’s always giving you the best ideas if you can listen to it. If you feel like it, try it. Run just for the sake of being one with nature. Dance for the sake of smiling to yourself. Nothing raises your ability to surrender by being in your body and enjoying the present moment.

Girasoles acariciados por el viento .../ Sunflowers kissed the wind ... (Dedicada a mis 7500 visitantes/Dedicated to my 7500 visitors)
They had a hard time finding me when I skipped over to this field afterward….Claudio.Ar / Nature Photos / CC BY-NC-SA











Visualize and Manifest Before Sleeping

“Spirit, really though, what would you like me to do? You know if I could, I would….”

I find that when I’m extremely attached to a situation, it’s best to turn it over to the Spirit world before I go to bed. That way, it’s easier for me to hand the outcome over for an extended period of time. Take a look at what you want and picture the spirit world discussing the technicalities in your favor. They’ll take care of the how. Everything happens for your own good.

Then start to turn your visions over. You can write them out or picture them flying away on a leaf blowing in the wind. Then count the sheep and get goodnight’s sleep!


“Thanks…I did like that, actually…”

Paste a post it note on your mirror, saying ‘I’m thankful for…’ and try to spend the same time that you spend brushing your teeth thinking about the wonderful things that you’re grateful for in the morning or at night.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Photo of Actress Ellen DeGeneres Taken From an Advertisement for American Express in the Embarcadero BART Station
Side note: Remember to brush teeth while fully awake until you make a habit of your gratitude list. If not, try placing it on the fridge door!Thomas Hawk / / CC BY-NC

Fun leads to Guidance (And Make Sure You Listen!)

My best ideas come with re-runs of Ugly Betty”

After working myself up with imaginary and unrealistic expectations of myself, I decided to let it go for just for that moment. I felt as if I were running in circles. I settled down to watch re-runs of an old show called ‘Ugly Betty’.  I enjoyed watching a girl about my age do her best to prove herself worthy armed with her intelligence, family support and innocence. As I crunched on the peppered popcorn in front of me, a Spirit message in my mind arrived like a little letter in a mail drop box (cue: light bulb). I suddenly had the idea I wanted. Who said the boob tube can’t teach you things?

Have you realized that your best ideas come when you’re relaxed? Make it a point to have fun and watch a scroll worthy amount of guidance come through.

I receive my best ideas when I am relaxed enough to receive. Watching Ugly Betty is my way of unwinding.hto2008 / / CC BY-NC

Release Expectations

She looks like she’s 13…..What life experience does she have?”

Much like everyone else that is part of this world, I am also exposed to stereotypes and sometimes, painful judgments. A recent one has been that I seem too young to have life experience or to understand those that do.

Life experience is hard to measure in age. Some have seen things that have impacted them greatly while young. Others seem to have learned from the mentors in their lives at different ages as well. Talk to a 5 year old and discover the wisdom there. All of us are teachers, even animals. We gravitate most to the ones that aren’t wise looking but the most joyful!

That’s how I handle expectations, by learning about it and teaching others what I know.

But how do you handle expectations? Do you push against them? Do you lament that you must go through them? Don’t fight. Observe the lessons that you are being taught and confront these expectations by just saying hello to them. Acknowledge them and think nothing else of them but the lessons that they have taught you.

482 Hidden sunlight
Learn from expectations by observing and releasing. It was never a part of you in the first place!Nebojsa Mladjenovic / Flowers Photos / CC BY-NC-ND


Nowadays, I operate with a change of perspective. Rather than worry about losing control by surrendering, I  tell myself that I am allowing for better options instead. I am less fearful, and so solutions come to me quickly. Of course, there are days when I have a slightly harder time letting go. But because of this new awareness, I embrace my fear and wish it a happier journey elsewhere fast. I have turned into someone who is much more confident that I will be able to handle the journey I have before me, regardless of what turn it takes.

And I have full faith that you will always know what to do.

Feel free to share this article with friends and families! I always read all comments and messages that come my way. And I especially look forward to hearing about how surrendering has been working out for you.

This article is dedicated to my loving and awesome Father, Martin D’Souza who is always making the most wonderful things for his daughter to eat and cleverly guiding her when he isn’t patiently listening to everyone at his coffee shop. Here’s a bit about his journey:

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