The Benefits of a Positive Attitude — A True Story

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A Courageous Woman

I got a comment earlier on this month from a very brave and determined lady from France.

I had posted an article about activating the flow of abundance into your life and she responded with her incredible story about overcoming fear (in this case, probably one of our worst fears come true) and finding her inner strength to pull through.

Her positive attitude is astounding and has not only helped her heal her body but has also given her tremendous courage to enjoy her life to the fullest.

Let me share her story, in her own words:

Most of us are struggling with Law of Attraction, as they are focused on lack.

Last January, I had a stroke, which needed two surgical interventions; doctors were saying that I would not walk again and that I had a brain cancer. After the first biopsy, I decided that I do not have this cancer and how good it will be to walk with my kids and dance again (I woke up from this operation saying that I wanted a partner for a Tango!).

When the first result came in, they were not able to give me an answer. In France they make two analyses on one sample (just to be sure) — one was saying that it was a cancer, and the other one not.

So I had another surgery and biopsy, but I still focused on good health.

When the results arrived they were all amazed as they were both negative! Sure I am still on care, but I do walk again (with a stick). I even danced last summer (not like before, but I can still do it).

I keep on focusing on the feeling that I will have and all the good things that I need arrive slowly on time. All the ones which make me feel bad are slowly disappearing from my life

 — Marlene Le Duc.

Marlene’s story gives us such hope and faith in the power of positive thinking and putting action behind your intent.

Creating Your Life from Scratch

When we take responsibility for ourselves and our lives and step into the power we possess, any obstacle can be overcome. All that is lacking is your belief in what you can achieve. Believe that anything is possible and ‘hey, presto!’ — the universe will unfurl itself for you.

Just remember, what you think about most you bring about. Get that ironed out and your life will change. You will start to see that all those things that ‘happen to you’ are brought about by you.

This is done through, primarily what you focus on (or think about) to how you conduct yourself, your demeanor and your attitude.

Take your life by the short and curly’s and reap the benefits of a positive attitude.

Start today, start right now.

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