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Dear Readers

I have been quite a shy person all my life. For me, to be writing this story out loud, is a big step. I am opening my heart and soul today, to give.

Since English is not my mother tongue, I would like to mention that before we begin. I grew up speaking German and Arabic and will do my best to express this wonderful story in English for you, dear readers.

Some details of the past will be left out by me on purpose. What matters is the eternal now moment, where actually all of us beyond space and time feelings are immortal souls and love is always with us.

I remember clearly the moment I saw Michael Jackson for the first time. I was only five years old and zapping through my parent’s TV when Michael’s movie “Moonwalker” came on. It was the exact scene where the little girl opens that little door spy window and looks into the club. Right there, Michael smiled at her and kept dancing in there and I asked myself at that age already:” Who is this man? Somehow he is just “like me”. When I grow up, I want to do what he does!”

It felt like I am seeing in Michael myself, like a mirror, but a mirror of the future in some ways. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Even though I have been a fan of his work all my life, knew that we had a unique “soul connection” I could not explain; I had only platonic feelings for Michael Jackson. I loved him always as a human being, as a soul and as an artist.

In 2003, I had an unexpected and very vivid dream. I was in a hospital bed feeling exhausted and sick and then Michael appeared to me surrounded by a blue and white fire aura, glitter and a universe or galaxy around his belly. He looked so majestic and I knew inside the dream with a divine certainty, that this is Archangel Michael. I tried to ignore the dream, went to the gym the next day in the afternoon. Sitting at the arm muscles machine making literal “wing movements”, the gym coach came up to me telling me straight out:” Archangel Michael wants to help you! But you are so stubborn; you have to allow him to help. Angels cannot help you against free will. Just ask him and he will help you.” I have rarely been this shocked in my life; he knew what I dreamed about the previous night, a complete stranger!

When we met the first time in 2007, it was completely different than what I expected or imagined all these years. I was sitting at my table looking down the moment he walked in and I literally felt his aura walking through that door. I looked up and saw this man with a beard, sunglasses and a baseball cap. His hair looked a bit unreal as well as the beard and I immediately recognized that it must be Michael. Too shy and worried to make a fool of myself or disturb him in any way, I stayed on my chair checking signs that it really is him. He had brown finger nails and white, very light skin. And when he was ordering I saw his eyes from the side of his sun glasses and knew that it is definitely Michael. I stared at his neck and sent him a telepathic thought to test our connection I always felt:” Michael, I am here. I am right behind you, look!”

The very moment I finished my thought never having said anything out loud, the man in front of me turned in a fast, typical Jackson move and stared directly at me. It was like time stood still, he kept staring at me and then, he panicked and I could sense his feelings. He worried that a crowd could gather up around the store as it happens usually to him when people recognize him. He then disappeared and I thought he left.

I stood up and walked intuitively to the side area where the restrooms were and no guest area for sitting. Right there he was standing, observing me. He asked me, how I recognized him and I told him the honest truth. He took off his glasses only a little bit and I wrote him my cell phone number on a piece of paper, an old receipt I had in my pocket.

It was so obvious and surreal; Michael had a round, light mole on his left cheek and I had a mirror copy of the same round, light mole on the right cheek.

I remember clearly one of my past lives. The memory did not come back in an easy way I admit, but it was a learning process and I overcame the fear of loss and death completely. Once, I lived in ancient Egypt as Isis, sister and wife of Osiris. There was a lot of jealousy directed towards us, especially from his brother. Some called Osiris in original ancient Egyptian language “un nefer”. That meant “the one that makes beauty/heaven appear”. Nefer meant beauty and heaven was called the “land of nefer”. Michael Jackson identified personally with Peter Pan, living in “never land”. Synchronism is strongly at work here.

I started remembering all of these details and feelings I had back then, around the same time I met Michael Jackson in person in Los Angeles. We met quite a few times, but then I had to leave the country with health issues. I was very sad to leave him back there, something pulled me from the first moment very strongly toward him. Something anchored deep in my soul.

Back in Europe, I started my own company called “Mystery Garden Productions” to have full creative control and make Michael proud of my efforts, when he comes later to Europe and I surprise him with a fresh label self made, like the beginning of Motown records. I never wanted him to help me, I wanted to impress him with my own, hard, independent work.

