Many times, we may find ourselves stuck in the negative cycle of the “I don’t haves,” or the “I wants…” When we constantly focus our energy on what we don’t have, the universe gives us more of the same. With this attitude, we will always perceive to be lacking and never have enough.


How do I break the cycle?

Make a gratitude list. Take some quiet time, and write down everything you are grateful for. This simple practice will shift your energy and focus on what you have. More than likely, you will learn that you have more to be grateful for than when you started. Refer to this list throughout the day and add to it as needed. 

Start each day with gratitude for the new day. Give thanks for your breath and for the experience of a brand new day. Give thanks for the sunshine. Smile as it’s rays dance on  your face. Take time in the morning and listen to nature. Give thanks to the birds for the beautiful song they sing. 

Use the I AM affirmation throughout the day. Say aloud, I AM Grateful for…


Once you begin to practice these and your attitude is that of deep gratitude, you will attract more in your life to be grateful for. The universe sends you abundance. Gratitude=Plentitude. Once you have mastered the concept of care and appreciation for what you have, creation serves you up more blessings. Focus on the positive, and you will attract the same. It’s universal law. 

Before you know it, your life is full, rich, and plentiful. It will no longer be a conscious effort to give thanks. It will be a whole new attitude. For that, you’re sure to be grateful! 


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