Matching your nature with Nature

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Matching your nature with Nature
By Stacy Vajta

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.

What a great quote by Joseph Campbell; and seeing this today on the Lightworkers World Facebook page had me responding with a deep breath and release, reminding me to allow my breath to ease me into sync with that energy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Nature and timing, and being patient in allowing things to “line up” and come into form. I’ve been very aware of what feels like gaps, or pauses… where I need to wait and get into sync or match the timing of Nature lately.

My dance with Nature and the Devic realm has been much more fluid lately; yet it has become evident as of late that the dance moves have become much more elaborate.

Let me back up here for a minute and explain what I mean by Nature and the Devic realm. In my energy healing work, I work closely with Nature and the Devic realm — where I see consciousness move into form.  By energetically tuning into the Devic realm, we can begin to recognize that force in its many shapes and forms.

The word “Deva” is from the Sanskrit language, meaning “a being of brilliant light” and is used to indicate a non-physical being. I think of the Devic Realm as including what I see as Overlighting Devas, or the archetypal spiritual intelligence behind all that we create here, as well as Pan and the Nature Spirits, those energetic forces behind Nature, which support bringing that consciousness into form.

So, it’s a great force of energy to get into sync with!

But that timing has been changing. We have gone through a vibrational shift, and we are now learning how to connect to a new vibrational heartbeat within Nature, one which has also transformed.

It’s a true learning process, one that needs to be felt and experienced to find our own unique flow. But, we are all learning to recognize this new heartbeat as we come to terms with our own shifting vibration. And, the more we can feel into this energy of Nature and find the heartbeat, the pulse, and the flow, the better we are at staying in sync with all of the vibrations that support us in our lives.

Which brings me back to those gaps I mentioned….

Nature’s heartbeat has a complex rhythm at times, and it’s easier to find when we are willing to dance with it. So if you are looking for a steady beat that will consistently appear or feel the same to you, you may be getting pretty darn frustrated by now. The complexity in the intelligence behind Nature is truly awe inspiring.

Finding Nature’s heartbeat requires us to be in relationship with that energy so we can find and respond to the ever changing beat.

More and more I am noticing that when I am in sync with the beat of Nature’s heart and in that flow, that I come up to these gaps which feel as though I’m truly just waiting for things to “line up.”  The beat (or dance) needs a pause to move into the next phase or creative process — however subtle that shift may be. The feeling is one of, “just wait a beat, and it will be there.”

These moments created some panic for me at first, as they can feel like there is nothing to stand on. But patience is the lesson, as is trust. And by learning to wait and be with the pause… knowing that the next beat will indeed appear in right timing… I began to recognize these moments when I just had to wait and allow some new bridge to appear to cross that gap, and allow all the pieces to line up.

This can feel really new. And for those who are just shifting into this type of awareness it may be a lesson in Being vs. Doing; as that is often what is needed while we wait for those things to line up. But when you can find that rhythmic, that heartbeat within Nature and it’s immense intelligence even once in a while, finding that place of trust comes easier and easier.

Trust. Breathe. Connect. You will find your way. ♥

About Stacy Vajta – Expanded Pathways

Stacy Vajta is a Master Energy Healer and Intuitive with over 25 years of experience helping Indigos and other energy-aware folks to understand, manage, and work with their energy in a way that supports day-to-day living. She works with people all over the globe via phone and Skype.

Visit her Expanded Pathways website to learn more about her session work and classes.  She’s also on Facebook and Twitter… stop by, connect and say hi!


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  1. Thank you Stacy.I never know where to start or how to put it, sometime’s I’ll read and remove it again then go back knowing i can say something and you guy’s will understand what I go though..not very many people know it,thank God my common-Law is thier for me when I’m going through the choking part.He was the one that told me not very many people understand it.He was the one that told me too is to have a paper and a pen beside my bed so when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t breath because my thinking is getting bigger everytime I keep it to myself it gets stronger till I say it,he even say now when I need to breath,Oh,Oh what is it now,because it’s not that I’m sick it’s that my feeling is so great I have to let it out.So thank you I will work on that one. May God bless you.

    • Stacy Vajta


      Yes, breathe….find the pace where you connect into your knowingness.

  2. This article truly resonated with me…where I am on my journey. I, too, am in a “pause” time. It is a bit disconcerting, waiting for things to line up. :) But I was reminded in a card reading I did for myself that everything in nature is cyclic. When one phase is over another begins. Patience and waiting for divine timing…with faith and trust…are crucial. Still, it is a tough thing to learn as that anxiety can strike out of the blue. I remind myself to just breathe…and be in the present. Becoming aware of the cycles is the first step, and now I know what to do when the next pause appears. Even though it may not look like anything is happening, behind the scenes, the universe is moving everything into line. Namaste!!

    • Stacy Vajta

      Thank you Madonna for sharing. It’s great that you can feel the pauses and move with the cycles. I know it is hard, but it does sure seem that when we work this way, things actually “line up” much more quickly.

      Here’s to a flowing year ahead!


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