Catch and Release: Let it GO!!

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“Renew, release, let go. Yesterday’s gone. There’s nothing you can do to bring it back. You can’t “should’ve” done something. You can only DO something. Renew yourself. Release that attachment. Today is a new day!”
Steve Maraboli

We sometimes find ourselves “caught up” in emotions, thought, or feeling. Our lower natures pick these energies up and often form an attachment to them, holding us in bondage and draining our energies, robbing us of the present. This may evolve from a current situation, or it can come from your past experiences, in this lifetime or others. 

For example, if you feel you have been hurt in previous relationships, you will be unable to completely move forward in the present until you acknowledge, accept, and let go of all that holds you back. You are guarded. You are fearful. You can not truly experience the new, the NOW, if you are stuck in the dream (or nightmare) of the past. If you are not present NOW, you are in a memory or a dream, which isn’t real. NOW is the only reality. It is absolutely necessary to feel hurt and pain in order to free yourself from it’s bondages.  

First re-cognize that this simply emotion or feeling that must be experienced in order to be released. It WILL not just go away. Know that it’s OK to feel it and then let it go! Don’t judge yourself! Many times, we seek something outside of self such as drugs, sex, or power, in order to numb the pain and hurt. While going through this process, remain mindful of this. For it only causes a buildup of energy and more karma, more lessons to be learned, and they WILL continue to surface in one form or another until they are learned, cleared, and released. 

Let go of any anger or resentments (fear) you may be harboring for another. You’re not hurting anyone but YOU. And there’s no way to release hurt if you are still “angry” or resentful. You are simply cycling the negative energy, which continues to manifest itself in your NOW. You are living in your self created hell, riddled with fear.  This cycle will continue until you are able to let it go. By holding on, you keep yourself from experiencing true inner peace and joy. By letting go, you are fully present NOW. You are FREE!


This releasing business, karma, is all part of the individual ascension process. We all must do our own inner work. Dense energies can not be carried with you. Lower vibrations can not exist in the higher realms. When you’re free of the “old”, you’ll be able to remain detached from perceived NOW negativity around you. The energies can’t “harm” you. You transmute it. You can witness without judgement, keeping your positive energy flow. No attachment, nothing to let go of. You are free from the bondage of your self-created hell/fears. Here, you Live and LOVE! NOW. It’s truly magical!!

Feel, detach, and let go. Breath in LOVE and breath out fear. Breath in NOW and breath out anything other than the present. 

FREE yourself! Catch and release.

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Mitzi JordanLightWorkers World Author Mitzi Jordan (8 Posts)

I have come to know myself as peaceful, positive,and happy. It is my purpose to share this joy with others along their paths. I have had 3d "jobs". These only hindered my spirit, for I am a free one. After letting go of the fear I thought I had, I gave up the "paying job". Now I am free to express my creativity through writing and crocheting. It is a gift to be able to be of service to others. I am filled with gratitude for this amazing journey called "life". I LOVE you ALL dearly. Let your LIGHT shine!! ~<3~

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