Enjoy this blend of Divinely inspired messages, channeled from multi-dimensional sources.  These messages are meant to inspire and awaken you to your own inner power.  They are a reminder of what you can really do, a reminder that you can make the impossible possible.


“There is a simple focus that contains all that is needed for miracles to exist around you. This focus will activate the currents of dimensional weaving that bring a continuous flow of miracles into your life. Once you find the simplicity, you will never look back.” ~Robert Young


“Minimum effort and maximum results is the most powerful door open.  This approach can be called “awakened manifestation” and that is what’s called for in these times. It’s the way the Universe works. No need to strive too hard or struggle hard. Less is more. Develop simple trust in relaxed effort and you will be working with the Universe not against it.” ~Sun Chief, Native American Spirit Guide


“Give voice to your wholeness through authenticity.”  ~ Gil Alan, Channeled Guidance



Some Lightworkers Channelings by Abraham:



“We are called now, in a more intense way than ever before, to change our thinking. We are our thoughts and Earth’s reality unfolds through those thought energies. We have the ability, the Divine Connection, and the courage to “think God.” Many ancient souls stand on this Earth at this time. The more who fully embrace the energy of God, the higher “frequency of life” we can create.” – Lauren Zimmerman ♥




You are part of the family of Light. All separation is an optical illusion.  With each moment you are creating change in the grid of consciousness, and your friends, seemingly far away, are in truth right inside you.  You are never alone. You are part of a vast “awakening team” and the project is still on!  ~Astrid



Dear children of the universe, We are with you. We, of the Star Councils of Light, are always with you. You do not always hear us, or recognise our presence, for your daily lives often block our voices, but we are here. We watch over you, and we are pleased with progress. The people of the Earth are awakening quickly. Yes, there is still much of the old ways remaining, but even these are weakening, crumbling at their foundations as new thoughts, new desires and a new ways of being are born within each and every one of you.  Channeled Messages from Star Beings at Star Speak.wordpress.com


“Don’t look to the outer circumstances of your life to become more positive.  See past the illusion.  See through the dark into the light in your heart.  Positivity starts and ends within, always.  It’s a matter of seeing the world as a reflection.  You are the tuning fork and the world is the sound.  Not the other way around.  Your vibration creates the world around you.”  ~Fifth Dimensional Energy


divine message


“What is most important about the Higher Self is that it is the part of you that recognizes higher pathway and higher destiny. It is the part of you that knows truth. It is the part of you that is unafraid to merge, to blend, to transform, to take steps. The more that you walk your path, the more it is that you have discovered a deep, true inner desire to be in communion with the Highest Wisdoms. The more that you allow this communion with the Higher Self to occur, the more you will become aware, the more you will become present, the more you will become knowing, and the more you reach into the path of higher destiny. Higher destiny is the pathway that, although is manifest within the boundaries of time and space, knows no limits and is not bound to this dimensionality. You begin to reach into the many different tributaries of awareness, knowing and knowledge.” ~Channeled by Asandra – excerpt from The Higher Self



“The Heart of the Higher Dimensions is inside you.  There is no need to look up, out, or away to receive help and energy inputs. Your entire Spiritual Support Team is closer than you think. We are not beyond you. We are aspects of you. You often think you will find us by learning and calling our names. This amuses us. We are energy, nameless and open. Names are not necessary where we are.” ~Galactic Star Beings


“Trust your own magic. Your Universal power to create miracles is not subject to restriction. It operates perpetually from a source deep inside your Heart. It’s not tangled with anything in your mind. Notice how limiting thoughts always lie outside of the magical realm. Limiting thoughts make it seem as if magic is not available; they make it seem as if you are in the dark, but actually darkness is nothing more than a finite focus. There is always light underlying the dark. That is why dark or “negative” thoughts don’t diminish or change your power. They just hold your focus away from your energy and power. The trick is to re-direct your focus internally. Intend to go beyond limiting thoughts, and you will. As your Heart expands, limiting thoughts will break apart like dried leaves and will no longer hold you captive. Get to the roots.  Feel your Self, your Whole self. That is all that’s needed.” ~Channeled Message from the Unseen World


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