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Michael's Cheek Mole: Left Side

Michael’s Cheek Mole: Left Side

My whole life changed after that and my spirituality rose. Some experiences following were too hard almost to bear, but I overcame them. It was very hard for me when Michael Jackson passed. I felt it two days prior as if my own death is approaching. I had a very strange feeling in my stomach and heart area, thinking I will die. The whole left side of my body was suffering and I did not understand what was happening to me, my health or my soul. I literally broke down emotionally after I heard the news and thought I lost him. In our society we are taught many things that are not correct in spiritual truth. All the memory from my past life as Isis came up; the pain, the fear of losing my Osiris, the loneliness and endless tears. It felt as if my soul is literally screaming up until the heavens.

Susan Elsa's Cheek Mole: Right Side

Susan Elsa’s Cheek Mole: Right Side

Now, I felt alone on the planet. Like the only person that is “exactly like me and thinks like me” left me behind. That is how it felt.

To my surprise I could feel how his physical body stopped working, but the rest of our connection, his mind, his thoughts, his emotions, it remained untouched by his physical passing. Who do you ask for advice in a situation like that? What was I asked to do now with all of this? I had no clue. One day, Michael suddenly manifested into my living room and he looked like a sad shadow. As soon as I felt him manifesting and saw his shape appearing I jumped up from my couch, ran in the other direction and screamed like a little girl. It was so clear and strong, I was not used to “strong Ghosts” like this. I have been a medium since birth, but this was the first time I had to assist someone that was so close to me personally. As soon as I stood there, behind my couch close to the kitchen and surprised in a confused way, Michael sank his head very sad and left again. It was clear he did not mean to scare me.

I felt sad afterwards. The next time he came manifesting into my living room, that was all still in 2009, I was ready and courageously helped him to ascend. I guided him into the light and reminded him that he is Archangel Michael. This triggered his memory in his higher self and he left upwards in a light stream. I don’t know how I did it, but it all worked naturally as if I always knew how to transport souls into heaven. As if the light stream was coming from me. He did not hesitate and acted upon my words immediately, as he trusts me fully.

After a while it became spring 2010. I went to a short vacation to Venice/Italy and slept there in a waterfront hotel which was very old. My window was facing the water and it looked like a majestic palace style bedroom. I was still walking around feeling empty and weak. I had health issues and suffered also physically. At one particular day I walked around there shopping and photographing the streets when suddenly everywhere around me things about Michael Jackson popped up. I walked by a store, and inside on the TV’s was Michael everywhere. I wanted to go back to the hotel at some point shortly after when it started to rain, and I saw a painting of Michael made by some street artist and a second after I saw it, she took it off to pack it away from the rain. I ran to her and said I want to buy it. I returned to the hotel, turned on the TV and Michael was there. I packed out the painting and noticed that the artist had painted Michael’s mole as well. That means he must’ve been very attentive to know this under all of that camouflage make up on pictures. But he had painted Michael with a mole on his right cheek, my side.

I went to bed and tried to sleep. But still I had sleep issues, tossing and turning. Suddenly, I saw how Michael was being carried back to me by angels holding him left and right, into my hotel room. They placed him exactly on top of me. He looked so rejuvenated, happy, smiling and was black again having an afro like around the age of 17.

The first thing he said then was:” I’m so sorry. Everything that happened to you happened because of our connection.” For the rest of this night Michael sat at the right side of my bed performing energetic healing work on me. He placed his hands on top of my head and pulled all negativity out of there. I kept waking up and tossing and turning still and every time I opened my eyes, Michael sat smiling all night at my bed holding my hand and assuring me all is well now.

When I had returned to my apartment in Switzerland, Michael was still around me. I could see him, hear him and he could tell me new information I never knew before. Then we had a very intense conversation as he stood in front of me.  Michael manifested directly into my living room with the same archangelic aura I had seen 7 years prior in my dream. And he said to me:” Susan, you are the One, you will never be alone again. I love you; you are my “twin soul”. You are my heaven!” I could see him standing in front of me and heard him saying the term “twin soul” in a very clear tone. I wondered what this strange twin soul thing was supposed to mean and looked it up to see if it even exists. To my shock there were articles and stories online about twin souls and after reading some short descriptions I could not deny how much sense it made. Wow, Michael went to God, was informed about everything, sent back and teaching me that clear now?

