Life is kind of funny.

time is an illusion

Mayan Calendar Predictions 2012

Weeks ago we were inundated with an abundance of end-of-the-world prophecies, and yet here we are beginning a new year. Not the Mayan calendar type – that is history, literally and physically, but with the next man-made calendar.
January 1st is the day and year we have been conditioned to “start over”. Sure, it’s nice to have a clean slate by picking a day your life will become new, like the iconic Father Time handing over the duties of time to Baby New Year after a mere twelve months. I don’t know about you, but I have not gone through that fast of a growth spurt . . . ever! In fact, even though I am growing older each year, I would dare say I have learned all I could in one year.
Why do we need to “start over” anyway? I have had growth periods in my life where I was opened to a truth so profoundly that I began over that day beginning life anew. One intense example was when I had my near death experience. That day I “came back”; I was new again. Everything I felt, imagined, or fathomed about death, had vanished and my new year started. When I began giving messages to individuals and groups in the galactic language from their star families, my new year happened. When I receive confirmations of what I feel to be true from my friends, or through books, television, radio, I begin anew.
Give yourself permission to start your new year whenever you have an epiphany that is essential to your growth, or spiritual insight.

Here is what the Beings have to say:
Dear ones, if you could but imagine our space and time – the same space and time that you came from, that holds no boundaries, holds no limits, and holds no specifications to what will be or what will come. This is the time of just “being” and existing for the second over and over again.
We do have the ability to pinpoint with accuracy events that are time-lined, but we are not living in the same mind-set as your movies or television shows depicting light years, or space-time continuums, or ticking time-bombs which count down the explosion of our ships or your planet. Time is a man-made purpose. Know that the newness of each second is filled with a plethora of immense being-ness.
Hold fast to your knowledge of existence and multiply that by thousands – this is a never-ending joy of actuality that you can obtain with merely a tweak in your perception.


To be “time-less” is to be free from constraints.

There is an order in the Universe that extends to all planets. In this imaginable realm, the seed, too, rises when it is ready; blooming into a spectacular arrangement of its nature. This is the same with you, dear ones, for it is your environment and circumstances that cause you to blossom – when you are ready; when this occurs, time will begin anew. This is a marker for you to determine your stronghold in your own timing. No others can compare or link to you for you are your own planet and a planet does not spin around another, but stands true to its orbit and revolves around the stronger source.
Divulge your timelessness to . . . yourself!

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