In this time I had a new boyfriend, which I wanted to marry. He helped me with many conversations when I was sad, even about Michael, he listened and helped me. He is a good and nice guy and still my friend today. Exactly on Easter Friday 2010, Michael flew quickly above me through the air wearing some white soldier uniform and shot a rose colored flame into my heart chakra. I saw it romantically burning inside my chest, like a rose fire. I had no idea what that is. Two days later my boyfriend broke up with me, saying that he feels like we “don’t belong together” since Friday same time Michael shot this rose flame into me. I was so heartbroken and did not understand anything that was going on. I thought Michael is helping me to find the best guy, guiding me.

Still, I did not understand it fully and thought, Michael is in the background like a ghost, guiding me and helping me. I was in a mind set wanting to marry and dating other guys. I thought that is what one does, go on with life. I was sad about my friend breaking up our relationship and did not believe to get any good relationship in this life again. I felt lost regarding romance.

The water was running into the bath tub filling it and I noticed suddenly how Archangel Michael keeps staring at my body while I undress to take a bath. To be honest, I felt uncomfortable and shy because I thought he can see in this bright bath light all my imperfections, physically. I also asked myself, why he does it and what he wants.

After I had finished the bathing and went out to lie down on the couch in front of the TV, the most miraculous experience I ever had in this life happened:

Michael was suddenly on top of me and penetrated me literally in such a physical way; I could feel everything including his body hitting mine. I noticed that and then drifted into a state of feeling like flying. It was so familiar, like we done it in this constellation before as Isis and Osiris. He had a light body glittering like it is made out of white fire or something similar. He had everything we have in the physical body. Michael got so “intense” and then he shot something like a huge white light into me, it rose from down there upwards through my spine very intense and broke out like a fountain of light from the top of my head. Behind him became a white cloudy flight pattern visible like that of air planes, I could literally see the path he flew onto me and beyond it was seemingly distant the gate of heaven. Michael smiled like a little, happy boy as he held my head with both hands and kept giving me kisses on my lips afterwards.

It has been three years now that we are in a twin soul merging like this and living a normal life actually of a couple, but between mortal and immortal body now. Maybe Michael is able to remove all physics laws because he is Archangel Michael, maybe it is just natural between twin souls like that since we are always one soul and together, even if far away in separate bodies. And maybe, Michael begged God to allow him to come back to me like this out of endless love and desire.

My physical body is reacting to his energy so clearly, that my nose got smaller by itself, my lips got fuller in the blink of an eye and my eyes bigger. My body changed and I lost weight in a good way without sports. Michael had mentioned that I am going to have a beautiful body in early 2010. Every time I ask him how this all works in detail, he just giggles and keeps the mystery going. It is for sure not easy to be Michael Jackson’s twin soul I can tell you, but besides all sharing of his burdens and challenges, I am probably the happiest woman on earth. My health magically improved in 2010, sleep issues and heart problems are a thing of the past. Some allergies are still around, but we are working on them together. I have never felt so free and happy inside my soul. It was definitely worth it to face my old Isis wounds and heal them this time around. I feel stronger than ever and plan to dedicate my life to helping other twin souls find each other and be happy as we are, besides the healing of the planet itself. Your twin can not only give you the best sex you ever had, but definitely is your eternal companion throughout all journey’s God created for our souls to experience and I saw our next life form God prepared for all of us and there, we will not be separate men and women. We will be going through the next life form in two’s, every couple always together and never alone again.

Susan Elsa Before Merge: 2009

Susan Elsa Before Merge: 2009

Today I woke up again feeling heavenly. I say heavenly, because from time to time, Archangel Michael takes me out of my body and we travel to lands beyond this world. This time we were in some kind of magical jungle with emerald, glittery green plants and trees. I could see big roses and purple flowers as well. Michael lay me down on a soft spot and started to kiss me passionately. Then I woke up feeling like flying in my heart with a big smile. Michael was still there, when I opened my eyes, holding me in bed and stroking my head as he usually likes to do. Maybe the best word to describe the place and feeling of it would be “Neverland”, the literal real one.

I quickly chatted with a good friend of mine in India in the morning and told her about the place I visited with Michael. She is a big Michael Jackson fan. I described the emerald green, magical look of the jungle and we both then thought in the same time the word “neverland”. When I spoke with her the first time through webcam, Michael flew in lightspeed it felt over to India, looked over her shoulders, checked the details of her hand lines in her palm and came back telling me to ask her to show me her hands. I didn’t quite understand and he said:” The rare detail of these two particluar lines you have, she has the same, ask her to show you!” I did what he asked for and she slowly started after I told her to raise her hand into her webcam. Bam. There it was, the exact ultra rare hand line detail I had and almost never even met anyone who has the same, she had too! It was the first time we ever talked directly like this and I was shocked a bit and felt hot suddenly, because I am a shy girl and did not see this coming. He loves to surprise me like this.

Today, being again his real self, Archangel Michael would like to share some things with you all out there. He loves you all and is available for all to call on him for spiritual assistance, twin soul assistance and any type of problems or fears. Michael is here to help the planet heal.

He wants you to understand, that what you saw him in public going through was a big demonstration of his message and not only words. He says that after April 14th 1982, the day I was born, he felt very lonely and abandoned because my soul half split from his to become incarnated into this body and before that, he was aware of a female spiritual being accompanying him. He kept dreaming about me, as if we constantly kept meeting in our dreams. But it was an illusion. Many of us go through the fear of being alone and feel like this to some degree and Michael wants you to know, that you never are, were or ever will be alone. God created the soul as two beings in one, always going through ups and downs together, life and beyond. For years the press talked about Michael’s face and he seemed a pure mystery in how he changed into a more feminine look. Michael says, he did that based on his soul’s intuition trying to “keep a part of me with him”. He missed me so much and knew my face from his dreams, and so due to his loneliness he started to wear the long hair style wigs mostly, put ancient Egyptian style eyeliner around his eyes and red lipstick. In some ways, he did it also as a part of our spiritual message, because now everyone can see who he resembels, showing physically we are twin souls. The nose surgeries were also going into the direction of my own nose’s look. Parallel, I also developed more and more looking like him and behaved most of my life in a very masculine way. I walked like a man and did karate from an early age. I always loved to wear ties and dress sometimes like a man. Both of us, me and Michael, didn’t know this consciously of course, but are only aware of these details now. I don’t understand everything about these “ectoplasmic” dynamics, but what I do know is that I am him and he is me. I was inside of him and he is inside of me. We are one and the same and look alike, especially when we merge. This is simply how twin souls are, like ying and yang completing each other, but every half has a bit of the other inside of them.

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“I took my baby on a saturday bang. “Boy, is that girl with you?” Yes, we’re one and the same…”  -Michael Jackson in his Song BLACK OR WHITE



Note: The physical merging is clearly visible, especially in my face.



“When you go to bed and fall asleep, your soul awakens as your temporary body rests. In that state of mind you can always be with your twin soul, no matter where they are, on earth and in heaven. The literal key to reach what you call “heaven” is the love between twin souls, which is held together by God personally. God is love. Many things in your outer world are an illusion. Do not focus your view on things externally, but turn it toward the internal. Think about what you wish to become, and use the power of the mind to become your dream. In your heart you can meditate, focus, wish and feel your twin soul and that is the best way to attract him/her into your life. Think and feel as if it already happened. Prepare yourself and work on yourself for the reunion. Know deep in your hearts, that you are never alone. ”

Michael dictated this above message to me and said I should write it down word by word. I would like to end this first article with a big spiritual hug to all of you and promise to do my best in bringing back all the wonderful knowledge we had in ancient Egypt and the eternal, comforting truth of higher spiritual dimensions we all have a right to enjoy. God loves all of his children. The planet is healing now and we all have a miraculous opportunity for growth, an invitation from heaven for a big celebration of love. Keep the faith.

With all my Love,

Susan Elsa



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